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I'm creating a first level druid that I'd like first and foremost to be a melee character, focusing on wild shape at later levels.

Right now, I have him outfitted with a club, a wooden shield, and hide armor and intend to use Shillelagh to boost my damage in a pinch. His AC is 17 and he has 14 hp.

It's been a long time since I've been in a first level game, a few years, so I was hoping to get some input on whether that's a solid place to be, if I'm investing too much in defense, or if I'm not investing enough in defense and should plan on standing back and supporting my animal companion until I get wild shape.

It seems like there are some potentially fun options that would lose me my shield, like the Aspect of the Beast feat:

Claws of the Beast (Ex): You grow a pair of claws. These claws are primary attacks that deal 1d4 points of damage (1d3 if you are Small).

Or a weapon like the scythe.

(If I took Aspect of the Beast I'd have to lose Toughness which I am, ofc, hesitant to do.)

Normally my #1 concern is having fun, but right now "not dying" is tied for first.