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Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

how do the hurricane mechanics work? I think I'm missing something. I see the tactic of blowing the PCs into the hurricane gale winds at the edges of the tower and they spin counterclockwise, but for how long/far? is it safe to assume the corkscrew up and away from the glyph at the bottom? and do they take damage from this?

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I'm bringing a sorcerer 8 with pipefox familiar. I can cover face in spades and decent smarts, but little else.

other option is to bring my alchemist 8, but I only bring him out for special occasions, like birthday parties.

I'm burning a GM star either way, but don't remember anything from the first time through.

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given that this was essentially a reboot of first steps to introduce new factions, and tome of righteous repose has set precedent for a 3-7 evergreen, is there any chance this could be opened up for replay? likely without the trait boon intact, similar to the wayfinder restriction on confirmation?

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also, is the witnessing the scribe roll even necessary if you can't fail a take 10? can I not sign off as a GM for myself?

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I can't find anything one way or the other about scribing spells from a spellbook found in a scenario/module that I GM'd. I know I qualify for everything on the chronicle (with some exceptions), but I don't see anything about spells the players found in game.

am I cool to scribe those spells at cost? or will I need to wait to encounter them as a player and/or pay the extra 50% to rent a book from the pathfinder lodge?

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the mute musician from horror adventures is legal for PFS! huzzah!

however, I have one question about a vaguely worded ability:

Dulled Horror: +4 vs. confusion, fear, insanity effects, and the supernatural abilities of aberrations. This class feature replaces versatile performance.

that's one hell of an oxford comma. given that it replaces a fairly useful versatile performance ability, I'm assuming that the +4 is for everything listed, in addition to the supernatural abilities of aberrations. however, I can see a way of reading that as to *only* apply to confusion, feat, etc from aberrations, and not those conditions in general.

the first interpretation seems reasonable to me, and I'm 98% sure that's how it was intended. but I can see someone getting overly rules-lawyery and saying it's the second version, which is so circumstantial to basically be useless.


Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

looking for a vanara boon, I have a 2015 gencon tier 1 (skinwalker/changeling/samsaran/grippli) in trade

also looking for a dhampir, can offer a grippli or a vishkanya

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque


Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

I must be missing something... "explosive calamity" haunt effect is "as per fireball (dc16 reflex for half) but doesn't list how many d6 the fireball is meant to be? the "traumatic impact" haunt is 9d6, should it be the same?

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

I would love a changeling boon. I have several I could offer in trade, and willing to package several to land the changeling. also interested in a grippli boon.

all 2016 gencon player boons except #4 & #10
2016 gm boon #1 - vishkanya
beginner box bash gm boon - dhampir/tiefling/free raise dead
2015 gm (spring) - ifrit
2012 gencon #10 - nagaji
2016 paizocon gm boon - rebellious past
2016 paizocon #2 - prophetic dream
2016 paizocon #14 - hypnotic therapy
emerald city comic con #4 - aspis slayer
emerald city comic con #5 - against the consortium
emerald city comic con #6 - niche specialist
emerald city comic con #7 - psychic awakening
emerald city comic con #8 - elemental blast
emerald city comic con #9 - emotional aura
season 6 boon #2 - ancestral ally
season 6 boon #4 - expanded narrative
season 6 boon #6 - explorer's endurance
season 6 boon #7 - factor
season 6 boon #8 family tradition
season 6 boon #10 - niche specialist
season 6 boon #14 - prosperity
season 6 boon #17 - xenophile
dexcon 16 boon #4 - missing mentor
dexcon 16 boon #5 - expedition manager
2013 gencon boon #10 - mounted tradition
gecon 2015 #17 - aspis defector
season 5 boon #3 - erratic luck
season 5 boon #13 - personal physician

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

are the CR ratings in this scenario correct? it looks like many of the encounters ratings are based on a single monster, despite there being multiples (four hill giants, two rocs, etc).

I'm all for running a challenging scenario, but if these CRs are underestimated, that could result in a bad time for the players.

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

Terminalmancer wrote:

A: It's mentioned that Delroya doesn't know the identities of the agents, but I can find no indication from the players' perspective that the identity is important outside of allowing the PCs to sabotage the meeting. Am I missing anything here?

this confused me as well, did I miss something crucial that would allow the PCs to identify the agents without tossing the entire bar?

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my kitsune was adopted by a minor taldan noble family. they found her on a fox hunt. she was the fox. now she's a debutante whose daddy taught her to shoot.

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please tell me there's razmiri in this... please tell me there's razmiri in this... please tell me there's razmiri in this...

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Note Discoveries marked with an asterisk (*) do not stack—only one such discovery may be applied to a single bomb.

Cursed Bomb*
Prerequisite(s): Alchemist 12
Benefit: When an alchemist creates a bomb, he can choose to have it deliver a debilitating curse. A creature that takes a direct hit from a cursed bomb must succeed at a Will save or be affected by bestow curse.

not 100% clear on if bomb discoveries tagged with an asterisk do bomb damage as well? seems a little overpowered if it's doing both, but I can't find any definitive answer.

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my razmiri "cleric" often uses charm person to save his own skin, since he's absolutely useless in a fight. on more than one occasion, I've paraphrased the crazy irish guy, stephen, from braveheart:

"razmir tells me he can get me out of this, but he's pretty sure you're fooked!"

he's optimized for enchantment spells, so bad guys rarely make the save even in combat. and that's assuming he hasn't popped off a charm spell using spellsong BEFORE combat. after that, he tends to shout "proteeeeect meeeeee!" before falling prone and going total defense, trying to stay out of the way. he'll toss out a channel or a buff spell from prone if necessary.

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if you're a bard, the spellsong feat can do wonders.

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

heard rumours there may be kobold boons from gencon? I'm not able to travel but would LOVE to get my hands on one. I have several other boons (mostly season 6) and a stable full of minis I could trade. anyone interested?

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Luthorne wrote:
Well, a lot depends on the element. A telekinetic can snag pushing infusion, an aerokinetic can snag gusting (for air blast), pushing (air), or thundering (electric) infusion, a geokinetic can snag pushing, a pyrokinetic can snag burning infusion or fan of flames, a hydrokinetic can snag pushing or quenching infusion if they're water blast, though if they have cold blast, they're stuck with draining infusion or kinetic blade.

that's what I noticed, I switched to water from cold and picked up pushing. little bit more damage, but it's only physical and not energy. it'll suffice for now.

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looking for clarification on the Elemental Ascetic archetype for the Kineticist. I'm building a third level with GM credit for PFS.

it looks like my only infusion options are Draining Infusion, Extended Range, Kinetic Blade and Kinetic Fist.

obviously I'm taking Kinetic Fist as an ascetic, but nothing else fits. the Elemental Flurry ability makes the Kinetic Blade redundant and denies me access to the Extended Range infusion. does this mean I'm taking Draining Infusion and liking it?

I understand giving up the 120 ft blasts from a monk, especially since the ascetic gets the blasts for zero burn. it just seems like there should be something else available. I don't know if I'd EVER use Draining.


Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

I'm working on an undine waterbender for a skull & shackles campaign, but I'm not really feeling it so far. opting for high DEX and WIS, dumping STR and will go with an agile amulet of mighty fists.

herolab doesn't appear to be updated with the official book yet, I'm having some difficulty getting everything registered and showing up. my kinetic fist form infusion isn't listed on my unarmed strike, etc.

it's entirely possible I'm missing something here (I didn't participate in the playtest), but it looks like I can essentially use kinetic blast and kinetic fist at well, as they are both 0 burn?

kinetic cover seems to allow an AC boost, but it's a standard action? I was hoping for an immediate type version of this, with a burn requirement or something. someone's shooting at you? instant wall to hide behind.

I'm still fleshing out the character, would appreciate advice or recommendations.

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Well, they have not even allowed Sign Language, or any other kind of non-verbal language.

So, Deaf PCs are kind of screwed.

I thought you could get "lip reading" with a linguistics point, and it applies to all other known languages? was I misinformed? I know there are limits to how well it works (distance, light, etc) but it's still something.

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

WiseWolfOfYoitsu wrote:
One of the players in my area made a Zatoichi character using a dip into Oracle to get blind.

venture captain ichi is still my fave character. I tell the table I play him as true blind with a daredevil sense to handle the clouded vision curse.

can he see thirty feet? sure. but "daredevil awareness" makes just as much sense to me as "clouded vision" - he was absolutely useless when it came to ranged combat.

I had some GMs give me a bonus on saves vs illusions, and they'd give me penalties on perception at a distance. I was utterly fine with that. other GMs would play it by the book and say I could see 30 ft, I was also fine with that.

mostly, I just loved saying, "no I don't" every time the GM said to the table, "so you see..."

also, he has the light cantrip but thinks it's detect magic. he honestly can't tell the difference, but the joke locally quickly became "it lights up" when I detected magic.

but realistically, PFS is terrible for this type of character gimping. if you actually took the blindness penalties and everything you'd be dead before you saw level 2. in a home group, there's all sorts of ways to work it out with the group and GM to make it work.

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I'm having the same download issue on a PC running chrome. I purchased new scenarios and can't get them.

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I can't download anything. I just bought new scenarios, when I click the link in my downloads, nothing happens, but it refreshes to say "last downloaded: today"

is this related to the maintenance earlier?

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I wasn't going drow, just a more mwangi type brown skin tone. he's more snoop dogg than drizzt.

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are there stats for cabble-weed? it's mentioned in the guide to korvosa alongside flayleaf, and I know flayleaf has stats.

I'm working on a drizzt do'urden knockoff named drizzel fo'shizzle, and I wanted to give him a chronic habit.

since I can't find any stats for it, is there any reason I can't just play it for fluff and roleplay him as really laid back and relaxed all the time?

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in PFS, I always try to have at least one face skill (bluff or diplomacy) and a couple knowledges. if I'm playing a particularly skill starved class like cleric or sorcerer, I'll take the favoured class bonus. I also play a lot of humans, and those extra skill points help a ton.

in a home game, skills don't seem as important. you can spread them around the party. too many times in PFS I've shown up to a table with no relevant skills, and that just sucks.

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

if nothing else, what's to stop you from casting some sort of healing spell as many times as necessary between scenarios?

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will we get a reprint of the dungeon map used for Crypt of the Everflame? pretty please with sugar on?

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can we please please PLEASE get a reprint of this map? some foul brigand absconded with mine and I've been remiss to run crypt of the everflame without it. it's one of my fave PFS modules.

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messy wrote:
TikiBar wrote:
Any chance Paizo will reprint Crypt of the Everflame? Always seems to be one of the top-selling modules.
here's another vote for a reprint. "crypt of the everflame" is available on ebay and amazon, but waaay too expensive.

I would sell my left nut (not like I'm using it for anything) for a reprint of the book and map.

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I've looked into the tumor familiar (rabbit) which should give me the ability to deliver touch spells 50 ft away. I cast into the familiar, familiar moves to target and standard to deliver breath of life.

I don't know what you mean by "real alchemist" but I won't have anywhere near 50 ft of movement. he's a healer with some offensive abilities in the form of bombs. too busy keeping everyone else alive to buff himself a ton.

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sorry to revive an old thread, but it made more sense than creating a new one.

can the "healing bomb" discovery be used in conjunction with a breath of life infusion to give a ranged option?

Magical Marketplace wrote:
Healing Bomb*: When the alchemist creates a bomb, he can choose to have it heal damage instead of dealing it. Creating a healing bomb requires the alchemist to expend an infused extract (Advanced Player’s Guide 31) or potion containing a cure spell. A creature that takes a direct hit from a healing bomb is healed as if she had imbibed the infusion or potion used to create the bomb. Creatures in the splash radius are healed for the minimum amount of damage the cure spell is capable of healing. A healing bomb damages undead instead of healing them.

it seems like that would solve a lot of the confusion and make it worthwhile for a chirurgeon to have. I've ended up the primary healer in a homegame of runelords (we lost our life oracle), and I'm trying to get the most bang for my buck. currently, if I wasn't right next to the dead player, I'd need to use a hero point to get the extra action necessary to pull the infusion, move the the corpse and cast. I'm not sure if my GM allows potions in a spring loaded wrist sheath.

apologies if this was answered elsewhere and I couldn't find it.

basically, I'm trying to differentiate the line "Creating a healing bomb requires the alchemist to expend an infused extract or potion containing a cure spell." is that an infusion, or a cure potion? or is it a cure in infusion or potion form?

there are a lot of applicable infusions that could be use as healing bombs that aren't cure spells. any of the "remove" spells immediately come to mind, in addition to keeping "breath of life" a single round action.

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

oracle - 4
wizard - 1
cleric - 1
gunslinger - 2
monk - 2
bard - 2
inquisitor - 1
samurai - 2
investigator - 1
sorcerer - 1
unchained rogue - 1
alchemist - 1
summoner - 1
ninja - 1
rogue - 1
fighter - 1
mesmerist - 1
druid - 1
core cleric - 1
core barbarian - 1
core rogue - 1

not included is 1 or 2 level dips, which would add a cleric, a gunslinger and an oracle to this list.

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

human - 10
halfling - 2
dwarf - 2
gnome - 1
half-elf - 1
half-orc - 1
dhampir - 2
kitsune - 2
aasimar - 1
tiefling - 2
nagaji - 1
vishkanya - 1
tengu - 1

so I might be a little racist against non-humans...

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

frostfur captives
godsmouth heresy
we be goblins
rise of goblin guild
night march of kalkamedes

yeah, I have a bit of a goblin fetish...

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

season four has been my favourite so far, and season three was also really good. my all-time fave scenario is 3-01 frostfur captives. it's easy to run and the NPCs are a ton of fun. confirmation is also quite straightforward, wounded wisp has a bit more variety thrown in but isn't terribly challenging. first steps has a tendency to turn ugly for the players if the dice aren't friendly.

kinevon's recommendations are great, particularly because all of those are replayable. with a large enough player base, you can run some variation of those numerous times and never need to play a level 1 character again! you can start with a fresh 5 xp GM blob every time and hit third level after you play it once.

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Lab_Rat wrote:

I have also seen game days not supported by active VO involvment to take up the hat and ask for a dollar or two from the players. This kept the organizer from having to fully fund the event out of their own pocket.

in my area, we have a fair number of kids, and several adults that are either unemployed or on a very fixed income. one of the biggest draws of PFS is that it is free to play. asking them to foot the bill just isn't an option. it's hard enough encouraging players to support the game stores or restaurants that support us. we definitely have some players and GMs that try to pick up the slack more than others, each to their own ability.

I know there are pirated copies of scenarios out there. if I know someone offering to run is broke, yet they have a folder full of scenarios, I just pretend not to care where it came from. I'm well aware of the issue of piracy being bad and all that, but sometimes you just need that GM at a table more than you need to defend paizo's profit margins.

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

Lab_Rat wrote:
John Francis wrote:

I always assumed that the reason VOs got scenarios for free was so that we could print out a hardcopy of a scenario for a GM to use.
Yep. I never had to purchase a scenario if it was at a game day run by a VO. I have only purchased them for personal game groups.

I have never received a free scenario from a VO. then again, I can count on one hand the number of times I even saw a VO at my store in eighteen months.

sure, I picked up a lot of my scenarios when they were on sale, but I've still purchased over fifty scenarios and modules.

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

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Benjamin Falk wrote:

What should Paizo do, pay GM´s for running?

no one has asked to be paid to run. we're all aware this is a hobby, and a business for paizo. but that's the thing, boons are essentially free. the original point of this post was leveling the playing field for regular PFS GMs vs those who GM at cons. it would be nice to see some of the nicer boons that aren't con dependent.

I would also love to see a subscription option for scenarios. sure, you can buy an entire season once it's done, but that does nothing for the current scnearios which are in highest demand. some people would actually end up paying MORE money for a discounted subscription (say $3 each instead of $3.99) because they'd end up buying all of them, instead of cherry picking. there are subscription discounts for everything else, why not scenarios?

I know some stores offer GMs and coordinator discounts because they recognize the value PFS drives to their stores, but others don't. it would be great to see a modestly discounted GM kit for PFS. a beginner box or a bestiary box and some maps bundled together? something that could given to each store a la free RPG day perhaps?

a lot of the reason I've seen otherwise willing GMs reluctant to get involved is the cost. for some people, even buying a $4 scenario can be prohibitive, and paizo frowns on sharing PDFs. so short of lending them a printout or constantly running the handful of free options, some players don't feel they're able to start GMing with any regularity.

again, I understand it's a business. but paizo is also getting a lot of free labor from its volunteers and making money off them to boot. most of the more committed GMs I know (myself included) have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on books, maps, minis, etc. it would just be nice to see a token gesture every now and then to those of us who have invested so much of our lives to the game.

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

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one of my fave aspects of the wounded wisp evergreen is the NPCs you talk to in the bar that reinforce many of the complaints in this thread. there's a reason it and confirmation are meant as an introduction. they flat out tell you "y'know, you really should have an acid flask" and "maybe you shouldn't just wantonly kill EVERYONE you come across"

as a GM, if I hear I have new players I try to ask about their characters and make simple suggestions. "you have 23 gold left? buy an alchemist's fire. trust me." it doesn't always work, but I've found new players are pretty receptive to input and suggestions. I'm not talking full blown audit, just a few basics about their character.

I've even been known to give new, especially young, players an out....
"there's a bad guy thirty feet out of your reach, what do you do?"
"I can't do anything."
"you have a sling, right?"
"you have a sling, RIGHT? they're free."
"uhh, I use my sling?"
"there ya go!"

granted, I had one kid that didn't get the point after me telling him three times he could have picked up a sling at any point, but adamantly refused to. he died. I felt no sympathy for him. the other new kids at the table learned from his mistake at least.

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Adam Daigle wrote:
Garrett Guillotte wrote:
Someone said "crawdad." :( :( :(
I know, right!?!

I'm a seattle native and always called them crawdads. we had them in the creek behind my house when I was a kid. am I missing something?

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

GM Lamplighter wrote:
melferburque wrote:
your mileage may vary. in my experience, once a store is established, it's left more or less autonomous.

I was speaking about Venture Officers, not store coordinators. VCs certainly should not complain about funding some things out of their own pocket, considering the benefits they recieve from Paizo. If they aren't passing on the support to their GMs, that's a different problem.

When I was a VO I printed scenarios for people, gave out GM Star ctificates, gifted scenarios to players, and gave out some of the boons I got at cons, as well as just bought things like folios to hand out here and there. Yes, it cost money, but the VC benefits MORE than offset any cost I had. Heck, I rented a hotel for our first Conovcation event on my own dime, and I STILL didn't come close to spending my own money compared to the benefits I received.

my point was I rarely saw VOs once I started coordinating. in eighteen months, I had a whopping two tables run by a VO, and another three or four run by an ex VL from the area, when he had time. everything else was run by me, my co-coordinator, or a handful of regular GMs that were pressed into service. we averaged three tables a week in one of the larger markets for PFS, and in its heyday we hit five tables pretty consistently.

that's a lot of pressure to put on volunteers without support or recognition. the only reason I started coordinating in the first place is because the location was hosting a table or two twice a month, and even then the previous coordinator wasn't showing up much. there wasn't enough consistency to foster the potential the store had. when my friend and I started showing up every week with something to run, it took off and the store was dumped at our feet. no training given for coordinating a store. no goals given to us from leadership as far as how we should grow. despite being twenty minutes from paizo headquarters and the largest store in seattle proper, we never saw anyone from paizo.

in my limited experience, VOs have their pet stores and don't move much beyond those. we had a VL step down due to time constraints, a VL move and a VC disappeared suddenly, and no one replaced any of them in the hierarchy. we were left to fend for ourselves. so I quit coordinating, and have scaled back my PFS from three times a week to maybe once or twice a month. it just wasn't worth it.

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'twas I. my ex-wife spent about fifteen hours making the mask for me.

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Woran wrote:
I am really starting to wonder if you carry around a mask in real life and put it on occasionally to make snarky coments.

I should have stolen the Razmir mask from the guy I played the Delve with. (I think his name was Chris.)

OVER MY DEAD BODY! that mask is my new most favouritist prized possession.

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Liz Courts wrote:
D6Veteran wrote:
For the marketing staff - if possible you really should consider making t-shirts with the iconic characters. These would sell like hot cakes! I have to think there is some IP reason you can't do this because I'm sure someone else has thought of this. I can tell you that it would be an incredible marketing tool for Pathfinder.
Like these ones here? T-Shirts are kind of weird to merchandise at the store for us, and we haven't quite figured out the best way to handle them quite yet.

more variety of goblin shirts would be great too. never hurts to have extra shirts for cons when laundry time is at a premium.

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

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GM Lamplighter wrote:

Paizo already has a lot of people to support regular game day GMs: they're called Venture-Officers. These folks get all sorts of stuff to help their areas grow, and it is their job to support and encourage the GMs running the regular events in their areas. They are the ones who should be trying to get those 16 players together for a weekend to get your GMs the prize support and racial boons.

your mileage may vary. in my experience, once a store is established, it's left more or less autonomous. coordinators don't get much other than maybe a store discount *if* their store offers it. I was fortunate enough to get a nice discount on anything in the store, but I never got anything from paizo to compensate for my time or resources spent to run the store or to GM. one of my VO's was good enough to take his regular GMs out to dinner a couple times (out of his own pocket), which was appreciated, but that's it.

that also doesn't address the rewards discrepancy BigNorseWolf mentioned, that con GMs get better swag than every day GMs. and as Louis pointed out, con GMs typically *are* everyday GMs. but cons aren't for everyone. it would be nice to see some support for those of us who can't/won't/don't attend cons.

could we get a discount on scenario subscriptions or have materials supplied to store (pawn boxes, maps, etc), rather than having to foot the bill ourselves? I know I left a couple maps, a ton of dice and probably a ream of paper worth of printouts at my store when I stopped coordinating. none of which was compensated. I did it to help the community.

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

calagnar wrote:

Acedio wrote:
But to play the devil's advocate reward, what does the GM of a homebrew get?
I can and do GM for my close friends in a home game. The difference is there my friends we game to spend a few hours having fun. With no time limit on how long we can play or what we need to get done. We spend...

to say nothing of GM bribes. I will gladly give my players a re-roll or some other bonus if they bring beer or a pizza at a home game. I can't do that in PFS.

Dark Archive Venture-Agent, Washington—West Seattle aka melferburque

Mulgar wrote:

I was suggesting race boons per GM star. Maybe have races that you can only get that way.....

that would be one helluva incentive to GM more, but I doubt we'll see it happen.

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