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voska66 wrote:
Denim N Leather wrote:
Once again, no argument here. But that brings us back to Square One -- if it's going to be used, Cavalier should have a decent amount of starting gold. No one wants a mangy mount. And if you have this special bond with your mount, would you allow it to sleep outside if it can be avoided? Would you do that to a fellow party member? It opens up a lot of interesting role play opportunities, as you are forced to make allowances for your 'special friend'. :)

By the wording of the Mount(ex) you gain the services of loyal mount. It doesn't say you purchase a loyal mount. So I'd take that as you get choose a mount suitable for riding and it lists boar, camel, dog, horse, pony, and wolf to choose from. All of these have base stats under the Druid class in the core book. I'm not even sure what the cost of those animals actually if you went to purchase one.

Now the wording in the Cavalier isn't as clear on that as the Druid class and it closer to how the Ranger's animal companion is but not quite. This would be a bit of wording that I think should be bit more clear because it ambiguous enough that buying a mount could be one interpretation.

The Cavaliers main ability is in the Challenge, the Mount is a means of carrying out his primary his primary ability, whether it is across the battlefield or into the heart of a temple - the mount provides a means of access for the Cavalier to Challenge an opponent.

I think the different Orders would be a determination of starting money, as would the starting Oaths - an Oath of Greed provides 1,000 gp at every level, whereas the other Oaths (Chastity, Loyalty, Protection, Purity, Justice and Vengeance) do not provide this benefit.
Since it is not restricted to Humans, like the original Cavalier from several years back, a Halfling, Dwarf or other Smaller sized Race using a War Pony, War Dog or any other animal would actually be able to traverse most Dungeons until they came to sort of precipice that prevented the animal from crossing, however, the mount's function and ability according to the Cavalier's level may even prevent that from occuring according to the description provided.
I would most likely go with the higher of Paladin or Fighter, it's not the mount that concerns me, a loyal mount is not really something that is purchased, it's slightly more difficult. It's the armour, barding and equipment (especially weaponry) that would be of more concern.
Every form of Cavalier in history, from Arabic Saracen to English Knight to Japanese Samurai, had the best in Armour, Sword, and missile weapons. That was the standard outfit of a Cavalier. Most of time it was inherited, especially if they were the first son, but a few provided their own after making a name for themselves in a battle. That's one of the ways to look at it, not exactly historical, but with a historical perspective - Cavaliers were upper class, Paladins were called to service by a diety, Cavaliers were Nobles, called to service by Kings, Counts, Barons or other titular heads of state.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Heh. We made Lilith's eyes go all buggy.

Her eyes ain't the only ones to pop! drool

emirikol wrote:

Our group needs a new local player for twice a month tuesday D&D game. Contact me for details: hafner.jay @

We are currently low in a 3.5E campaign, and will be starting a new 4E campaign when the system resets in June.

You had me interested until the mention of 4e, I'll keep your contact info though.

EileenProphetofIstus wrote:

Ok, I'm curious about some of you, why did you select the particular name your using on the Paizo D&D threads? What was the reason or madness behind your selection?

Mine is derived from an ancient text (yea, right, the original Fiend Folio published in the mid 80's) it's the really old version of 'half-demon' from the Classic Version of D&D. Funnily enough, I thought more people would know.

I guess I should not have to mention that Lilith is supposed to be me mum, though I don't think she'll confess to it.

Jeanne Scharfenberg wrote:
It would be much easier to evaluate this product for purchase if there were close-ups of all the minis. Who wants to buy without first seeing what's included? Can we see them better please?

Jeanne, one way to get a better look is to save the pic (right click mouse, 'save image' or 'save to') and stick it in a folder as a Jpeg or Giff file depending on what type of photo program you have on your computer (Photoshop, Corel, MS Draw, etc). It works pretty well on most images and you can zoom in and get close-ups on most any images. - An old gaming buddy in CO (SJ).

The font, the font, oh my... the font! After years of reading a magazine with the same size font, one would think that the complaints about font size would have occurred prior to their subscription running out. If the font size is that much of a factor, Paizo sells a magnifying glass, as does the local pharmacy (hint, pick one up). Most everything in the module (I began in the eighties, I use old school terminology, deal with it) creates an atmosphere and setting that is unique, above all that is essential for creating a long term game. Some of the elements are left open for questions to allow people to go their own route or await further development. It works rather nicely, although creation of a new world is difficult, it seems to be handled rather well by the people at Paizo. Well done.

Other than just providing us the names of the dieties in question, where are we to find the basic descriptions (other than the books as I have not received mine as of yet)?
But I do agree with NSpicer on how the presentation of dieties should be approached, at least as a basic outline (looks pretty good and readable).

Believe it or not, I would just like some original content and not the re-hashing of old ideas from when I first started playing in the eighties. I loved the old mods when they came out, but playing them again and again, even with new characters, gimme a new world, even some new themes. I love Eberron for that, best idea to come out of WotC since, well, since they happened to buy T$R. The new rules could have been given more thought before releasing, and re-releasing, and re-re-releasing (or did they only stay at 3.5, I stopped counting and buying the rulebooks, my back was getting too sore from the weight).
I will miss Dungeon and the odd Dragon I buy, loved the content and the 'toons, especially the ideas on better campaigning. I look forward to the Pathfinder books, and expect the same, or better, quality in each and every one.