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Squiggit wrote:

Snares just being gutted from the class is a huge bummer. Stripping away a really cool mechanic instead of trying to find ways to make it more user friendly? I can't see that as a good thing.

Snares are a mess, an option which sounded cool on paper, but so few people would actually use them at all (not just rangers). It is just a forgettable feature as soon as people read about the details of how to use snares. Over the years since playtest, I had exactly zero players using snares (around 80 characters of various classes appeared in my games and around 20 in the games of my friend).

Point is, there are plenty of feats for each class, which are considered subpar or inferior and are almost never taken. Removing them doesn't bring much harm to the class. How many times have you used Plant Evidence feat from the Rogue? How many Fighters actually go for a Combat Assesment at level 1 instead of any other feat? Those numbers are marginal.

Snares are not going anywhere. Perhaps it will be even easier to use them with rework in Player Core 2. Snarecrafter still exists. Rangers purely oriented for snares were such a minority, that this blog post reminded me that they even have this feature. I'd rather have an expanded/reworked archetype purely for snares, since it's more fitting.

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Captain Relyk wrote:

Love the changes! Glad I can take a multiclass archetype that fits my character, like a wyrmkin cleric with draconic sorcerer, without being hurt by proficiencies. But I am still curious about prestidigitation

Will it be updated to allow us to do things like create magical sparkles, make our eyes change color or glow slightly, or make us or an object smell like rosewater? That way it can better support Roleplay and flavor? I feel like 2e needs to support or give the ability for players to do harmless magical tricks for the sake of roleplay.

You can just say it does it? No need for even more fluff in the spell description. Roleplaying how the spell looks like should be up to the table anyway.

Bigger question: how will this impact the announcements of new releases of the rulebooks for 2024+?

Will those books substitute the slots of the other books? I'm not yet sure what to think of the change, but it would be a huge bummer to not see new material for a year or more and just focus on 'remasters'. We have plenty of rulebooks, is it just the 1st wave? Are there going to be remasters of Secrets of Magic, Dark Archive etc? As much as I enjoy clearing up the rules and reorganizing content into more user-friendly layout, I would not prefer that over completely stopping the new releases of future rulebooks for a year or two.

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Look, I don't want to be "that guy" again, but we really need better proofreading for those things. There is no such thing as 'Bluff' in Pathfinder 2e. C'mon, this is not a first 2e product you release, yet those errors are ever present.

If you want new people to use those small quests, you need to be more clear, as they will easily get confused.

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So let me get this straight: you decided to keep stuff like NPC cards or Equipment/Bestiary cards and scrapped the pawns line...?

That's... silly, to say the least. You can get more uses from pawns than from cards. Pawns can be used in plethora of systems, not just Pathfinder. Cards are useless for someone who plays, let's say, Savage Worlds or 5e. I mean, I'm not into details of the sales of Paizo products so I don't know if that's more affordable, but common sense tells me, that more people are buying miniatures than some little spell cards boxes (correct me if I'm wrong).

Obviously the decision was already made, but it's extremely disappointing, as you were the lead in the affordable flat miniature market, offering enormous collection and now it's gone. Not a fan.

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To be honest, they should just remove the availability dates or add just the expected quarter of the year, as the exact dates no longer hold any value. I can't remember a single book not delayed in the last 6-7 months, maybe LO:MoM was on time. Right now, I know that whatever date they announce, it will be delayed and immediately lowers my expectations and hype for any book. I'd prefer a mysterious date, instead of pushing it time and time again.

If anyone got the book in their hands, could you tell me the approximate amount of NPC statblocks, if any? I remember reading back in the day, that there will be many and I'm looking forward to those!

So we can safely start adding extra month to all upcoming releases, because this is plagueing you since March, with no hope in sight.

I had really high hopes after GenCon informations about the book and now the balloon is popped...

We can all reassure you "it's not your fault" etc. but I feel like with every passing month and yet another delay people are getting kinda angry and put their money elsewhere...

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Player Character Pawns are great, but with new Ancestry Guide, it would be even better to have expanded Pawns for new races, as well as the old ones, which didn't make it to this collection.

Since the beginning of the playtest, I thought that saving throw DC is basically enemy roll vs your roll (or vice versa) - like Athletics vs Reflex roll. Someone said that it's wrong and Reflex/For/Will DC is calculated like AC - 10+modifiers (page 291 in rulebook).

Is this true? Are saving throws now a fixed value when talking about their DC? It feels kinda... weird, as you won't be able to counter many threats if your DC is always 10+something (which means you're forgoing an extra 1 to 10 value from rolling d20).