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Awesome as a module or a short campaign


I really enjoyed this adventured, I GM'd for a group of 5 players, 1 brand new, and 2-3 who haven't played Pathfinder before. I highly recommend this module, the encounters were good and the plot was pretty solid. I do have some minor annoyances, but they are greatly outweighed by the quality of the adventure.

1. The maps - They were great, they were all distinct and looked great. Unfortunately most of them were hard to draw and since the GM is only one that really gets a good look at them in the book a lot is wasted. Some of them are nice and easy to draw, but some of them are just a map drawn and then a grid overlay thrown on top, it would have been nice if the artist had at least kept mostly to a standard grid line just so it's nice and easy to make. The crypt of Tula is nice with it's room types (oval and circular) but it doesn't translate too well into a drawn board. The monastary is HUGE, I had a Chessex Mondo mat (4.5'x8.5') and two mega mats (3'x4') and the Monastary took up most of that (and I had to fit some rooms on there by making up space). I really like drawing everything, so if you don't it's not a big deal. I wish they offered a printed map pack of it. The only included combat map is pretty much the most useless map in the whole adventure.

2. The story - Good story, adventurers come into town and investigate some problems, root around and find a dragon, kill dragon, save the town, become ultra wealthy. There were good NPCs there, though the guidance on much of it is pretty ambiguous, so some of the background I didn't feel I utilized well. The plot for the town was very nice, and I hope that makes it into more modules.

3. Loot - Starting at the tomb your players will get a TON of loot, and some of it's super expensive. So if you're planning on continuing the adventure after this module you need to take that into account. But the players love it.

4. Combat - There's a good mix, from the traditional dragons and kobolds, to the unusual, running through a wizards house. Good mix of everything, I enjoyed it, there were some encounters that were really easy, and some wern't. I added more to pump experience into the players because to hit the experience marks the module wants you is pretty tight with 4 players. In the end my players made it to the last fight at level 6 instead of 7, but they ran the encounter very well and wern't at risk (only one death). You have access to some DM NPCs to act as a release valve should stuff get too tough (and they are pretty darn powerful).

5. Overall - I'd highly recommend it, and wouldn't hesitate running it again, Mike Shel wrote an excellent adventure.