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My buddy gave a good answer about why people might not jump onto the Starfinder Society bus. IT mostly has to do with time, and older people already have 4-5 characters invested in PFS, so if another campaign shows up, it will split their time up.

It was fun, even if I did loose some of my stuff. Now I just gotta find places to play in the bay now.

I am still wondering why ingame the factions changed. Why is my barbarian no longer a proud andoran?

Drogon wrote:
hotsauceman wrote:

I know. Its like "Im playing a pregen so none of out characters die"

Did they actually do this? Yet another argument against the "play a pregen at any tier" rule. I hate (seriously: HATE) that people can do this.

Yes, right when we sat down. It really upset me. Didnt even learn any other spells. we didnt make it past the crypt.

I know. Its like "Im playing a pregen so none of out characters die"
And we had a half decent party. not power gaming, but if the wizard was better, we could have been destroying stuff.

Mine was a generic barbarian. and I did play him. I played all my characters this weekend. He is nothing special, didnt make it through bonekeep. But he can handle his own in a fight, He did fine this weekend. and despite being the first character I ever made, he has somehow made it it lvl 9 without dying. Cept bonekeep. but we had like 2 pregens at the table.

So, been off to college for two years or so. I left just when year of the demon was wrapping up. So my friend took me to kublacon, I died like twice(Stupid spellcasting yetis and bonekeep)
But I noticed a few things changed. we just finished Year of the serpent and now Im loss. factions have changed or been dropped, when I left, Aassamar, Tiefling and tengu where legal and my soul wasnt crushed from hours of writing papers.
So I have some questions. What big things have changed? I have played a Gunslinger, an Inquisitor and a Barbarian.
What was the story of the two seasons I missed?
Who are the new factions and why did they change their names.
What happened to the shadow lodge?

Rathendar wrote:
Most Dark Sun critters paizo has not done imports on, which would include not having AC rules for them. Fan Created Content may be what you need.

Its a dark sun in name only. We arent doing a whole lotta converting.

Ill just stick with a giant mantis, he will be fine with that. He said most where insects.

Ok, I was looking for something like that thanks. I was looking for all the rules from dragon magazine.

So, my friend started a Dark Sun campaign and I want a Halfling cavalier.
The only problem is, I cant has the normal mounts available
I had to find a suitable mount.
Does anyone know where i can find such a thing? What publication?

It isnt, he didn't know that, the gm just woke up after having a night shift and just wanted to play and not audit

Severing Ties

To defend my Multiclassing statement, it is a personal experiance.
It is annoying "Ok, so you are a Wizard/Monk/Ranger....Fun. What is your characters Theme....oh he doesnt have a story or really personality"

I hate multiclassing with more then two classes. At that point you are just power gaming.

MY favorite is the Halfling Cavalier who worships Asmodeus and has proffesion "Slaver"

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Mike Bramnik wrote:
Nefreet wrote:
Indeed, though I honestly just forgot to include them in the list.

Nefreet - using the prices you calculated, I made an ammo tracker that I print out and keep with any of my characters who have firearms. I figured I should post the link to share in case anyone else can find it useful.

GS Ammo Tracker (Excel file)


Pfft, Real men have a wand of Abundant Ammo and use a cracked Ioun stone to hold it.

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Ohh Another one. When the Encounter Involves a Doll

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The guy says his character is "A Brony" AKA a My little pony

Ok, so until lvl 6 I think I will stick with Inquisitor. Im not sure weather to take extra Bane or Deadly aim. Then at 7 rapid Reload and Gunslinger for a pistolero for 1d8+3d6 twice hitting on touch AC.

DesolateHarmony wrote:
Contact us in Santa Clara County. Some of us would be happy to cross the Hill. Do you have a warhorn entry?

I do have warhorn

Oh...My bad, it is a Comp Longbow

Mike Bramnik wrote:
PS - What college are you attending, if you're willing to say on a public forum? Finding gamers around a college campus can be easier than one might think!

UC Santa Cruz. The area is notorious around here for not being that good for PFS. We have a Venture LT who is trying though

Mostly the INT score. And how he never hits even with Pluses.

Pistol Might be fun.
I would Have a Heavy Mace
Light Mave
MW Composite longbow
And a Pistol
And if I do Rapid Reload as a feat I would have 4 grit points....
With Bane and the Deed Pisterlos get I could do 1d8+3d6 damage twice a round.

Im thinking of putting the +1 into wisdom.
Maybe a gunslinger aint so bad of an Idea for my Inquisitor. But I love Archery and I have a gunslinger Already
Also, would a INT headband be a bad Idea?

This is one of the hardest I did. But he is From Cheliax and seaks to find those who did not honor contracts or failed others. He also seeks to root our other less favorable gods from cheliax. His adventure lead him to PFS to gain wealth to allow this.

Michael Brock wrote:
hotsauceman wrote:
Michael Brock wrote:
Rebuild rules can be utilized from Ultimate Campaign. Additionally, a GM boon for some tiers of Gen Con allow a full rebuild.
I saw....but what I mostly want to change is ability scores/skills :(

Some of the best roleplaying experiences can come from salvaging a character that is thought wrecked by a poor build (or roll 3 dice 6 times and place them in the attributes in the order they were rolled). How about listing your character here, advise your thoughts on how you would like the character to progress, and let the community help you with some suggestions? You might be surprised how fun the character could actually be to play, especially if you want to incorporate roleplay suggestions into it.

As a matter of fact, if you do such, play the character to 8 levels higher than it is now, and then give a report here of what it was like and how the character progressed, I will send you one of my personal, unused GM race boons (of your choice) I have that is collecting dust.

Cool, Hopefully I could get PFS started at the college Im attending, although with work that may be impossible

Martrel: Human Inquisitor of Asmodeus LVL3 HP:21
Alternate Racial(Heart of the Wilderness)

World Traveler
Indomitable Faith

Ac 18 Touch: 14 Flatfooted: 14
CMD 16

Diplomacy: 5
Intimidate: 6
Know(Dungeoneering) 3
Know(Religion) 4
Perception 7
Sense Motive 7

MW Longbow +7(1d8+2)
Heavy Mace +4(1d8+3)

Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Rapid Shot
Teamwork: Duck and cover

special Abilities
Persistence Inquisition
(Stock Inquisitor Abilities)
0 LVL Spells
Acid Splash
Read Magic
Disrupt Magic
Lvl 1 spells
Divine Favor
Magic Weapon
True Strike
Expeditious Retreat
Im thinking of using the inquisitor ability to change their Teamwork feat on the fly to Precise shot.

Michael Brock wrote:
Rebuild rules can be utilized from Ultimate Campaign. Additionally, a GM boon for some tiers of Gen Con allow a full rebuild.

I saw....but what I mostly want to change is ability scores/skills :(

Screw it, at the end of carrion crown he might end up doing something tremendously stupid.

Is it possible? I realized I made alot of mistakes for me PFS inquisitor. Including base ability skills.
Is there any way to completely rebuild him even after lvl 1? I am dissatisfied with him.

There is the one guy at my Gaming group who I hate. He constantly accuses me of cheating, makes fun of my Age and another persons age. And because my Mini is that of a Female warrior Standing on a dragon head he says, in the most vile way possible "Isnt that a bit Presumptuous?" as if I cant have a cool looking mini. It got to the point I left when I didn't want to play with him. Leaving the game center entirely even after I paid.
No one is forcing you to GM, if you dont like it, dont

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This is something that annoys both GMs and me.
"Guys, I rolled, he said there are no traps, lets go in"
"No, he said you cant SEE any traps"
Same with sense motive.

One thing to annoy a Gm, HAve a boon and never GMed before in your life or been to a con. I constantly get told "You shouldnt be able to use that" with the VC jumping in several times say " I ALREADY TOLD YOU HE CAN, I SAW THAT GUY GIVE IT TOO HIM"

I know, it awesome, I get to go because Im taking bart :)

Nefreet wrote:

People will be shouting...


To which you need to reply...


Your voice will be gone by the end of the weekend.

See you there!

Well, Kublacon is my vacation for graduating so yeah, PARTY

All those make sense, but does it have to be 3 ring? I use a folder, its easier on my back.

So im going to my first convention(Kubla) and i need to know a few things. Know I got to tournaments for warhammer and warmachine, So I know things like stay hyrated, bathe, be a decent human being. But is there anything I should know? Like what happens in my character dies but is scheduled for another event?
Any help woould be appreciated.

Year of the Starstone. The entire season is just one long adventure to the starstone.
In the end, All PCs become gods

Thomas Graham wrote:
Jayne Munny wrote:
Jason Wu wrote:
Jayne Munny wrote:
hotsauceman wrote:
When the group says "Let the gunslinger Tank."
I've done it, and quite successfully. Vera wasn't happy, though.
People forget that Gunslingers have Fighter hit dice and often good AC.
And full BaB, like a fighter. Also, nothing saying your cannot use your gun while tanking... Five foot steps, are your friend... Or, if your AC is good, you can just provoke, and then shoot 'me in the face. Or you can pistol whip (or butt stroke)... Or just pull a sword (you are proficient with all martial weapons). Heck, a good purchase for a 'slinger is an agile rapier, if'n you've picked up weapon finesse (not a bad idea, really).
what is this melee weapon thing you speak of? Is it some sort of exotic firearm from Tien I haven't heard of? (Gunslinger is creeping up on 11th level and never used her sword except to scare folks by standing around sharpening it.)

When my gunslinger cant use her gun for some reason, she starts yelling and intimidating opponents. I scared a devile a one point into running away

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When the group says "Let the gunslinger Tank."

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Aslong as it isnt Year of the Pony

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Dragon. EVERY scenario will have you fighting a dragon of some sort

Panda, Panda people become a playable race without a boon, and we must invade Tian.

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When the GM has a bag of kettle corn and you see the four people with the most dirty minds at the table.

My Gunslinger Wears heavy leather gloves.

"Im sorry, My Girlfriend Called"

Wait wait Wait, Can I choose Binary as a language?

My gunslinger was abandoned as a baby as an orphan, two elven parents looking for someone that ages roughly the same as them adopted her. She was raised in the way of the gun by her father who lived in the Mana Wastes. Her mother was portective and never let her leave the house, but then told her she was an elf blessed by seranae(Hence the red hair, The power to control fire and speak ignan) When she could finally leave she took her dads musket and joined the pathfinders.

I think I might make my Mechromancer Summoner, with a robo eidolon, maybe dip in gunslinger.

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When the GM says "Oh god, everything here has class levels, and is higher then you"

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I better Stock up n Adamantine Cartridges and Abundant Ammnution wands

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