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Maps scale well, beautiful book


This collection of maps was just what I needed to get everything going for my ROTRL run with my group through Roll20. The maps scaled very well and looked great on the virtual table top.

I rated the product five stars, but here are some suggestions for improvements:
1.) I had to download Adobe Reader for Linux since the forms wouldn't work in Okular or Evince. Working that out would be great since they perform really well.
2.) The maps should be in the document in two forms that don't require buttons, one for players and one for GMs. (Although the grid button is pretty sweet.) While this would double the document size, that's not too much of an issue for a digital doc.
3.) I wouldn't say no to higher-res maps, even though these ones looked good scaled.
4.) A PDF-lite version of this like what you did with the player's handbook would be nice. The background and trim images are beautiful, but they seem to bog Adobe Reader down. Okular and Evince do just fine with them though, so this could be an AR bug.
5.) Include the map for the initial raid on Sandpoint (the town square outside the temple).

Thanks again for another great product!