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Arikiel wrote:
You as a PC could always still gather together a bunch of cavaliers of the same order to found an organization. Especially in something like Kingmaker.

Conveniently enough, I just wrote down the membership and basic tenets of the knightly order I founded in our Kingmaker game. They are the ruling family's personal guard, but can be fielded as a cavalry unit in battle. I am also working up the faction stats for our military academy, which is dedicated to cavalry tactics. Ultimate Campaign has been a huge blessing for this stuff, but I'd like to get the Faction guide too.

I've run some partial transparency before. Psionics and Magic do not affect each other but certain creature types had a built in psionic resistance. If a creature had SR, the creature also had PR equal to half the SR + a racial bonus. The racial bonus was different based on the creature time. For example dragons and aberrations might have a +8 racial bonus to PR but a magical creature might only have a +4. The idea was that alien minds are far harder to affect than humanoid minds. I had little problem maintaining psionic vs magic. Most of the creatures were in the magic sphere but I threw in some psionic monsters to make my player's psychic warrior feel special.

Psionics in my game was rare. Psions were seen as godless monsters by the public, but secretly the world governments employed psions as bodyguards, seers, or to construct psionic defenses.


She works in Communist Hollywood, tovarisch.

Smoke pellet
Bat Shark Repellant
Keys to Batwagon

TOZ wrote:
This thread took a detour through Off-Topic, I see.

No it's very on topic. The Paizo forums are a really angry couple that doesn't get along but is far too attracted to each other to leave. Fight fight sex.

Cheapy wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
What are the mechanics for sexual intercourse in Pathfinder?
Hey, these are the Paizo forums. You should be asking about the mechanics for sexual intercourse with Eidolons.

Like Eidolon on Eidolon? Or Eidolon on Summoner? Or Eidolon on opponent?

Kudaku wrote:
Enabling Weapon Focus for improvised weapons would make space for a lot of really fun Warpriest builds - a warpriest of Caiden Caylean beating up people with beer steins, or a goblin warpriest wielding a torch. :)

Or a barbarian weilding halflings.

Unrelated, but my cavalier debated him openly in the square where he was rabble rousing and mopped the floor with him. Like completely shut down every argument and ran out of town on a rail. Social skills go! I've heard of other groups really having problems with him though.

The banking system as we know it probably doesn't exist. However there are money changers in Absalom if I recall correctly. Trade bars are the standard currency in many major countries when making large purchases (like trading). Convert it to trade bars.

kyrt-ryder wrote:
GoldEdition42 wrote:

I run my Inquisitor as Robocop.

Serve the Public Trust, Protect the Innocent, Uphold the Law.

Cash and treasure are just a means to aquire items to enforce these three prime directives. He doesn't wear or own any fancy/valuables except for stuff to crush Evil.

"Dead or alive you are coming with me."

I have a Paladin modeled after Judge Dread.

On the flip side, I played a Paladin of Irori before there was Champion of Irori and Paladin of Irori. Kind of an interesting concept, but definitely fits the hero role. Defend civilization from the fringes and be an inspiration for others to reach their own enlightenment.

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It's like this thread was made just for you, Create Mr. Pitt.

dotting for awesomeness


Morton Wheelock wrote:

I always ask myself how a country which has spent 60 years in perennial revolution can still survive.

Interesting question. I think I'd consider the 100 years war to be a similar situation. Then again England wasn't even a nation state at that point. Maybe the Galtans just take things slow and easy?

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I blame Cosmo for the breach allowing Kaiju to destroy several cities along the Pacific Rim. I also blame him for the breach being closed.

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I blame Cosmo for tornadoes.

I'm a 13th level TWF paladin/fighter, so keeping track of the various attacks can get confusing. I use either a spare sheet of paper in my notebook or the gaming mat to keep track of buffs and such. I keep my sheet organized so that anyone can see where my temporary bonuses come from. It ends up looking like this (as an example):

Holy Avenger +26/21/16 (TWF 24/19/14)
2d6+13 +2d6 Holy

+1 Spiked Shield +24/19/114 (TWF 22/17/12)

Inspire Courage +1/+1
Bless +1/+0
Enlarge Person +0/+1
Divine Bond (Shield) +2/+2
Bull's Strength +2/+2
Smite Evil target +3/+9


And then from there I make changes based on the buffs I get or the target. I might make a separate one based on the smite evil target too because paladins at that level with TWF roll a crapton of dice.

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I prefer the term Overdame.

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*grabs popcorn* These threads always provide some good sideshow entertainment.

Zon Kuthon's cock ring!
Cthulu's tentacled beard!
Asmodeus's bureaucrats!
Make up your mind! You're about as indecisive as Nethys!

What does this have to do with ugly backpacks?

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So you're saying Nyarlathotep just wants hugs?

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The Great Old Ones do not want your worship. They do not need your patronage. They will only grant you power if it advances their cause. For in the end, all they wish is for you to die.

What do we want? Beer!

When do we want it? Beer!

Pendagast wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:

All right Pend, most infantry are willing to drop pack for engagement. It's not always an option of course for a variety of reasons.

Congrats on the saves by the way, lithium cells are nice that way, glad they saved you.

Well "willing" and "able" are two different things. I'm always willing to drop the dang thing, and more than happy to let a vehicle carry the thing. which is why I suggested "buy a donkey" above.

(plus as a DM I love to see people's stuff fly away when the donkey is grabbed by a giant eagle or a young dragon, or something interesting....mwahaha)

Two examples for the pack animal thing. First, my first PFS character is a wizard named Rashepses. He has a donkey named Yubastird (say it out loud) that carries all of his things. Yubastird also works as good cover for my cowardly wizard. 15GP for a pack animal to carry all of your things is well worth the price. If you are small, it also works as a mount.

Second, in our Kingmaker campaign, a few of the party members pooled our money at first level to buy a cart and horse. We traveled all over the Stolen Lands in this thing. It helped us carry some 1200lbs of Tuskgutter back to Oleg's trading post for one hell of a party. Plus we had bacon! So instead of living out of our packs, we enjoyed the comfort of hot meals every night. It took twice as long to explore but was well worth it I think.

Shadowborn wrote:
He's a manipulative bastard. His fixation on his daughter remembering him doesn't go a long way towards balancing out his wholesale slaughter of other people and keeping their heads in fish tanks.

I just found it interesting. He's already a complete jerk for wanting to kill off other survivors, but I thought it was kind of humanizing when he immediately crawled over to cradle his daughter. Even with a piece of glass shoved in his eye his first thought was his daughter.

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Hmm...I could admit you are mostly right. Or I could continue to argue my point ad nauseum. Since this is the Paizo forum I will argue my point ad nauseum.

I had considered that, Neil. But I think the Governor has it planned with Merle all along. This is actually part of the comics. Instead of Merle it was Martinez. Martinez escaped with Rick, Michonne, and Glenn. He got them to trust him and then he sneaked off to go tell the Governor where this place is at. (Hint: he never makes it because Rick chases after him and runs him down with a car.)

And here's to finally introducing Tyreese, his daughter and her boyfriend, Donna, and Allen.

That was some fine acting by David Morrissey in the last episode. The Governor's first thought after Andrea found him was to rush over to his daughter. All of his experiments were to see if his daughter could remember him. He's a sympathetic character and not the inhuman monster he is in the comics, at least he is in regards to his daughter. However Merle is a sick son of a b&%#&. I predict that the whole final scene of the last episode was a setup by Merle and the Governor to get Daryl to trust Merle and lead them to the prison. Saw it coming.

The Tarrasque wakes up. And it loves to dance!

I have my wish list on here, a list of new hats, and a huge amazon wish list. Pretty much everything I want is one those 3 lists.

Legendarius wrote:
You'd think that given that a prison is designed such that there aren't an excess number of access points, that it would be relatively easy for the group to locate all of these and seal off all but a few and then proceed to clear out section by section. They do control the entire exterior perimeter right?

No they do not control the perimeter. They control one yard. They never got around to clearing the entire exterior, which is why they were attacked and overrun so easily. Sure they cleared one cell block but they had no idea where exits were or where likely rooms were. (Hint: there's probably a loading dock and a motor pool somewhere.)

The made for TV movies they did were rather good. I'd like to see this TV show

Scientists just found a ballistic gel that can stop small caliber bullets and seal up the entry.

Mine is a Paladin of Irori. I thought it was a pretty cool concept. He's basically an exemplar and a proselytizer. I unknowingly modeled him after the Champion of Irori prestige class before that even came out. He shows people what they can aspire to while also attempting to bring some order and good to the world.

He is the son of one of the priests at the temple of Irori in Absalom. This doesn't really grant him a lot of privileges because the two never really saw eye-to-eye. His father is a traditional follower of Irori, but my paladin is very outgoing and doesn't mind the occasional drink or smoke. He has taken up drinking tea and playing chess with our Tian cleric on the long sailing voyages.

He is the party's rock. He's kind of the de facto party leader because the group knows he'll always try to do the right thing. Nobody in the group does anything outright evil, but he also doesn't preach to them. He explained up front that his code was his, not theirs.

If anything, hurricanes just wouldn't hit Avistan. They would form off the coast of Garund, but they would be mostly Southern hemisphere hurricanes because the Eye of Abendego would kill any storm that might form before it got too big. Storms would probably also form off the western coast of Tian Xia and drift west towards Vudra. This is all assuming that the weather patterns and ocean currents are similar to Earth. If not, hey anything can happen. Anything can happen anyways if Gozreh decides he doesn't like your seaside village.

But that's what deities do. They uplift things because they like them.

I'm interested. I currently have Carrion Crown, Skull and Shackles, Rise of the Runelords, and Kingmaker. I'm most familiar with Carrion Crown and Kingmaker but it sounds like you guys are interested in Skull and Shackles. I have so little time for games in person this semester with school 3 nights a week. That's why I'm looking more at PbP games.

Here in Oklahoma, blue laws rule the day. No alcohol on Sundays or holidays. Boooo. And the best gas station beer I might get is a Boulevard Wheat.

Currently in my fridge: Sam Adams Winter Lager

Sam Adams is my go to brand for beer. I'm a big fan of hefeweizens and they have several different kinds. As I said earlier, The Ram in Indianapolis has an outstanding hefeweizen. I'll drink that all day.

Almost anything sold in an American gas station or Walmart, Aberzombie.

We used to run a game store game where we'd have a potluck. We'd bring in queso, pinwheels, chips and dip, veggie trays, cookies, pies, etc. It was quite a spectacle for the other regulars. Now we have a home game and do lunch sometimes.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Brox RedGloves wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:

I do provide the...donuts.

Now I want to game with you...

Well, in my other game, my DM provides exotic beers, and cheeses for tasting during mid-game break, and post game.

Him and I both find enjoyment in the happiness of those around us.

...What kind of exotic beers and cheeses?

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blackbloodtroll wrote:

I am not the host.

I do provide the miniatures, maps, dungeon tiles, books, and donuts.

To put forth the idea of kicking him out, I need to make a strong case, and make it very evident that all other options were tried, and failed.

Make a video of him then. Make him a youtube sensation in the same way that Rebecca Black and the "Leave Britney Alone" guy are sensations.

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He doesn't want to be there. Kick this fool.

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:
Last game we had mulled wine and the players ended up screaming at each other and emptying bottles over each other's heads.

Did they empty the bottles by breaking them?

Leftover vegetable beef soup and homemade bread.

I don't drink at the gaming table but I sure do enjoy a beer at The Ram in Indianapolis when I am at GenCon.

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