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What had to be said has already been said. I'm just showing up to agree with the critics about Devir's inertia.

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Hey everyone,

This is more a complaint about your expected translation (PT-BR).

At december/2013, Paizo annunciated that PF would be translated, published and distributed by Devir. But, over almost an year, there was no expectation about the publication.

Finally Devir sent, at september/14, some news in their facebook timeline. They said, translating from portuguese, "The basic book (core) is fully translated and revised and should enter the diagramming process next week. If all the other steps of the edition run as expected, our launch date will JANUARY 2015."

So, we're entering April and, again, there are no answers from Devir about this. No matter how many people asking for information.

Do you think you can do something to help us to see our favorite RPG translated/publicated to our native language?

Please, ignore any typos that may occur in the text above.

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I tried to buy two books in PDF format: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary (OGL) and GameMastery Guide (OGL) PDF. I received a decline notice. I tried again, and I received a second decline notice.

I made contact with my bank and they told me that the two orders are "pending for approval". I think this is the case quoted down, from the FAQ:

FAQ wrote:
There are cases where we will receive a decline notice, yet your bank will accept the authorization and place a hold on your funds. In this instance, if you try to place the order again with the same card, it will probably fail again and put another hold on your account.

I would like to ensure i'll not be charged of this orders.

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Heaggles wrote:
There is a 3.5 book that would help you its called Stronghold Builders guide, it will need to be converted to PF but It will give you a base line on how to build a large stronghold what needed to do so, what up keep is needed and cost.

Stronghold Builder's Guidebook

I would advise the same. This guide is an excellent resource for such constructions.

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hum... I think it'll work. Thanks for the advices. ^^

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Mostly ghosts, but also wraits, some skeletons and flaming skulls... I think i'll adjust some of the undead from Crypt of the Everflame, like i did for the humans (and living others).

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Is there any paper minis for the Carrion Crown Adventure Path... or some undead based paper minis that i can use in this AP?

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Venshad wrote:
Guys, assuming my barbarian with a large greatsword and kicking, what should be the penalties regarding this attack? Thanks!

Assuming that a Two-Weapon Fighter (with twf feat) with primary medium weapon and a secondary light weapon take -2/-2; and your primary weapon is two size categories larger. I think -4/-6 a good combination to penalties. If you use a normal greatsword, maybe -4/-4.