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Sounds like this pool would be great for increasing spell durations and dc. maybe it could also be used to decrease the duration of an enemy ongoing effect or make some sort of defensive barrier?

Sounds like the arcanist is really going to be some sort of meta mage.

Sounds nice, but what i really want to know is whether or not you will include completely new material (spells and items and such), like you did in the rival guide (one of my favorite campaign setting books you've made along with the books of the damned and inner sea magic).

I've had a hard time getting a real grasp of thuvia so omething set there would be cool. also something on nex and geb would be awesome

Ways i've dealt with this:

1: he get's killed by his assasin brothers
2: he is equipped wih a cyanide capsule
3: he is misinformed or dont know anything (the misinformation one is pretty funny for a GM and will teach your PC's to be more wary of interrogations afterwards if you let it dawn on them at a crucial point later on)
4: he is truly dedicated to his affiliations and will endure any pain even to the point of death
5: he is such a sick and twisted being that he relish in pain, even if it's his own

And honestly: did the PC's know his family at the point? if not it's a pretty weak threat even if he did care for them.

lol, now i'm glad i didn't submit my calabash pipe of the elder dragon. it was meant to give a bonus on take 10's based on mental abilities and a 3 times a day let the user cast dragons breath.

i also considered a chalk of summoning, but as i figured that wouldn't be very original either.

marv wrote:

I am a first timer as well. To make the time pass quicker while waiting for results, I'm filling my free time reading the novel "Ready Player One". It's about a 'contest' that also has an online score board (waiting on the list of 32 to come up is similar to what happens in the novel). If you were a nerd in the 80's and/or you ran/played Tomb of Horrors then you owe it to yourself to buy and read this book. Downloaded it to my Kindle and loving every chapter.

Being born in 1990 made it hard for me to be a nerd in the 80's :)

Still it sounds good and i'm definitely looking it up. besides who here aren't awed by the tomb of horrors? :D

This is it. I have posted my first ever entry to RPG Superstar. After only just realizing it's existence last year, just a tad bit too late to apply, i followed it anxiously marveling at the ideas i never could have thought up, frowning at the ones i thought i could have done better/would have done differently. And i can only wait. There is nothing i can to make my situation better, only ponder on whether i chose the right item. i have been thinking of ideas from when i first saw you asking for entries, having come up with about 15 or so items. some great, some quickly rejected, and some just not fit for this competition (forgive a GM for wanting to equip his bad guys). The hardest part of this has clearly been limiting myself. picking the one item out of the many, keeping the description text precise, rules lawyery enough, and most importantly NO BACKSTORY (so tempting, yet so stupid to go into after all the forum warnings). Well i hope my item will not just be seen as a spell in a can, but as something original and idea-inspiring, something brilliant in it's simplicity, something that will let me go on into the more description heavy, where i can really let my inner story teller free. But that's all just hopes. Even if i don't go on i doubt that i will be able to resist trying my skills again next year. No matter what i hope that i will be able to get my item(s) reviewed afterwards, so that i may be better equipped next year. But for now i can only prepare for the next round and hope for the best.

The best of luck to all entrants, new and old.

WalterGM wrote:
qutoes wrote:

That said, does anyone know of some good multiclass options with the magus? My rule of thumb for any character is usually just to stick with one class since all the pathfinder base ones got a pretty sizeable bump from 3.5, but I don't know if that's true for the magus in particular.

Hey Walter.

I really like your magus build, and I had an idea regarding the multiclassing thing. how about taking the souldrinker prestige class from BoD3? when following the horseman of war you get enhancements for your weapon, which also - if you are a staff magus - should give you extra AC. and if your GM is a little large he might even let your spell strike your level drain. I'm thinking if this because i'm running a campaign we're the main villain is a magus who's about to to be heightened to a nascent daemon lord, so thematically it makes sense. but what are your thoughts? i know the level drain is a little far fetched, but even if you don't allow that it's pretty neat.

marv wrote:

Does the "great name" advice for an item conflict with the advice of presenting something that "looks like it is ready for inclusion in the Core rule book"? I say that because the names in PF Core book are utilitarian in nature. What is more important, a name which immediately conveys the important qualities of the item or a name which sparks the judge's imagination? Which is better “Widget of Fireballs” or “Mal’s Widget of Destruction”?

I think the correct answer would be that a top 32 item should have both a great name that inspires people to how they could use it and at the same time keep it relatively clear what it does. for those two names you suggest i would pick the first, but that's because of the "Mal's" part of the second name. I believe i was Sean who pointed out in his advice thread that an item shouldn't include too much back story as a wondrous item is different from an artifact in that there are several of them in the world. thus a back story becomes largely irrelevant. in some of the items i've come up with i've noted very shortly how the first of the item's kind came to be, but if i where you i'd keep it very brief. Write about what your item does, not who did it.

Pedro Coelho wrote:

Nope, one entry per person. It´s the second entry of the contest rules:

"2. One entry per person. Anyone found submitting more than one entry will be disqualified and any prizes won will be immediately forfeited."

Damn... i have so many ideas, how to pick the best one?

Just a quick question i didn't see anything about in the rules: can you submit multiple entries for the first round?

Hey there.

Well, i don't know how much you care about optimizing but i have a character that i think could be really fun to play, and so might you:

It is a Bleachling gnome menhir savant druid with the void domain. Again this has to be O.K.'d with the GM, but if he's okay with the dragon this should be fine as well.

A bleachling is a gnome that has been fully bleached, and yet hasn't faded from the world. in the eyes of gnomes that is a bit like a human lich (in the eyes of humans that is). Mechanically that means no Cha bonus, but a Wis bonus instead (house ruling). the reason this gnome has bleached is because he for some reason got to see the world behind worlds (the void), thus granting him the void domain as druid (although this is not normally available for druids. again house ruling). this has ripped the gnome apart from the world essentially making him a true neutral sociopath in addition to bleaching him. I haven't made his BG completely yet, but i think he could be an interesting addition to most teams.
feel free to steal all you want :)

Pharier wrote:


I have a question regarding religion for a non-cleric characters. Is it possible to respect and worship multiple gods instead of devoting yourself to just one deity.

As i see it, it is much like the greeks with their pantheon: Everyone has their personal god that they feel respond mostly to their own beliefs, for example a blacksmith would probably have torag as his deity of choice. however they also pay tribute to other gods in cases where their portfolio comes into play, for example when the blacksmith is about to have a child he will probably make some prayers and possibly sacrifices for pharasma, so that the birth will go well