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Full Name

Skeets, aska Dave's Psicrystal


rune forged prototype piscrystal


vitalist 9/soul-knife (soul-bolt/gifted blade) 9 (gsault lvl9)


mentally identifies as male. no actual gender


dinumitive (over twice as big as the standard psicrystal)


5 years old


LG, LN tendencies


Mystra, same as dave


Avalon Academy




student, personal assistant to Dave

Strength 16
Dexterity 26
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 30
Charisma 14

About dave's psycristal, Skeets

I base Skeets personality off of a combination of Minion from Megamind and Skeets from Booster Gold (DC comics)
he counts as one of my 5th lvl thralls, (even though he is 9th, as the bond is stronger because he is also my psicristal, or he could not be a thrall, the rules state that anything with an int score can potentially have class levels)
the label of 'prototype' is there for a reason, Dave is always trying to improve things, Skeets is a work in progress, and an accident at that. he was made when Dave found incomplete notes on how to make iuon stones, psycristals, cognize cristals, intelegent magic items, constructs and combined them with his knowlage of how to make wonderous items, and he screwed up what he was trying to make and made something better
saves: reflex:+17