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It reads like the GM was working really hard to not allow a player based rescue at all. It seems artificially forced to disallow the party to coordinate opening a door and a fast mover to run in and attempt the rescue and flee. Then he gives the guy a super hand wavey continual recovery yourself while entombed in a crypt and run out solo?

I'd be feeling off about it too.

To those saying no take backs, and really mean it to the point of before moving a mini or dice rolled..... seriously what? I get saying keep free action speech short, but "stop", "don't do that again", etc all are well within this realm.

didn't a FAQ makes it clear you don't add a stat to damage?

Outside PFS, which can't ignore the publishing of Ultimate Intrigue, it's up to your group.

Sparkles for all was never a thing before that. That book makes a habit of messing with how things work. It should be remembered that's it's geared toward a niche game type.

If it is full on urban, I second small cat. First priority for it is agile amulet. Keep it small for more Dex. In urban it will still be able to trip most all the humanoids. Great Dex, AC, and very inconspicuous.

because gloves of dueling don't work for it, and advanced weapon/armor training is unavailable for it, the fighter archer archetype is a significant downgrade over archery on a plain fighter

in my experience studied target is usable enough with archery before 7

there are plenty enough times where you can see a target before a fight starts, or there's a surprise round, maneuvering etc. You also get to use an immediate to activate when you get to sneak attack

judgement and studied are both good abilities, there are going to be times when one would have been slightly better than the other, but that isn't even all you get for sanctified

sorry to bear bad news blend is an elf only spell from the ARG meaning your wayang can not use it unless it is on a chronicle

trance is a full round action to just enter the trance, so it's not unloading a bunch of attacks in a single round.

Lelomenia wrote:
And the whole point of brown fur transmuted is giving groupmates access to pomymorphs that are normally hard to get.

Just because something is the whole point of a printed archetype doesn't mean it's suitable for all campaigns.

There's a metric f-ton of stuff printed up in pathfinder that a group wanting a more reasonable power level may want to ignore.

Brownfur in this case

The spells were designed around self only casters

If he's trying to keep the game more reasonable power level, and his game is already been started/advertised as such, then this is a logical ban

If things are banned to keep things reasonable, I would include this.

#1 is not valid, you need to rule out interpreting things to create an absurd case

in your #1 you are sickened permanently unless cured, which is an untenable interpretation

You are sickened while your pool is over your level, you aren't sickened when it isn't...

shaping focus is no help for a feral champion warpriest with no dip

Special: This feat has no effect if you are not a multiclassed druid.

Why do you need a fighter that is good at social activities in this comparison? That's invalid honestly. The kineticist in this comparison is going to be trash at social itself.

No sorry, dueling gloves is not uber-optimized. You are measuring at 16, it's definitely standard well before then.

This comparison also has kineticist with blade for multiple attacks, which not everyone wants to do. Yet, it's the only way to get this comparison even close.

If you compare it at range vs another character, it's even more atrocious.

More likely the fighter has gloves of dueling, and the 3rd swing hits.

It really depends on the level, at 3-5 the damage is quite good, but it falls over for a bit, then is ok at 11 again briefly, then falling off a bit after


some people won't even let my 8 pound cat companion perch on my 6'6" character... talk about fun police

rule out mechanical benefit(extra full attacks etc) and then let people enjoy themselves

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I trust that the designers are putting in a lot of effort to put out what they think is a good game. I trust that they are trying very hard.

but sometimes people think their ugly baby is the cutest in the world too

If they can't see by this point that there are major flaws, then they are too close to the project to be aware of that

Right now I really fear this being a significant business failure, and minor tweaks aren't going to change that

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N N 959 wrote:
When I sign up for PFS scenarios at level 5 and above, I will sometimes opt out if there are no casters in the group.

Are you serious? In the 200ish tables I've sat at PFS at all levels of play is utterly dominated by weapon combat - maybe not pure martials, but people who "do combat" by hitting things with a weapon.

There's the occasional fast bomber or dragon sorc that do significant damage, but mostly a caster summons something that never hits or does a minor debuff, and then an archer or 2her goes and makes it completely irrelevant by crapping out 120 damage

You know when I have to softball GMing? Parties that do not have a significant weapon damage dealer...

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several of these are failing hard in my opinion

take #5, both the forums and my in person experience tell me that a large number of people with the background "PF1 player" are not liking PF2

I haven't actually talked to anyone in the local area(top 10 city for population, so a good number of folks) who does plan to purchase. They all think it is unfun.

The standard success chance is so low and neutered magic are top cited things. Think about it, the success chance is a failing grade.

The discord statement is nonsense. They have HAD the challenging combat you advertised. Challenging combat comes with a requirement of increased needs recovering from it

Did you advertise super hidden treasure to recover from it?

did you advertise read my mind on how to utilize an NPC?

what seems obvious to the person who thought it up can be completely hidden for someone else

btw no one want to rely on an NPC

run them into the ground and campaign is over or you have all new characters, or let them recover

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Again, thanks for the feedback!

Mark further on this, it's not really specific to mirror image.

You guys have set the base chance to hit pretty low - so you need to be extremely careful with ANY layered defenses or debuffs on top of that.

even with just a 55-60% connect chance and no other factors, combat has the potential to go several rounds of whiff whiff whiff

If it's for PFS, deep marshal is sadly(and inexplicably) not legal.

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A death here or there is a player tactics issue or bad run of dice

9 deaths in ONE dungeon is a GM problem (unless it was advertised as hardcore/survival)

I'm surprised you still have a group if not.

Yes it would be nice if they'd share resources, but you're nailing them way too much for them.

Either drop the greater restos like candy at this point, handwave them off, or whatever else.

Then reassess what you are throwing at the party vs their character ability and playing ability

neither the butchering axe or hornbow are PFS legal, well there is 1 butcchering axe on a chronicle, but with preset and likely undesirable enchantments

Metamagic rods still increase the casting time for spontaneous casters

max damage with power attack and a grab landing is 47

also it's three separate attacks, so his DR should have made the max 38

a lvl 6 barb should have a good chunk more than this

plus in a surprise round? it can only use 1 slam...

a new kind of tank isn't going to help, you already had one of the best kinds and it sounds like it was taken out under suspicious circumstances

Asmodeus' Advocate wrote:
If you go Theologin, you only get one domain, which'll be fire.

You also get to have more than 1 fireball a day...which is a problem your build does not address

the groveborn wildblooded bloodline allows you to affect plants as if humanoid

as an archetype it does have problems, so it could use some minor help

#7 is something that is insulting that it isn't the case already(same for base spiritualist through phantom)

the rest is really too powerful all together, but a little something more could work

honestly, I'd thought the lashes natural weapons on first read - like tentacles attached to you rather than something you held in your hand. Kind of lame in comparison to hold them. If you go the route of them being natural attacks, you'd need to specify it can benefit from it's own enhancement growth or an aomf not both. Or something like the effort of controlling them means any other nat attacks are always secondary

doesn't the FAQ say sohei can only flurry in light? I can't check right now because the FAQ won't actually load on new site design for me...

Agree the new site is horrible. Takes way more clicks and way more hunting to find anything.

Droante wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:

I'm fond of the Double Life Kitsune (for Wrecking Mysticism) Spirit Guide Oracle as a thing that is just absurdly efficient at what it does.

Be a Kitsune Oracle with the Spirit Guide archetype with the Life Mystery, take the Wrecking Mysticism curse, trade away all your bonus spells for tails, take Channel as your 1st level revelation, bond with the life spirit, get all your mystery spells back at 4th level, gain a second full strength channel pool at 7th level. Nothing near you will die (unless undead) and in addition to your ~14 uses of channel energy, you're also a CHA based full caster and you're free to use your feats however you like.

SO wrecking Mysticism says you never get the spells back even if from an archetype or any other source. Also no sources of channeling stack unless it says so. So ya will have zero bonus spells and one source of channeling. To get multiple sources of channeling ya need sources like from the cold iron archetype for inquisitor.

Wrecking mysticism has no text whatsoever about an inability to learn those the replaced spells by other means. You just can't swap a spell that an archetype changed in your mystery list for a tail.

flame blade dervish combat is sadly not PFS legal

The statement alone maybe, but in the context of that thread, it makes sense

Didn't John Compton post in another thread about storm druids and lighting subdomain? That the trait opens the option and it's not a retcon just a new option?

Don't think orc FCB is legal

If it's seeming abusive, then it's very likely that something is being done incorrectly

Someone is taking the burn each time, and the burn is unhealable until next day

remember 1 burn is not 1 nonlethal, it's 1 nonlethal per hit die/level, which if used repeatedly is really going to reduce the max hp

it's unlikely someone gets to that 3+con mod without having their remaining hitpoints reduced by huge amount.

example lvl 3, 14 con d8 class 24 hp. Sure, they can take up to 5 burn. but then they'd be walking around with 9 hp

example lvl 10, 14 con d8 class 73hp...taking that 5 burn drops them to 23 effective max hp

half orc FCB us +1/2 point of painful stare damage per lvl you take the FCB, not +1/2 to your effective level for painful stare

That's a very poor comparison not looking at all the stats and abilities, and additional attacks of big cat.

that's something you really need to discuss with your GM. It's not something that's totally clear in the case of advanced oracle curses ahead of schedule.

What I've seen a lot is the spell is granted as a 5th level spell, and even though you count as 10th for the purpose of your curse, you can't cast that slot yet

I originally thought same as you do, but didn't get much traction. Was told not every FCB has to benefit each curse equally.


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waltero wrote:

Now that retraining has been a thing for a while, why can't we consider retraining when there are changes to a class?

There could be different costs based on the degree of class feature that was changed.

If a class is banned - like Vivisectionist = retrain at no cost
Less severe class change = retrain at reduced cost
Lesser class change = retrain at higher cost, but less than full

Just throwing ideas out there...

more ways to punish players because the company decided to alter something

look, you'd never accept another company coming into your home and altering the features of something you'd owned for a while would you? let alone pay them more to try and reuse the changed thing in a way that works for you...

we somehow accept that they need the right to change things like the lorewarden whenever deemed necessary for the good of the campaign (a frankly futile proposition, the ship sailed on balanced with the CRB) but if they feel they have to alter something, don't punish the consumer

P.S. statement of disclosure, no conflict of interest, I have no lore warden and have never made use of a spindle, I've just always thought their way of handling print changes extremely customer UNfriendly


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I'm not sure why the word unlimited keeps coming up.

Who's asking for unlimited? It's strictly tied to altering existing printed material that affects a character. That's a 1 for 1 situation.


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Mark Stratton wrote:

But, I think we need to see why these [game elements] get changed in the first place. If it is because that [game element] is unbalanced, to the extent that it is no longer permitted, then I think the solution varies.

well the CRB is unbalanced


you can make what Tallow calls ridiculously overpowered builds with just the CRB, no loopholes needed

given that, why would anyone suspect any particular option printed later might eventually get nerfsmashed

there's just no way to predict what will or won't strike some developer's fancy(or opportune publishing moment, whatever) to "adjust" later on, there are a multitude of powerful things no one has blinked at yet

don't punish a player for what the adjusted thing of the moment is, if you're going to change printed material, the character affected should be able to adjust as well. It shouldn't even be a discussion, it should just be.

I noticed sessions as far back as 2014 went missing from some characters. Others are mostly ok, some lost all of their listings.

with the trades it makes Child is essentially a bloodrager without 90% of its abilities, but casts off int(and starts a level later), and has to use a swift action to cast in armor instead of doing it naturally

you could do bloodrager, and maybe urban for dex boost from your rage, and go with a bloodline that isn't all herp derp and make a much more functional archer than a child, and prettier too ;p

child needs help badly, seeing the write up for it was a real let down

still probably the best archer out of these, due to full BAB and keeping at least a few bonus feats.

bloodrager spelllist for them is so ..... ugh

death, fear, mind-affecting, sonic VS untyped...that's a lot of things to run across immunities/resistances, some of which are pretty common

I'd pass on all those descriptors

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