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There is a striking difference in the marketing strategy that everyone uses in marketing their products using both online and offline media channels.

This can be seen from the way they deliver the products to prospective customers with their respective styles and characteristics, some are sporadically not infrequently calm but deadly.

The terms that are often used are hard selling and soft sellin g . Before discussing further between this hard selling and soft selling marketing strategy , it helps us to know what is the meaning of both.

Hard selling means selling hard or more easily directly to the subject matter ie directly to the offering, whereas soft selling itself sells soft or indirectly.

For more details, the following explanation:

# Hard Selling

In online marketing we can find this hard selling in various advertisements on the internet such as for example on free web advertisements or in search results as a search engine on a keyword. Its characteristics are the words used are usually bombardent, directly to the heart of the problem and its character which tends to be provocative.

Hard selling in online business is also often applied in sales letters . For example, you can see the web sales of Mr. Joko Susilo precisely in: Business Formula and Blogging Secrets .

Try to pay attention to these two web sales, for some people who are unfamiliar with the words and language of marketing in it, surely they will be tempted and follow what is in it.

Hard selling itself can be used by anyone both from very professional even those who are still amateurs. But clearly, even though both of them use hard selling marketing strategies , the results can be far different. This is because the level of their understanding of the market and their experience in the world of marketing is different.

# Soft Selling

Another hard selling is also another with a soft selling marketing strategy . Even though the purpose is to sell, but it doesn't look like it's selling. This is because the method used is very subtle and far from provocative words as before.

The advantage of using a VeePN itself is to boost up the security and consumer confidence of the seller of the product, the effect of which is to build long-term and long-term sales.

Characteristics are soft selling done smoothly, far from provocation and the many characteristics of education in the advertisements delivered. Sometimes by first revealing the background of the benefits of the product to be purchased and mentioning the advantages compared to other similar products.

You can find marketing strategies like this on websites that review a product, in articles, blogs, and now even popular ones on Facebook.

Not infrequently I personally often get buyers from Facebook. Of course, with a combination of a variety of ways, from soft selling and then within a certain period interspersed with hard selling , all with regard to the conditions and branding that we carry on the social site.

So how do you determine the best? And which marketing strategy should we use?

The answer is simple, combine the two .

By combining the strategies of the two, besides we have a sales site whose content is directly in the form of sales (hard selling), no less important is the education of the products we market (soft selling) .

That way, potential customers not only know us from one side, but also from the other side. Namely as a loyal partner who not only sells products , but also can provide something that gives many benefits to these consumers even without buying it.

In this way a lasting relationship will be created and indirectly will grow by itself whose name is branding.