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Full Name

Alfred Bonnabel




Sage 4 / Cook 3


The one with danglin bits.


Big enough.


Well seasoned.

Special Abilities

Create Wiki, Consolidate List, Gotta Catch'em All (Paizo), Kobold Domain powers




Wolfgang Baur

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Strength 13
Dexterity 11
Constitution 15
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 16
Charisma 14

About finerion

Kobold Domain

Deities: Wolfgang Baur

    1. Contract Expertise (Su): You are an experienced in negotiating contracts with all manner of creatures from authors to distributors. Whenever you are in attempting to negotiate with another creature, you may add your character level to all Diplomacy rolls.
    2. Expeditious Writing (Sp): You may cast expeditious writing 1/day.
    4. Resist Fatigue (Sp): You may cast resist fatigue 3/day.
    6. Summon Author (Sp): You may cast summon author 1/day.
    8. Increase Production Value (Su): You are considered a master of your craft by others. Whenever you make a successful craft roll to create a new item that item is automatically considered masterwork without the extra expenditure of time/money.
    10. Summon Industry Contact (Sp): You may cast summon industry contact 1/day.
    12. Contact Artist (Sp): You may cast contact artist 1/day with no xp loss.
    14. Open Design Project (Sp): You can cast a maximized open design project on your party 1/month.
    16. Summon Werecabbages (Sp): You may cast summon werecabbages 1/day.
    18. Swift Copyediting (Sp): You may cast swift copyediting 1/day.
    20. Kobold Legion (Sp): You may cast kobold legion 1/day as a standard action.