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Magus was the first thing that came to mind. It was probably not the right idea. Cleric would work better, yes. xP

(organizes thoughts)
1) I'm still working out flavor, given that I'm trying to make this one setting-neutral.. but as for a role, the idea was to create a front-line character that uses undead to support himself (and his party, if applicable- it IS an antipaladin after all). (Really, the stupidly high level (by which i mean, level at which i've NEVER had the chance to play) at which the antipaladin normally gets Animate Dead was what inspired it in the first place.. mayhap more limited access to general spells and other evil things in favor of a focus on undead?)
I almost wonder if Antipaladin/Bard or Cavalier wouldn't be the way to go. One who commands the armies of the dead. Hmm.

... This is not the place to ramble!

2) I'm absolutely sure that I'd want it to keep Touch of Corruption, Plague Bringer (bearer?), Cruelties, and Channel Negative Energy. As for the Magus, I was looking at Spellstrike and wondering how well that would play with Touch of Corruption, but then I remembered Channel Smite.. and see above ramble.

3) This is where it's a bit lacking. Most of my trashed concepts had SO MANY dead levels that I didn't know what to do with. The only one I'm sure of would be some way to destroy an allied undead and restore HP with it. Probably tied to Touch of Corruption somehow.. and Negative Energy Affinity is almost a must.

edit: (Sorry about the rambling. And getting sidetracked. I do that. A lot. Especially when I'm nervous. And getting help from a group of people I look up to greatly and would rather like to call friends, I'm scrambling about trying to now look like a fool. >w<)

every attempt i've made at putting mechanics to my ideas has been a miserable failure, so i'm left with just. ideas.

i originally said antipaladin/magus because the intention was to be able to blend dark magicks, particularly necromancy, with combat prowess, but i'm lost on how to combine the two, and really on how that becomes an antipaladin/magus.

i swear i have ideas and i haven't forgotten them but i'm not sure how to turn them into something playable and balanced! >.< if you don't mind helping with this stupidity, then maybe there's still something to be done, but if not, just remove me from the queue and i'll find some other way.

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death [undead]
healing [restoration]

Theoretically, Bad Powers, Good People would be in play..

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The black raven wrote:
thejeff wrote:

t would make sense based on this strip alone, but with the back research Trace found, it's pretty clear. "It wasn't my job to watch the grown-up. But... I still should have done something."

That's very much an "I didn't interfere" not an "I didn't disobey".

I thought so at first. Then I considered that the opposite of that specific sentence was that it was the grown-up's job to watch what Roy was doing (and ensure that nothing went wrong).

Granted, I am likely reading far too much in this, but really Itchy's hypothesis did strike a chord with me ;-)

Still no input on Roy's age at the time of his brother's death 18 years ago ?

He was ten. Eric died eighteen years ago, and Roy died at 28.

Hello, MCA crew! I've been. Uh. Lurking on the threads since IV, when curiosity drew me to this brilliant, brilliant project. I've watched the development process for quite a few and decided that you guys are all just brilliant. So I decided what better place to go to for help?

I've been trying to create a sort of necromantic knight class; full BAB, D10 hit die, wielding the powers of the dead alongside prowess in combat to bring ruin to one's enemies. But I'm stuck. I'm not sure where to start or where to go. I thought maybe you guys could help?

An Antipaladin/Magus, perhaps, would be my thought. If there's any place for a newcomer and her ideas, I'd love to see what you guys could help me do with this concept.


you're obviously bludgeoning people with a pointy object!

dot for interest. :D

I may be a bit disappointed by Vildeis... but... still love her. and this is BRILLIANT AND I HOPE IT'S CANON.
And if it's not, it will be for me.

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Azten wrote:

Bard/Inquisitor with Knowledge Devotion(from Complete Champion).

Maenad(Dreamscarred Press) Paladin/Barbarian. Let your righteous fury smite the evil doers of the world.

Maenad Paladin(Shining Knight)/Barbarian(Mounted Fury) for killing from horseback!


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Has Soulknife/Magus been mentioned yet? That's something I've wanted to try for a while. << >>

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Kthulhu wrote:
My super-powered catgirl Space Marine knows not of what you speak.


You have my attention and interest. << >>

Arshea (<3), Lymneris, Damerrich, Ragathiel, Korada, Tanagaar, Zohls.. This is a hard question!

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sneaks by and leaves a dot for interest

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Rysky wrote:
I also want an Akata plushy, and a Flumph plushy that maybe I can wear like a hat like how they have those Half-Life head crab plushies.

I second the akata plushy, those are my favorites. :D

If you want to have tons upon tons of minions, no-one does zombies as well as a Juju Oracle. Spirit Vessels just can't be beat.

Way of the Warrior by Hammerfall, for Gorum.

James Jacobs wrote:
Odraude wrote:
Where can I find this information on Iron Gods?

There's a thread building over in the Adventure Path forum.

I can give you the 6 titles of the adventures:

1: Fires of Creation
2: Lords of Rust
3: The Choking Tower
4: Valley of the Brain Collectors
5: Palace of Fallen Stars
6: The Divinity Drive

The clash of faith vs. science will be a big theme in this AP. Other things that will play roles include artificial intelligences, androids, the Dominion of the Black, the Technic League, and weird aliens.

There's not a lot more to say about it yet though. I'm still outlining it. More info to come!

Brain... collectors... Neh-thalggu? >had to look up the name but I remembered the monsters hm

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I blame Cosmo for insomnia.

How do you feel about Lem's new outfit? :3

Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
ShadowFighter88 wrote:
Is there such a thing as "enough knives" for you? Or do you have the same view on it as the orks of a certain fictional setting do about their guns, that they always need "more dakka"?

Yeah... I understand the words "enough" and "knives" on their own, but when you put them together next to each other they don't make sense.

Also, you spelled orcs wrong.

Different sort of orcs, Meri!

How do you feel about cats?

JMD031 wrote:
Wow, and I thought Malak was cold blooded.



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Arshea, Shelyn, Desna.. but on the other hand, Damerrich and Torag.
I don't even really know.

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KutuluKultist wrote:
b) good luck finding a lawful good deity with the destruction domain.

Try Ragathiel. :3

I don't think it gets better than Quicken. Though, it's not as much fun for me as some others..

*opens the gate to the Hidden Fun Stuff*


I completely forgot about that.
I need to reread OotS.

I only have one question about this amusing story.

What the f%$# happened to your clothes?

No, it's called Fiendish Vessel. :P

And I don't think it'd be all that bad. Maybe more useful from a player perspective, but not more powerful. Don't see why there wasn't already something like that. x3

I loved the idea of, and was utterly disappointed with the execution of, the 3.5 Dragon Shaman. This is wonderful and makes me want to play one again.
Also, I second coming up with material to cover the Primal and Imperial dragons as well. :D

Also, I had a thought that I felt almost obliged to share: thook animal companions! I'm working on an Akitoni character right now, and it just didn't feel right for him to have anything but this for an animal companion.

Starting Statistics
Size Large; Speed 40ft; AC +2 natural armor; Attack Bite (1d8); Ability Scores Str 16, Dex 14, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 3; Special Qualities low-light vision, scent.

4th-Level Advancement
Ability Scores Str +2, Con +2; Special Qualities combat trained.

Seemed unfair to not give them base natural armor, but not as much as the Horse I used as a reference point, given their.. generally better stats. It could probably be removed entirely to more closely match the animal but I really am loath to do so.

I had a character plan to do that in a Second Darkness game. :D
(He failed miserably as the party killed him before they even got off the island, as he was blamed for the madness that had begun surrounding the party. I was okay with this, for the record. The game died a few sessions later.)

ctrl-printscreen is a wonderful tool.
However, I lack the art skills to make it useful from there.
Meh. If you would be so inclined as to help out that would be brilliant, but it's not necessary.
(also, judging from the shadows on the floor of the ship, those are z-95 headhunters, not x-wings. ;3)

My H4x0r skills are quite lacking, but I'll see what I can do with this.

I can assure you you're much more awesome than that. Thank you. So much. :3

That might be nice, I'm absolutely horrid at any sort of art.

You are like, ten different kinds of bro.

I was more or less settled on the witchwyrd. ;3

I think I'll have them start at 2nd level so I don't have to modify the monsters too much.
I think the trickiest part for me is going to be mapping the wreck, but on the whole, this shouldn't be too bad.

What I'm really wondering about now is how big the ship should be.. But I have plenty of time to figure this out.

Whether it's long-term or not depends on how well the players take to it. If it goes over well, I might have it go on longer, so the possibility of the meteors in this case being a wholly unnatural phenomenon can be explored. May lead to some extraterrestrial adventuring.
As for the ship, I haven't gone so far as to think much about that. I had considered the possibility of more.. illicit goods being smuggled with whatever was in with the normal cargo, for even more adventure hooks, but I hadn't really thought about it. edit: though the more I think about it the more I think I'll drop that particular idea.
Basically, the party will be hired by a mysterious and apparently wealthy client to investigate the crashed Vercite ship and recover what they can of the cargo. The first part of the game will mostly be used to emphasize the dangerous nature of Akiton in my mind. The ship will have been brought down in a rather serious accident involving the aforementioned meteors, and upon reaching it, the game will turn into a horror show as akata, advanced to match the power of the PCs, infest the wreck, and start to prey on the salvage crew and the PCs themselves.
Assuming they survive the onslaught and possibly even clear the wreck of the monsters, they can then complete their mission of recovering the cargo, and if all goes over well, the campaign can continue in whatever direction I decide on from there.

Sadly my idea is still only in the brainstorming phase.
I'm trying to decide whether akata meteors appearing would be a fairly normal phenomenon. And.. going back through your thread trying to decide where, say, a merchant ship from Verces would be headed to, and thus where the PCs should be found, initially.

Weeeeell. >actually meant that I'm GOING to. But. But. but but. I will keep you updated. *omgomgomgomg someone actually responded to my madness*

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Sabaton, Rhapsody, and Blind Guardian. today. <3

==> Address N'wah's awesome thread

Totally running a game on Akiton now. With akatas. And guns. Because my favorite things. Thank you very much for the inspiration and material. :3

Also can I call you Jack N'wah?

Belladonna Blayze of Andoran wrote:
I think summoners are more broken than witches. I've seen some eidilon designs, including one that I play with often with a friend of mine and it's insane. The thing gets almost 9-10 attacks per round...all shades of broken.

While this is getting off the topic of witches, eidolons have a restriction on the number of natural attacks they can have. It's in the book. You should show your friends that. ;)


Would you believe I had overlooked Swift Aid? Thank you for pointing that one out. x3

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