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I can't find anything one way or the other about scribing spells from a spellbook found in a scenario/module that I GM'd. I know I qualify for everything on the chronicle (with some exceptions), but I don't see anything about spells the players found in game.

am I cool to scribe those spells at cost? or will I need to wait to encounter them as a player and/or pay the extra 50% to rent a book from the pathfinder lodge?

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the mute musician from horror adventures is legal for PFS! huzzah!

however, I have one question about a vaguely worded ability:

Dulled Horror: +4 vs. confusion, fear, insanity effects, and the supernatural abilities of aberrations. This class feature replaces versatile performance.

that's one hell of an oxford comma. given that it replaces a fairly useful versatile performance ability, I'm assuming that the +4 is for everything listed, in addition to the supernatural abilities of aberrations. however, I can see a way of reading that as to *only* apply to confusion, feat, etc from aberrations, and not those conditions in general.

the first interpretation seems reasonable to me, and I'm 98% sure that's how it was intended. but I can see someone getting overly rules-lawyery and saying it's the second version, which is so circumstantial to basically be useless.


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I blame the potency (and perhaps frequency) of the signature drinks at Paizocon this year, I was hoping someone could refresh my memory? I know the pineapple juice drink had something about a kraken, but the other one was amazing, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't called "fiery ginger ball" - can someone tell me what that fireball and ginger beer drink was called?

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Note Discoveries marked with an asterisk (*) do not stack—only one such discovery may be applied to a single bomb.

Cursed Bomb*
Prerequisite(s): Alchemist 12
Benefit: When an alchemist creates a bomb, he can choose to have it deliver a debilitating curse. A creature that takes a direct hit from a cursed bomb must succeed at a Will save or be affected by bestow curse.

not 100% clear on if bomb discoveries tagged with an asterisk do bomb damage as well? seems a little overpowered if it's doing both, but I can't find any definitive answer.

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are there stats for cabble-weed? it's mentioned in the guide to korvosa alongside flayleaf, and I know flayleaf has stats.

I'm working on a drizzt do'urden knockoff named drizzel fo'shizzle, and I wanted to give him a chronic habit.

since I can't find any stats for it, is there any reason I can't just play it for fluff and roleplay him as really laid back and relaxed all the time?

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how much grief should I expect if I fluff my dhampir race boon as a botched fake death that resulted in vampirism? I've found some players in PFS to be overly rules-lawyery.

I have a nice backstory going, and it just seems funny that the character tried to escape an abusive cult by faking her death, only to do *too* good a job and found herself partially undead as a result.

I've seen another dhampir character that was constantly searching for a "cure" for his state, and it seemed to work for that player. he was played more as a vampire-bit-me type than a dracula-is-my-daddy type.

I know dhampirs are supposed to be bastard offspring of vampires and humans, but this just seems funnier somehow. but is it in violation of the rules? perhaps she always had some latent dhampiric heritage, and the fake death brought those traits out in her?

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I have to admit, I've only played core twice, but I've GM'd five sessions now. so I have a newly minted level 3 core barbarian with money to spend, and I am having trouble thinking of what I need.

I have a +1 weapon, masterwork armor, a wand of CLW, a couple backup weapons, a couple potions, all the useful stuff from the barbarian's kit (bought separately, of course), and a crowbar.

I'm sitting on about five hundred gold, and I'm completely at a loss as to what I should buy next. right now I think I'll just save up for +1 armor, but it seems like there should be other mundane stuff I could grab to be more useful in society play. I did some searching and couldn't find a thread dedicated to core necessities, but it's entirely possible I just missed it?

anyone care to chime in with some suggestions? I'll dig out my CRB tonight and thumb through the equipment section for the first time in years, see what jumps out at me.

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I noticed last time I tried reporting for the store I coordinated, all of the scenarios were unchecked and I had to go back into the edit field to recheck them. minor annoyance, but I didn't think anything of it.

I just went to update my tracker, and I noticed that I have several scenarios that don't have a scenario listed anymore. I have a GM listed, a character dash, a faction, prestige, etc, but where it should list the scenario it's just blank. this has affected several games as a player at one store and one game as a GM at another.

has anyone else noticed this? I couldn't find anything on the forums about it.

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I'm curious how many venture officers are typically needed in a given area, based on the number of tables that are being run? is there a general ratio or anything?

I'm blessed to live in Seattle, where we have an insanely active PFS group. you can literally play here every day of the week if you were so inclined and didn't mind driving an hour. as such, we have a ton of VLs as well, but they're all concentrated on the east side of Puget Sound (Bellevue, Redmond, etc) and the west side is basically left to the coordinators to handle things.

I've asked one of my VCs about getting a VL to represent the west side of town, and was told we had too many already and there wouldn't be any new officers in the near future.

I'm just curious why this is. the VOs we have in the area are all deserving and work hard, but they're concentrated to one part of town. it just strikes me as odd that north and west Seattle have no VO representation, despite reporting ten tables every week.

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I recently ran my eyes of the ten group through academy of secrets to get us to level 14 for a local special, and they stomped it. it's a very optimized group with tons of shenanigans.

they beat the module so easily, they've decided they want to take on the "real" boss, who didn't appear in the module. lorthact is a CR 25 infernal duke (appears in inner sea bestiary), and I told them we could run a skirmish just for funsies (outside of PFS and without actual consequences when they die).

I want to make this as challenging as possible for them without breaking any of the rules, adding mythic tiers, etc. my experience in running high level stuff is somewhat limited, so I figured I'd solicit some advice on tactics.

the party consists of a veiled illusionist, an archer ranger with large wolf mount, a super-bard, a magus, and a crypt breaker alchemist with lots of "undying" shenanigans. all of the characters are very optimized for their roles.

in running academy, the ranger was the biggest threat. he was dealing 150+ points of damage a round with his holy bow. the veiled illusionist is really powerful but focuses mostly on control, and both the magus and alchemist could deal significant damage as well. the bard managed to successfully negotiate a contract to free the party from the academy and tosses out buffs constantly.

suggestions? I told them I'd be surprised if they could last ten rounds against this baddy, so they're going to be motivated.

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I coordinate two stores and basically act as coordinator at a third when my roommate is unavailable, so finding new blood to run games is pretty important. I've been working on ways to add an extra carrot for people who step up and run.

typically, I offer personal requests to anyone who runs, that they can pick anything they want to play in the near future and I'll make sure this happens for them. especially if it's a 5-9 or 7-11 that wouldn't get run otherwise (we have a lot of newer players right now).

I've tried pointing out the GM star benefit for replay and re-rolls, but those take awhile to accumulate. I do have a few new GMs that are proud to be approaching their first stars and I'm sure there will be more to come.

but the main reason I GM (other than the whole coordinator obligation thing) is the risk-free chronicle sheet. I haven't played a zero xp character in anything but wounded wisp or confirmation in over a year. hell, I typically don't even play a character until they're third level or higher, and I've had a couple that didn't get played until after sixth when they REALLY get interesting.

is this selfish of me, and something I shouldn't be advertising to new GMs? I think it's a great thing, getting boons and xp without risking characters (especially squishy low level characters or race boons), but in a way it also feels like gaming the system, since you aren't risking anything and reaping the benefits.


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I'm wondering how many people are like me, and keep details of their characters secret from the other players? several of my characters don't fit an archetypal role, and it amuses me to leave the other players at the table wondering how I pulled it off (I always make sure the GM knows what's going on).

I've found these characters are the most fun to play, and I'm always entertained when other players use similar tactics.

as long as I'm contributing, do you care that my "cleric" is actually a bard, or my "depressed klown" is an alchemist? the results are the same, and there's usually a unique backstory as to how that PC ended up in the society.

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is there a way of delivering a touch spell with a weapon? short of a spell storing weapon or a magus ability.

I'd like to use a reach weapon as a conduit for a touch spell without actually rolling damage from the weapon or even making a standard attack. I'm essentially trying to fake a channel smite ability without actually having the ability to channel.

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I had a player last night use "summon minor monster" and augmented summoning to summon celestial varisian hagfish. these only appear in a skull & shackles AP, i cant find anything in additional resources that designates if they are legal for play or not. assuming he owns the AP, is this a legal summon?

it seemed a bit cheesy that he summoned them on land, but they do have a move speed. I allowed it last night because it didn't really impact anything but id want to follow up with him on the legality of his summon. can someone clarify please?

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I tried looking to see if anyone had asked this and couldn't find anything, so here goes:

how are GM stars affected by CORE campaign? do they transfer over, or are they earned separately?

when I use a reroll in CORE, can I add my GM stars to that from regular campaign, or am I considered a 0-star GM until I get enough CORE tables under my belt?

how about GM star replays? can we use a star to replay in regular and CORE, essentially doubling our replays, or is it strictly one replay per star in either campaign?

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I have a friend flying into town to participate in a special with his 2nd level cleric of Sarenrae. I told him I'd get another scenario run for him, since he doesn't get to play much at home.

I'm trying to come up with a good Sarenrae-centric scenario to run for him that also works for the locals he'd be gaming with. so far, all I've been able to come up with is Citadel of Flame, Dalsine Affair and Merchant's Wake.

I was hoping to come up with a few more options to find a way of getting everyone a chronicle sheet.

does anyone have suggestions?

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is there a way of making the garrote effective using the strangler archetype? the garrote specifically states no sneak attack damage is allowed, but the rules for suffocation are crazy dumb. you would need to strangle a commoner for a full minute before they passed out?

I'm looking to make a geisha who uses her shamisen to strangle people, like from the movie zatoichi. the strangler archetype has a decent means of making this effective, but it's bare hands and not a garrote. I suppose it's just flavour at that point, but it still bugs me.

two level dip of strangler and then levels in rogue or ninja (not sure if I want to give up trap finding yet) should give me a decent social geisha assassin, but I'm looking to maximize her abilities.

I'd go with a DEX and CHA build with agile maneuvers. would be nice to add heirloom weapon garrote to get the extra CMB, but that doesn't seem to be feasible or worthwhile.

any help here? I'm open to suggestions.

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is these something wrong with the PFS reporting setup? I've lost over a dozen tables of credit, it looks like all of my modules now only register as one table of credit instead of two. last week I have something like 65 tables of credit, now I only show 47. the "GM ranking: +2" note is now missing from all of my modules run except thornkeep.

kinda sucks losing a star! hopefully this is just someone checked the wrong box and is easily fixed?

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recently, I played #2-01 before the dawn pt 1: the bloodcove disguise and the entire table earned zero prestige. I'm wondering if this should even be possible.

success conditions:
#2–01: Before the Dawn, Part 1: The Bloodcove Disguise
Primary: The PCs defeat Xeanja the Wood Witch and end the scenario with possession of the key.
Secondary: The party generates less than 8 Awareness (with 4 or less players) or 10 Awareness (with 5 or more players).

our party was ill-suited for sneaking about, so I don't question failing the secondary success. that's pretty cut and dry.

the table of six PCs generated fourteen awareness points.

however, I'm not sure how we lost the primary point.

the witch's familiar rolled incredibly well on its stealth and sleight of hand checks, we had three chances to catch it and failed all three. however, we defeated the witch. the GM ruled the familiar grabbed the key and wandered off to a rendezvous point in the woods. we had no means of tracking down the key. it's assumed the familiar dropped the key somewhere in the jungle when the witch died.

I haven't run or read the scenario, so I don't know what the tactics should have been. this seems pretty crappy, however. we successfully completed the scenario, but ended up with no prestige or fame whatsoever. all because no one could roll a 30+ perception check in tier 1-2.

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I think I screwed up running Masks of the Living God, and I'm trying to figure out how to fix it. I wouldn't be concerned, except this is being played as part of a Thornkeep arc.

the player in question:
despite being asked to show up with 0xp PFS legal characters, the alchemist showed up with a 2xp character decked out with tons of expendables. we started with Crypt of the Everflame, proceeded to the first level of Thornkeep and I let them choose if they wanted to do Masks or Thornkeep part 2 next. because of his extra resources, he ruined several encounters in Everflame, and I let him know I didn't appreciate it. he soloed several encounters with skeletons by using holy water, and a fully charged wand of cure light made the party cleric feel less useful and also negated a lot of the danger.

the party chose Masks over Thornkeep 2, partially because the player in question is familiar with Thornkeep and was worried about its lethality. fortunately, he wasn't familiar with Masks, which is no cakewalk itself.

the party infiltrated the temple well enough, and seemed to enjoy the flavour and side quests. it's a well balanced party of six. one character, played by a good friend of mine, is a cowardly rogue, based loosely on Malak from Conan. he has a great backstory and roleplays the rogue well. the PC is not optimized for combat, but very good at stealth, disable, perception, etc.

after meeting with their NPC contact and getting their instructions how to finish the module, they formulated a plan.

the plan:
the rogue used his potion of invisibility to explore upstairs, looking for the incriminating evidence the party could use to bring down the temple. the alchemist decided to join him, using sleeves of many garments to disguise himself as a herald in black robes. he rolled a sufficient bluff, so I allowed him to proceed. when they got to the locked door, neither noticed the trap, and it went off. rather than deal with the two guards, they pushed through into the room. when the golem asked them for the password, the alchemist made a smartass response. he even pointed out that a 19 INT character should have known the answer to the riddle, but didn't ask to make an INT check. instead, he set off the alarm and decided to tackle the golem one on one. the rogue continued to the study to look for the evidence.

the alchemist spent three rounds with the golem, rolled a 19, 17 and 18 on his will saves vs its mask effect (I never saw that die roll less than a 16), and egarthis decided to show himself. since it was just one person, I didn't pull out the big guns. I hit him with burning hands. then he destroyed the golem, so egarthis hit him with a scorching ray, dropped him and went back to his room.

all the while this was happening, the rogue was searching for the evidence. the alchemist mentioned (for not the first time) that the rogue was useless. meanwhile, the alarm had been triggered, and the rest of the party was in the main area below dealing with the incoming horde. I essentially threw the entire temple at them at once, knowing they had two choke points to hold them off.

second chance:
the alchemist was eventually discovered by other priests of the temple, and asked why they didn't heal him. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, at this point the rogue had escaped out the window with the ransacked evidence, so I had an NPC use one of his potions to revive him. egarthis wasn't there to say anything, and he rolled a sufficient bluff to say he was jumped by the rogue. that's when he got stupid, however. he realized his bombs didn't damage the boss, so he switched to bottled lightning. alone. against the CR 6 boss. and he missed. at that point, the battle was raging outside, so egarthis "popped his collar" and the alchemist found himself surrounded by two hellhounds. he complained that they should have been a full round action (as per summon monster v), but I conferred with the other GMs present and they agreed it should be treated as an elemental gem and a standard. the hellhounds made short work of him. the first attack dropped him to 1 or 2 hit points, the 2nd attack dropped him to with two of negative CON.

this is where I have a problem with what happened. the player got visibly upset at his situation. he blamed the "useless rogue" for abandoning him, knowing full well the rogue was not combat oriented. the rogue also doubled back the long way, then tried to go back up the outside, before double back a second time. the rogue also shouted "run! I have the goods!" before the alchemist decided to attempt suicide.

when the alchemist failed his first death check and realized he would need to roll a natural 20 to live, he started demanding someone heal him. he was by himself. with a hellhound looming over him. and a CR6 boss between him and anyone else. the cleric couldn't make it there in time, as he had been rescuing the fighter who got dropped by the CR5 mini-boss. ultimately, the blaster caster made his way into the room, survived two AoO attacks from hellhounds and succeeded a UMD to activate his wand of cure light. he also managed back to back crits on the hellhounds, essentially saving his worthless teammate.

and all the alchemist had to say was it was the rogue's fault.

I am really regretting letting him live. especially since this player, as a GM, revels in killing off characters. he's an optimizing rules lawyer and likely doesn't even grasp how many times I let him off light.

and now that the party has murderhoboed their way through the temple, there is little left to do but mop up and try to explain why they didn't get the authorities involved (as they were instructed to). and I will have to deal with this player/character for the next four levels of Thornkeep.

so what do I do? he's not going to accept responsibility for his actions. had he stayed put and let the "useless rogue" do his thing, none of that would have happened. he nearly died, TWICE, because he has to be involved in everything, whether it makes sense or not.

I can tell him that I've already killed him twice now, and the next time I won't pull punches? I don't like killing characters. especially in a long story arc, when they don't have the prestige to raise dead. but at the same time, this player is so difficult, I suspect I will regret my leniency.

how can I fix this, to reinforce that he got off light not once, but twice, and that he needs to be a better team player? that next time I won't pull punches? I should have just hit him with the BBEG, fully buffed, until he was dead. hell, I should have just had the golem pound him into paste, but I didn't.

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I have a goblin rogue in a home game with a +23 stealth (level 5) that positions himself in a good spot to snipe (within 30 ft for sneak damage if stealth roll succeeds vs target's perception).

if I take the rapid shot feat, can I make an additional opposed roll to get a second shot for sneak damage? I have to make an opposed stealth roll to maintain my precision damage for the next turn, so is there a difference between doing that and taking a second potshot from concealment in the same turn?

alternately, can I at least get the second shot off without precision damage and still re-conceal myself for sneak damage the following round?

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I'm usually pretty good at finding minis, but I think I've stumped myself and possibly everyone on this one.

I want to play a childlike halfling summoner based on max from where the wild things are, with an eidelon based on carol.

any suggestions where I could find minis for this? I have an owlbear mini that could probably suffice for carol, but finding a small size creature in a furry suit and a crown seems a stretch. I may need to try my hand at molding something.

don't suppose anyone offers such a service for a small fee, or perhaps trade? I'm a homebrewer, make a tasty pale ale...

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I tend to do stupid things with characters. I'm very gimmicky, and tend to do things more for comedic effect than anything (like building a blind samurai/oracle with the light cantrip, and saying he thinks it's detect magic).

I'm building a kitsune sorcerer with a race boon and four levels of dragon's demand chronicle sheets from campaign mode. with a level of GM credit, she will immediately jump to level 6 when we finish DD.

but the whole dominating enchantress thing is boring to me. sure, will saves in the low 20s on low level spells can be fun, but it'll get old. I'm giving serious thought to dipping a single level of mysterious stranger. I love the idea of avatar from wizards pulling out a gun at the climax of the boss fight and shooting the bad guy. and even a single level of mysterious stranger with a modicum of prep to cast named bullet ahead of time could make for an epic takedown. because who would expect the fox enchantress to pull out her piece and crit for 4d8+26? and it's not like you don't know what you're coming up against in PFS ahead of time. 80% of the time you know who the boss is long before you get there. a caster level check on a scroll, hide the pistol up your sleeve, and BOOM! comedy gold.

sure, that's not going to one shot a boss in an upper tier scenario, but if I pull that off in the 3rd or 4th round of combat it could certainly end things. and I just really wanna see the look on the GMs face if I could pull that off. "wait, HOW?!"

it would be a one level dip that wouldn't do much. hell, the fort and reflex saves are probably more useful. the mysterious stranger isn't a great archetype to begin with, and it's not like I could constantly burn grit to get that extra +5 damage from CHA. I wouldn't even bother getting all the gun feats to make her a viable shooter. it would literally be a one off attack per scenario, if that.

so how bad an idea is this? is there a reason it just wouldn't work? I'm not concerned about wasting a level. but if I'm missing something and it just flat out won't work, I'd want to tweak it or abandon the plan altogether.

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I'm about to begin a reign of winter home campaign with a drunken brute barbarian (mostly autobiographical). I'm working with the GM to give him an "alcoholic" flaw where he would be sickened if he goes more than 24 hours without a drink. as such, he is carrying a fair amount of booze with him.

I love the "fluff" of kumis (fermented horse milk) for him, but planned to supplement with mead as well. the cost of a gallon of mead is 2 gp, while the cost of a mug of mead is 5 cp. I find it hard to believe a gallon of mead would really be forty servings. I doubt it would be eight (pints) as mead is strong stuff, but it's not a spirit either. even if I assume the 2 gp cost includes the cost of a jug (3 cp), that still equates to a serving of mead being about 3 oz per serving, less than a glass of wine. assuming mead of 15% or so, a "serving" should be in the 5-6 oz range, or about 24 servings per gallon. that still works out to far less than the cost of buying in bulk, so I'm confused?

kumis gets even more weird... it's 1 gp for a 1.5 lbs wineskin, or 24 oz. the description says it's the same strength as beer, which would mean about 5 sp per glass, not even a pint. (again, assuming real world math of a pint = 1 lb)

maybe I'm overthinking this, but fermenting honey for booze is a lot more difficult and costly than fermenting milk. why would the kumis cost 10x as much as mead for the same punch?

basically, I want to be able to plug in individual servings into hero lab, so I can check off boxes as I consume the various drinks. I just need to know how many "servings" each type of booze offers.

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my very first PFS character has hit level 9, and his lack of optimization is becoming an issue. I didn't know what I was doing when I made him, so I thought a balanced character would work better. how silly I was.

level 9 dwarf cleric. WIS of 16 and CHA of 14. has a headband of mental prowess +2 to boost WIS to 18 and CHA to 16. now that he's hit level 9, it kinda sucks only have the one first level spell (plus domain). one breath of life a day doesn't cut it playing in the 10-11 tier a lot of the time. and I wouldn't dare take anything else at this point.

how can I boost my WIS to 20? I can't afford to upgrade the headband to +4. I could sell it and buy an inspired wisdom +4, but that would sacrifice the CHA. are there any other magical items I could use?

seeing as he's primarily a healbot with some buff/debuff (next to useless at dealing damage), it'd be nice to get that second 5th level spell. he definitely came in handy during elven entanglement, but that's only because we had one character drop below CON. I was able to keep everyone else up with channels.

any advice?

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I like to push the envelope a bit with my characters. I keep it family friendly, no tourettes or anything like that. but I've been advised that I may be violating a code of conduct and need to change my characters names and play styles.

herpes the klown - grenadier (cone burst from his selzter bottle) and terrible children's clown. literally adventures in his clown suit. matches the mini I've painted. if kids are present, I tone his name down to "herpderp the klown" but that doesn't have the same zing.

rumpleforeskin - gnome prankster. he thinks he's a pimp. talks about his wimmens (of which he has none), and speaks in a voice similar to meatwad from ATHF. his bardic performance is limericks, but it isn't obscene or anything (no nantuckets, etc). and his cause fear is to shout, "say my name!" playing on the rumplestiltskin theme. I don't run this character with kids at the table at all.

I don't know if it's a local thing, but the ezren pregen here gets played typically as "slutty ezren" - a lecherous old man. I fail to see how a character named herpes the klown is any more offensive that "slutty ezren" who is actually roleplayed as such.

am I missing something here? I play these characters because I have fun with the roleplay aspect of them. no one has complained to me that they are offensive, and several people actually enjoy the concepts. but I've been advised that if someone got offended and reported me to a VC I could lose the character or something.

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I have a two fold question regarding the grippli Agile Tongue feat.

You have a prehensile tongue with a range of 10 feet. You can ... make melee touch attacks with your tongue.

I assume this is a BAB touch attack using STR. can I Weapon Finesse to use DEX instead? with a name like "agile" I'm surprised it's not DEX based to begin with.

Toxic Skin (Ex) Once per day as a swift action, a grippli can create a poison that can be applied to a weapon or delivered as a touch attack. Alternatively, the grippli can smear the poison on its own body as a standard action, affecting the first creature to hit it with an unarmed strike or natural weapon. The poison loses its potency after 1 hour. The grippli is immune to its own poison.

secondly, can I use the tongue to deliver a poison attack from 10 ft away?

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Herloab is telling me the snag net is not available to PFS characters, but I can't find anything to support this? additional resources, forums, etc. maybe I'm missing something?

I was working on a tanglefoot alchemist, and the snag net seems to be a perfect weapon of choice. he's all about immobilizing the enemies and letting the rest of the party do the dirty work.

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I would like to base a PFS character on Zaotichi, the blind swordsman. *actual* blindness seems too much to overcome, so I was going to dip Oracle with the clouded vision curse on the Samurai/Soul Sword archetype.

I planned to go two levels of Oracle to get Lead Blades from the Metal revelation, and then continue to level in Samurai. I want to take as many blind-related feats and tricks possible. his only weapon will likely be a katana, tho I may burn a feat to get the double katana walking stick as well (not sure why samurais aren't proficient with that?).

I know this is likely to be a burden on the other players at the table, so I want to make sure I'm as badass as possible. Zatoichi didn't need to see his enemies to lay waste to them. looking for suggestions as to how I can build him to enhance his other senses? the idea of a blind guy taking AoO's is hilarious to me.


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out of curiosity, what is the staff he's wielding? it doesn't look like a quarterstaff, but appears too long to be a shillelagh. I'm planning to use this piece as an oracle in PFS, and want to make it as accurate as possible.

I figure I'll call it a shillelagh and just use the hanbo/club stats unless someone has a better idea.

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playing Wrath of the Righteous as a home game with a goblin rogue, took the Roll With It feat. the wording is ambiguous however...

If you are struck by a melee weapon you can try to convert some or all of that damage into movement that sends you off in an uncontrolled bouncing roll. To do so, you must make an Acrobatics check (DC = 5 + the damage dealt from the attack) as an immediate action. If you succeed in this check, you take no damage from the actual attack but instead convert that damage into movement with each point equating to 1 foot of movement.

how can you convert some *or* all if a successful check is required? do I say "I want to convert ten points of those sixteen" or do I just only convert ten points out of more based on the roll? I'm thinking the former.

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I saw several posts arguing whether or not a dhampir can be healed by channel negative, but I didn't see this particular issue address, which has come up and may be an issue in PFS as RAW is kinda stoopid.

Negative Energy Affinity: Though a living creature, a dhampir reacts to positive and negative energy as if it were undead—positive energy harms it, while negative energy heals it.

A neutral cleric of a neutral deity (or one who is not devoted to a particular deity) must choose whether she channels positive or negative energy. Once this choice is made, it cannot be reversed. This decision also determines whether the cleric can cast spontaneous cure or inflict spells.

Channeling energy causes a burst that affects all creatures of one type (either undead or living) in a 30-foot radius centered on the cleric.

emphasis mine. I have a kinslayer dhampir that has dipped cleric with the channeling scourge feat, allowing me to channel at 3d6. with pharasma as my deity, I chose to channel negative, thinking I could channel negative to heal, getting my 3d6 without hurting my party (other than potentially healing other undead or negative affinity creatures).

however, the channel target living or undead. a dhampir is a living creature that is affect *as* an undead creature. meaning my channel negative to heal would not hit me at all. my channel negative to harm would get me my 3d6, but at the expense of hitting all of my living allies with 3d6 in damage within 30 ft.

this can't be correct, but that's how the rules are written. can I get clarification?

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"Benefit: You receive a +2 bonus on checks made to grapple a foe. This bonus stacks with the bonus granted by Improved Grapple. Once you have grappled a creature, maintaining the grapple is a move action. This feat allows you to make two grapple checks each round (to move, harm, or pin your opponent), but you are not required to make two checks. You only need to succeed at one of these checks to maintain the grapple."

I have a player who is interpreting this to mean he can make grapple checks against two opponents a turn. further, he says if he has them pinned, he can drop one as a free action, tie the other with a move action, and re-grapple the dropped with a standard action.

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looking to procure a tablet for PFS so I won't have to lug around so many books. I couldn't find a recent thread on this, so I thought I'd throw a new one out there and see if I could find any new advice.

looking to spend about $200, give or take. 7" tablet is fine. not planning to use it for much other than loading PDFs at the game table, or maybe some light browsing over Wi-Fi for obscure rules. I would prefer something that's easy on the eyes and will load the PDFs quickly.

ipad mini is a bit out of my budget. I've been looking at the samsung galaxy tab 2 ($170), the kindle fire ($150) and the newest generation nexus 7 ($230).

I know the nexus 7 works, a couple people I play with regularly have them. just wondering if I could get by with the galaxy and save $60 without sacrificing a ton of performance? that would go a long way towards replacing some of the books I only have dead tree versions of.

anyone have experience with the galaxy tab 2? or maybe the last generation nexus 7? I'm not sure the kindle fire is going to work.

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I wasn't sure if this should go in advice or rules, so I'm taking a shot at rules and figure it may get moved on me.

for the past several weeks, there has a been a kid showing up at our local PFS sessions, often 2-3 nights each week, and he always insists on playing a paladin. very poorly constructed paladins. he's had at least five of them killed outright, and I don't know of a single scenario where he wasn't at least dropped. this is mostly poor character design and even worse tactics, but he's also just flat playing the paladins wrong.

many of us have tried to help him, it's like talking to a brick wall. I spent two hours with him after a game helping him build a fighter class, pure min/max tank, lots of HP, AC and damage dealt. and most importantly, a CN or CG alignment was recommended.

the kid doesn't understand what lawful good means. the last time he sat at my table, he tried to steal a boat. not even a bad guy's boat, but just a boat that was moored at the dock. I had to remind him that PALADINS DON'T STEAL. "well, I could just leave a note..." *facepalm*

I'm growing weary of having to remind him of these rules. I figured the first time his paladin lost its abilities and needed to seek atonement, that might get through to him. however, I can't find any rules dealing with this. "commits an evil act or violates code of conduct" is pretty open-ended. what's the best way to deal with a rogue paladin?

keep in mind, his characters rarely make it past level 1, it's doubtful he could even afford an atonement spell.

any advice would be appreciated.

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