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Kevin Wixson


Occassionaly living up to being Human


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I rock a spoken word version of Leonard Cohen's "Closing Time"




None for me, thanks.


Kalamazoo, Michigan USA



About kwixson

As a former competitive performance poet I no longer harbor any ambitions of being a professional writer. Now married to a doctor I hardly aspire to being a professional anything, though I do teach at the local art school part time and volunteer at a senior center and work on political campaigns. I still dabble in creating art of various media for my personal enjoyment, and participate in the RPG Superstar contest on a lark.

In 1992 I first started playing AD&D 1st edition with some college friends as a cheaper alternative to drinking all of my financial aid money at the campus bars. By the time I'd met them, these college friends had re-written the rules to just about every game I'd ever heard of, including the board game Life{tm}. So, I very much came up in the tradition of fiddling with the rules, which I have done freely ever since, to the dismay of some of my regular players.

Following a somewhat extended departure from the game to live the rock-n-roll lifestyle of a slam poet {lots of sex and drugs, but no money or fame}, I returned to it in 2004 where I struggled through some ill-conceived 2nd ed. homebrew campaigns. I eventually gave up and subscribed to Dungeon and Dragon magazines, through which I was introduced to Paizo and adventure paths. They continue to be a great entertainment for me.

I love PathfinderRPG not only because it's a great game, but because it actually did something with the OGL. It was 3.5's OGL that convinced this old(er) dog to leave 2nd ed. behind and learn some new tricks. Paizo realized the promise of the OGL in a fantastic way. I took to Pathfinder Society Organized Play because it really fit in nicely with the D&D Meetup group I founded and continue to run in my hometown.

I wish I could play more, but everyone wants me to GM, so I tend to oblige.