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Wow, this is all so great. I came to investigate the homebrew section as I have a player who wants to bring a planned tiefling character concept for a future campaign in 1E across to 2e, so wanted to see what racial stuff people were coming up with already. Really fine work here, looking forward to seeing what else people start producing!

That apparatus of the crab sounds fantastic, should be some glorious submarine adventuring in the future! I'm once again in awe of the work you all put into these marathons, truly inspiring stuff.

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Adam Smith wrote:

Thanks Frogs, it really is that cool being so immersed. That also leaves me with something I wanted to offer up about those 68 hours and 10 minutes you see above. Marathons give players so much freedom of time to work with, that the hours can quickly slip away in unexpected areas. As such, these players are interacting with colonists as if this is some version of The Sims meets Pathfinder. It's awesome, don't get me wrong here, this colony is ALIVE. Somewhere on Saturday or Sunday night, they had me spend an hour role-playing as Ramona Avandth, the colony's facilitator, in an exchange with Lyra Heatherly (live-NPC played by Ian Haberman). Normally, an hour in-character without being plot specific isn't so hard, but after several days of straight play--including a 17-hour session in there somewhere--it's much more difficult. Being able to GM this long for six or more times a year is a gift from the dice gods, but this marathon I got close to the limit, which now I think might be somewhere around 80-90 session hours. I still want to try and put together a 10-day run at some point (with a whole year to prepare), but first just give me a couple of months off from this one...

OAD Life!

Wow yeah, it's an entirely different ball game (dice game?). The longest session I've run was only ~10 hours, and even that took a lot out of me. Hats off to you all, it's really an extraordinary game you have.

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These blog posts are so great. I can't imagine how cool it must be to play in such an immersive and focused environment. I look forward to hearing about the next part! Oh, and #TheAzlantOdyssey :)

This is all incredibly helpful. I'll be starting RotR with a group of 6 new-ish players in a few weeks. Can I get the word document by chance? I can manage with this format but I'd love to have the information offline as well. Thanks so much for the work you've done.