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Dreamweaver for Changeling witches, full of flavor!

Your take on Kendra is really interesting, I took a different route for my Mina (as an hommage to Dracula) Lorrimor, but your take is just so cruel!
I like it!
Have them empathize with her, maybe have one of your adventurers have a crush on her, the deception will only be more hurtful!

Syries wrote:

All your spells are affected by the undead bloodline arcana so it you’re willing to be multiclassed in three different classes you can certainly do that. Not a bad way to go. Just keep in mind it doesn’t affect all undead.

Personally I don’t think steadfast personality is super worth it considering you would be getting the +2 saves from oracle, sorc, and bard for a +6 at level 3, and while this requires you to be neutral good, since you’re a worshipper of Pharasma, you can pick up some scrolls of Bestow Grace for Cha to saves

Thank you! Good news! In fact it doesn't require you any alignment. You need to worship Pharasma they don't require you to be within one step....

So my question is: If I choose to take a level of Sorcere (Undead bloodline), the arcana says that my mind-affecting spells work on corporeal undead that were once humanoid. Does it work only on my sorcerer spells or on all my classes mind affecting spells?

Hi everybody!
I just saw a few days ago the new bard archetype, Speaker of the Palatine Eye and fell immediately in love with the concept. A bard (because you don't lose anything of real value with this archetype) who casts psychic spells from the mesmerist spell list. And while it requires you to worship Pharasma, it doesn't prevent you from worshipping other deities as well.

I began to imagine a character for Carrion Crown. A nobleman, who presents himself as a diplomat and an erudite.
Oracle of Lore 1 for Cha instead of Dex to AC, Cha instead of Int for Knowledge checks and maybe later Focused Trance as an extra revelation. I like the idea that he learns everything in "Salons" and "dinners".
Then Speaker of the Palatine Eye for the rest.
He could fight and cast while in medium armor and wearing a shield and weapon!
Of course, Noble Scion(war) for Cha to Init, Steadfast personnality is along the way because I don't want to fail a will save.
The first question I have is, if I take 1 level of Sorcerer(Undead)bloodline, does the bloodline arcana works for my Bard spells too?
If so it could be very potent!
If you have feats ideas or other ideas for this kind build I would be really glad!

I like your character, makes for a sneaky little guy!
Maybe you could take a look at the clandestine inquisition, but that's just a matter of taste!
What are the teamwork feats you want to take?

Hello everybody!
Some help needed!
I want to make a cavalier wielding a falcata(he's taldan), strength based and able to use precise strike.
What would be the easiest way to do that?
Maybe a swashbuckler dip(Rondolero swashbuckler)?

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Hardluck Massey in skull and shackles is gay, manipulated by his Tian firstmate if I remember well.

Hi everybody,
I was looking at the steelblood archetype for bloodrager and saw it got armor training. So I wondered if the steelblood archtype could benefit from the advanced armor training options?

If I were to create a pirate captain, I would go for a green faith marshall/sanctified slayer inquisitor of Besmara. Green faith marshall for the aquatic domain and spells you will need during the course of your infamous pirate career, sanctified slayer for the roguish charm!
Good wisdom means good perception checks, initiative and profession(sailor), in fact I would even go for the alternate human racial trait that gives you 1/2 level to the profession skill of your choice.

Seems to me flavorful and quite potent!

Bad news...

It's been announced on Newsarama that Darwin Cooke had passed away.
I feel so sorry, his work was so important.
RIP Darwin Cooke.

Well, let's just say Duke Von Badguy The Mighty is actually the pawn of not-so Kindly wizard, who thought posing as a good benevolant wizard was the perfect foil for hiding his nefarious plans!!!
Now Duke Von Badguy who helped the wizard out of love(even tyrants have a heart)is getting discarded by not kind at all wizard, who is now bent on world domination, the destruction of time and space, or whatever you find most horrible!

Will the heroes ally themselves with the one they thaught was their real ennemy?

Hello, new player!
First, let me tell you how sorry I am that you experienced such a horrible situation.
As GMs, I tend to think it is our responsibility to make roleplaying games enjoyable for everyone, and this "GM" failed to do that.
But, from what I see, he's not the only one responsible here, your "fellow players" were as unpleasant as him.
What I think is that they didn't want to play with you, they wanted to bully you, they found a new player and enjoyed their time harassing him without giving him any help to fit in.
That's some kind of pervert behaviour, isn't it?

My suggestion, leave this party and never look back, you'll be better without them and find a GM that will show you how interesting and enjoyable roleplaying games can be!
But, first of all, show them this thread, I hope when they will see how far their behaviour is from acceptable and they will think a little and grow up.For another player, not you, for you, the damage is done.

Hey, for the condition removal, if you have a mesmerist in your party touch treatment is supernatural and 1 level dip into oracle makes you immune to fatigue by level nine, maybe there's something fun that could be done of it?
Really interesting characters come to my mind!

Why not play an alchemist?
Let's say beastmorph vivisectionist!
3/4 Bab, light armor proficiency but natural armor bonuses will make up for that, and if transforming into a thing of nightmare with claws, bite,
bat hears and wings is your thing, it can be a lot of fun!
A good Strength/int combo, one of my players is having one in Carrion Crown and enjoys it a lot!

Maybe the ghost blade arcana could help with all these penalties, adding brilliant energy ability to your arrows could help!

I've personnaly tried an inquisitor(sanctified slayer)of Besmara with fencing grace, outflank and combat reflexes, it's incredibly fun to play and with a good flanking partner can deal a fairly good amount of damage with bane and sneak attack.

Not overpowered, but really fun to play!

Well,thanks Markov,it looks really cool but the sanctified slayer archetype is just too good to pass with studied strike, a litle sneak atack and one or two slayer talents and since it already trades judgement, well it can't work!

Hello everybody,
I'm currently working with a dear player of mine on an inquisitor of Besmara for the skull and shackles AP(which is my favorite AP as a DM).
The results of our brainstorming so far is :

-female human inquisitor of Besmara with the heart of the fields alternative trait so that she would be a hell of a pilot.

-Sanctified slayer archetype for the roguish style and green faith marshall archetype for access to the aquatic terrain domain and spells and the ability to control aquatic creatures(cool and flavourful!.

-20pts buy: so far we go STR10,DEX16,CON14,INt10,WIS 14and CHA14.

-For feats we thought going fencing grace style,since Besmara's weapon is the rapier, the rest is open.

There are a lot of things we surely haven't thought about, and I hope you can help me find good ideas to make this scoundrel of the seas memorable!

Thanks in advance!

Joynt Jezebel wrote:
I was hot for his leather clad partner, Emma Peel?, as a kid and still am.

I understand and now how do u like her in Game of thrones?

"Miss Peel, we're needed."

Hi everybody, I'm actually working on a funny build, a sacred huntmaster/Evangelist of Erastil.

And I was wondering, sacred huntmaster gives you an animal companion, lets you take a domain,so why not another companion with the animal domain (maybe the feather subdomain for the boost to perception),so why not take the druid variant multiclass, which if i'm correct(Pathfinder unchained hasn't shipped yet in France!) gives you another companion!

This would make 3 animal companions and the evangelist of Erastil is able to make a double of your strongest companion once per day for round/level!!!
I find that quite amazing and in the end you add your WIS modifier on attack and damage with bows!
So first, am I correct?
Is it viable?
And with so few feats,thanks to the wonderful VMC, what should I prioritize?

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Yuugasa wrote:
Kajehase wrote:
Our standards.

Lol. Well, if anyone without goat horns is considered pretty attractive I guess I can relax=)

Aw yeah, we are all beautiful! Beautiful people club!

Except you Pazionians with goat horns, get out of here uglies!

No, Yuugasa, we shall be respectful of our little horned friends who...

waiiit a minute!
Shoot on sight!
Bloody chelaxians!

Set wrote:

Wanda's original hex bolts were plenty powerful, able to shut down anyone with equipment as easily as making stuff jam or break or misfire (up to and including Ultron and Iron Man). Even without equipment, it's as easy as waving her hands to make a car swerve out of control and hit you, or a street weakened by superhero battling collapse under your weight and deposit you in front of an oncoming subway train, or, with absolutely nothing anywhere that could go wrong, not even 'blue ice' or a freak meteorite strike, she could just give you a stroke...

But with this 'No More X' power, which seemed to be utterly effortless when she was doing it, there's no in-story reason at all that she doesn't wave her hand and say 'No More War' or 'No More Cancer' or 'No More Hunger' or 'No More Racism' or 'No More Alien Invasions' or 'No More Incursions.' Obviously, out of story, her actually using this sort of power (that she never had before, and never needed except to serve as a storytelling device, and duplicate something that the High Evolutionary had already done a decade before) to do anything *useful* would be a storytelling nightmare, so she not only had to be given a massive powerup out of the blue, but then written as too crazystupid to actually use it (and for it to not actually work for more than a couple of days on any mutant who had appeared in an X-movie and would be recognized, just the thousands of off-camera mutants nobody cared about anyway).

I would love for Children's Crusade (which had her lose this level of power, only for Rick Remender to put it back without explanation six months later, for no reason at all) to remain canon, and for her to go back to just pointing at people and making improbably bad luck smack them down. That was a crazy powerful power *she already had.*

This plot device / Wanda Ex Machina / wimmen-can't-handle-cosmic-power business needs to die in a fire.

I totally agree with you, Wanda was a good character before, and her powerup/going nuts was to me a cheap device from Bendis to make "his" Avengers. Screwing up a good character was just incidental!

It was much more important for Bendis to bring back the characters he liked (Luke Cage,Spiderwoman to name a few) than to tell a good story.

And that's for me the principal problem of Marvel those last 10 years and what made me almost stop comics, no real direction, only the whimsical actions of people like Bendis and Millar, which in the end paved the need to reeboot the entire line!

Well, concerning that dear Wanda, part of the problem is that her powers have always been more or less uncontrolled, that "chaos magic thing"(even if doctor Stange said that there's no such thing as chaos magic, but, hey who trusts Strange, that guy lies all the time!), so she has to focus a lot to achieve even the smallest feat ,except when her self-confidence is high enough, which doesn't happen often(in thee Busiek/Perez era) or when she goes nuts and try to "disassemble" things (which always seemed to me like a weak plot device).

Scarlet witch has always been one ofmy prefered characters and the way Marvel has been handling her since "disassembled" deeply annoyed me, I hope the movie will do justice to her, even if her powers have been greatly altered, which is fine to me, powers are secondary to characters,
and Wanda is a great character!

Matthew Morris wrote:

We're hearing rumors that a major character dies in avengers 2.

I'm hoping it isn't Rhodey. The military/thriller format would work great with a War Machine movie.

Maybe Pepper, it would be a great setup for civil war,Tony with Pepper's death goes crazy, it would make sense!

I don't follow French politics that much, but is the FN actually homophobic in its current incarnation? I know that the group's founder was to an extreme, but as for his daughter who now runs the party, not so much and she's been (at least in the news I've seen in English language media) aggressively moving the party away from its earlier extremes (at least in regards to homosexuality and anti-semitism). One of its deputy presidents (Florian Philippot) is gay AFAIK.

Well, one of the aims of the FN is to ban same-sex mariage and adoption, and even if Philippot is gay don't get fooled by the appearance, their militants are still eager to bash gays as ever, and trust my experience, when they do, they are quite enthousiasts!

The problem with the FN is that it uses the wolf in sheeps clothes stance, and taking some gay as alibis don't make the party less homophobic.

hi everybody,
Well, first news I'm back, back with a vengeance, mwahahah!
(Sorry, I'm watching too much horror movies these times)
Here aremy news from France:
Since the laws for same-sex marriage, what we call "mariage pour tous", things are getting pretty preocupating.
Let me explain: The "front national", an extremist party is on the rise, as its leader, Marine Lepen, this party is homphobic, racist, agains abortion, weel, you know the profile!
This party is especially on the rise because of the economic crisis we've been through those last few years, and the medias that in a wicked way relay their speech because it sells!
Not a very good moment in France, and when I hear people talking at the supermarket, I feel quite worried.

Even if Caitlin does get superpowers, which I'm not sure, I think they won't make her a villain.
I think they gave her that name as a bait for us!

There's an inquisition that deals with firearms in ultimate combat, maybe an inquisitor of pharasma with this specific inquisition would fit your character, but I don't know if it's PFS legal!
That's an interesting character idea, I hope you'll find help to bring him to life.

so far my party consist of:
-a LG human Paladin who venerates Ustalav and the Prince.
-a female human bard(archivist),disguised as a male cause her conservative parents wanted one(think Lady Oscar).
- a female half-elf oracle of heavens, native from Varisia.
-a male human alchemist planning to go master chimist, a student from Lepidstadt, and when angry a real monster!
and a young male inquisitor of cayden Cailean, coming from Chastel, an enthusiast monster hunter.
So far, they look promising!

The case is simple, if you have lingering performance and use inspire courage then stop it to use a battle herald order, will the order and the bardic performance stack for the 2 rounds lingering performance work?

I've seen a lot of different opinions, and I would like a straight answer, it's not to bend the rules or to start an unproductive argument, so please, answer me!

Not surprisingly they named their ship "Le briseur de chaines" (the chains breaker), since they're quite good and up against slavery, it made sense!

I've always liked Carol Danvers, a girl with guts, who has coped with tragedy more than once, and I would be more than happy if she was brought on screen!
I remember the first time I saw her in an Avengers annual, drawn by George Perez with the sinister squadron, then drawn by Byrne inthe Michelinie/Byrne run on avengers, she impressed me a lot with her high boots and sexy outfit!
And you, what's your favorite moment with Carol?

Jaelithe wrote:
Helfer would be a significantly better choice than Sackhoff, who has something a little too unattractively butch about her to effectively portray Carol Danvers. Just wouldn't work.

Well, since Carol Danvers comes from a military background and had to deal with alcohol, I tend to think that Sackhoff would be perfect!

Well thank you both, those are really good advices, I hadn't understood that Halcyon magic thing, I thought the spell was at a higher level, but cool,it makes taking cure light wounds and lesser restoration much more appealing!
And yes, intoned recollection is a feature that looks full of promises!

Yes and that's a pity how they think homosexual relationships in TV and other medias, they're still thinking homosexuality as the main element of personnality,I remember talking with a friend of mine who had trouble writing what he called "a gay character" for a short movie and i told him "just write a character first, then it just happens that he's gay", that's what it should be, one shouldn't write a gay relationship, but just a relationship that happens between two people that are gay!

It will be quite a cool GM, and I will be planning a lot(I don't want to slow down the game), and I don't want to play stupidly an otherwise intelligent character!

Well, it wasn't especially addressed to you, it was just about the discussion, I wanted to point out that there's more representations of female to female relationship in the medias because, gay females are a straight male fantasy and most deciders are straight males!

Yes and it's a prerequisite for some feats like moonlight summons that i might consider!

Entangle is a must have forme as a 3rd level spell, barkskin seems to be good too, for the rest, have u good ideas to propose me?

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And you seem to forget one thing, female homosexual relationship is a classic of straight male fantasies, one where they think they can participate, which in reality never happens, it's common in staight porn to have a "saphism" scene, not a male to male scene!

Good idea! I will look at it!
Thanks, you offer me lots of interesting options!

I understand, it's quite potent, but since I'm not from Nidal and I don't plan on taking Nidalese citizenship, I don't think it will fit!
And I'm not into this lurking in the shadows thing, I think it's as you had already understood, a different kind of character!

After a rapid research, I have decided to drop the spellbinder archetype for the much more conventional bonded item(an elven ring, a family legacy),spellbider not being that useful at low level!

U-Go girl, no wait, the anarchist, no wait, the Orphan!!!
Well I really miss all of the X-Force/X-Statix bunch, except for El Guapo, but I miss his skate!
But as for Doom Patrol, no one should touch them except Milligan!

Thanks a lot,William and Zanghar, this feat(summon good monsters)is really cool!
Diplomatic looks like a really good trait!
And Zanghar, yes I had taken into account that shift was like dimension door, but that's just a good thing to do: move, cast,teleport away!
Just cool!

Thanks, working from this idea, I'm creating an elf with dreadlocks, a devout Desnan who thinks himself as a man of the world trying to bring unity among the different good races in hope of defeating evil and bring decency and peace upon the world( which may be quite difficult given his 10 in CHA, but that's the fun part of it!).

I like when I go from a gameplay idea and link it to the roleplay.

I want to play a mage, and I have been really pleased by the Magaambyan arcanist prestige class!
So my intent is to play an elf mage, a summoner with the teleportation subschool(I just couldn't pass the 10ft teleportation as a swift action X times a day) and add the spellbiner archetype for more flexibility in spells.

So,for the moment, the build is:
Elf mage(summoner/spellbinder)5/ Magaambyan arcanist 10.
Attributes(20 points buy):

Any advice about feats?
I have the idea of making him an expert of summoning good monsters and wanted to know if it is any good, if the feats starlight summons and the like are any good.
Please feel free to give me any advice or comment.

Merry christmas everybody!

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