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As some of you might know, the Player Companion: Alchemy Manual book released earlier this year had an alternate alchemy crafting system in it called Spontaneous Alchemy. In this system alchemical items have "recipes" consisting of using various reagents (salt, gold, spirit of win, gunpowder as examples of these), an alchemical process (such as distillation, exposure, fermentation, and others), a craft DC, and a time frame (10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 week).

This is a very cool and flavorful system for alchemists who want to craft stuff faster and who like collecting recipes, finding reagents as treasure, and so on, and I really want to use it in an upcoming game for one of my characters. The problem is that this character is going to be crafting poisons and the recipes in the book include very little in the way of poison recipes.

So I ask the community for help with this one. If you are familiar with these rules and have poison recipes of your own, or know of someone else who has done this, I would really appreciate seeing your ideas or links to other ideas. Thanks!

Exactly what it says in the title. I'm running a Way of the Wicked campaign and have been tossing around the idea of turning it into a Mythic Adventure Path. Making the PCs into the stuff of truly legendary villainy. Since the AP has the players serving a dark god pretty directly I think I'll have plenty of places to logically give the PCs Mythic Ranks, but I'm still not 100% convinced that it's worth taking on the extra complexity, how many Mythic Ranks I'd want to add, or where I would put all the Mythic trials.

So, that said, what do all of y'all think? I'm happy to take opinions on why this is, or isn't, a good idea, where good places to put Mythic Trials are, how many ranks to go up to, potential trouble spots if you see any, or just miscellaneous opinions. Thanks in advance for the ideas and opinions!

First, if you're a PC of mine and see this then know that it's been a fun game and I'm looking forward to the finale, now go away!

Are you gone? Ok then, moving on:
Hey everyone, I'm wrapping up a Kingmaker game that has gone a completely different direction than the official campaign, and the party is facing their final enemies. I've got 4 PCs left, all at 11th level. They aren't particularly optimized or wimpy, but are balanced out with some pretty good stats and equipment for their level. The characters are a hobgoblin witch, half-elf druid, dwarf inquisitor, and human monk with a dash of ninja. I'm fairly sure that the enemies are going to be quite brutal opponents and give the party a fun, challenging end to a 2 year long campaign, but I'm getting worried about the PC witch and in particular the major hex Ice Tomb trivializing what are supposed to be the two mightiest opponents.

The Witch in question is a pretty effective enemy de-buffer with the hexes Misfortune, Fortune, Evil Eye, Cackle, Flight, and the major hex Ice Tomb. The Ice Tomb hex has a base DC of 23 before possible additional troubles from Misfortune or Evil Eye, de-buff spells, and the like.

The party is level 11, and the big bads of the campaign are a group of demon-possessed enemies which is threatening their nation and the region, and which the group is taking down. The final conflict will involve two of these enemies, a sorceress and a bladesinger (arcane duelist) style bard, who I noticed have rather poor fort saves even with generous stats and equipment. This needs to be a winnable, though hard, fight so I don't want to go higher than CR 13 or so each, and I've had some nightmarishly long fights recently with 8-12 weaker enemies that have proven more annoying to PCs than challenging, so I don't want to give them a swarm of lesser allies. I am willing to modify the big bads slightly, since I haven't revealed full stats to PCs, but they can't be totally redesigned since the party has seen them before and knows some of the things they can do.

Within these limitations I'm happy to listen to advice and follow what I think will fit the enemies best: CR 15-16 hard cap, one major enemy a demon-possessed sorceress of at least 9th level, one major enemy a rapier wielding demon-possessed single blade (rapier when the party saw) and arcane magic using character, less than 6 enemies (counting the two big bads as two of these), and makes sense for the location and flavor (the Abyss and two demon possessed beings in charge). Also, the advice should not include the antagonize feat, summoners, gunslingers, or metamagic rods, since the party can't use any of these things, and the less drastic the measure the happier I am to consider it. Oh, and the final conflict is this Sunday so any advice I get after that point won't help me (though general advice could help lots of others I'm sure).

Thanks in advance for any answers here, I look forward to seeing the responses!

Hey everyone I'm looking to start an IRC Forgotten Realms Kingmaker game that will also have a pbp side to it once we get into the kingdom building side of things. I'm putting the Stolen Lands into the southern end of Tethyr in the Forgotten Realms, replacing the forest of Mir if you're a fan of that setting. I live in Dallas at GMT -6(CST) and my best times to run the game are Mondays and Wednesdays between 6pm and midnight, Thursdays 5pm-midnight, Saturdays noon-8pm, and almost any time on Sundays.

If you are interested send me an email at idilippy with which of those time slots work best for you and I will give you more information on how the game will be set up. I'm looking to start between the 20th and the 27th of this month, so you have a bit of time before we'll get going.

Hey y'all, idilippy here from Dallas and I was wondering if anyone on these boards was running, or interested in running, a Pathfinder game in the Dallas area? I also am familiar with 3.5e and 2e D&D, as well as a couple of non-D&D systems so I can be flexible. I've never had a chance to play a face to face campaign as all my gaming has been Play by Post, but I think I would be a decent player for a group. I'm a male college student

If there are no Dallas players I'd be happy to join a game played by Virtual Table Top instead, though the only program I have is maptools and I'm not exactly familiar with it. Thanks for the replies in advance.