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Initially I read this as the GM was being a donkey...

I don't see any problem with using a pack mule or a donkey. There are realistic problems that arise from them (terrain, taking them inside etc.) but there are also advantages (treasure holder!). There is a reason why donkeys were (and still are) used to carry stuff, don't worry about it too much, it's just part of the game. If the situation calls for the party to be unable to carry large amounts of equipment, put it in a location where it's inaccessible to the donkey or just kill it. As the GM you are GOD of the world, something as small as this doesn't need to be a huge issue.

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TOZ wrote:
AdAstraGames wrote:
Because nothing says "I can deal with this..." like being able to put a summoned creature in every square of a battlemap.
True battlefield control is occupying the entire battlefield.

The new movement!

Occupy Battlefield!

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I read in one of the books from 3.5 (for the life of me I can't figure out which), that there is no real reason for the nobles to be in power. The average person can read, which means information will be passed in a way that means they can't keep their peasants under their thumb. Additionally, the spell casters are dealing with INCREADIBLY powerful magic that could potentially overthrow the masses ant any point. The only setting that has ever addressed the fact that spell casting characters should really be in control of everyone was Dragon Age, where they had to be beaten down at every turn so society wouldn't be overthrown at a moment's notice.

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Curse an RPG player to only be able to speak quotes from monte python

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*Curse a stealthy character to emit a bright light from their head at all times
*Curse any class that loves heavy armor to fear metal and dragonhide
*Curse someone in a high magic setting to fear any magic
*Curse someone to be horribly racist
*Curse someone to fall in love with everyone they meet
*Curse someone to scream whenever they fall asleep (that needs rules for the sleep deprivation that will follow)
*Curse someone to only be able to use cursed objects
*Curse someone to only be able to think up new curses
*Curse someone to have no creativity at all
*Curse someone to play "the ground is lava" at all times
*Curse someone to have to pretend they are insane at all times
*Curse someone to see everyone as their identical twin
*Curse someone to think everyone they meet is a doppelganger or changeling
*Curse a paladin, cleric, or chaotic barbarian to be the opposite alignment
*Curse a summoner hate outsiders
*Curse someone to think their teeth are trying to kill them
*Curse someone to convert to a new religion every morning

This is fun!

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*curse an inquisitor to forget the tennents of his/her faith
*curse someone to say the worse insult they can think of when they meet an authority figure for the first time
*curse someone to lose a finger any time they put a ring on it*
*curse someone to have eyebrows that distractingly crawl all over their face
*curse a rogue (or any stealthy character)to always emit a shrill sound

For a great multiple curse use look up the short story "I have no mouth and must scream"

Admittedly the phrase "no more powerful than those described" is open to a LOT of interpretation