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Is it really true that if you put the word smurf in your post your avatar will become a smurf?

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I've never been able to figure this one since 1st edition. The druid is pretty well celtic themed, and most of their weapn proficiencies are traditional celtic weapons, eg spear, sling, club, but the scimitar is not at all associated with the celts. In fact one of the iconic weapons of the celts was the straight longsword, which is not on the list.

At first I thought maybe the druid's scimitar proficiency was supposed to represent the druidic sickle, but no, "sickle" is a weapon on the list all it's own. Then I thought maybe it was supposed to represent a machete for cutting through the forest, but a) that doesn't seem a very druidic way of navigating the woods, b) I would think a machete was a short sword rather than a scimitar, and c) machetes aren't exactly celtic either.

So yeah. Not really the most pressing question, but why DO druids have scimitar proficiency?

Any one have an answer for this perplexing mystery?

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Celestial Healer wrote:
A wandering bard suffering from snakebite (or other poison effect)
Fatespinner wrote:
A bard with a broken leg who has been robbed and beaten by highwaymen

Heh heh everyone hates bards. Here's some more for your list Moff, handily arranged for use with a D6:

1: A naked and hogtied bard on the side of the road.
2: A bard tied to a tree by children, being assaulted by bees.
3: A halfling bard jammed in a barrel.
4: A bard buried up to his neck in the dirt while kobolds throw stones at him.
5: A bard sitting despondently on a treestump because some bullies took his horse and snapped the neck off his lute.
6: A bard being comically divebombed by nesting birds.