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Not overly loud, just enough that the huddle can hear; in Thassilonian so as to include Themolyn but graciously pausing to translate into Doc's broken Common upon request:

"My first thought for our unconscious attackers would be to poison them with False Death, and let them sleep it off in a neutral location. That would be more humane, and safer for them, than trying to bind them for such a long period, and more secure than makeshift imprisonment. There would be a minor risk they might recover within a day, so there will be an errand of watching them for a short time tomorrow, but even if they take the slow track and we leave them alone, they'd recover fully within a few days. Maybe we keep them in allies' hands one day, re-dose them if necessary, and move them to a neutral location the second day?

"Regarding the dead, I suppose their remains deserve some respect, but I"m trying to square that with how some of us among the living need secrecy to remain so. Maybe a temporary interment, combined with slow communication?


"I agree about the inn; a less-preferred option would be the sewer hideout."