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I don't drink.

Why would I even want to escape his clutches?
I'll be his hostage. Rrrrrowr.

Sebastian wrote:
What if the ninja is a sub-class for multiple classes - that could be cool. Different flavors of ninja for all tastes!

We could have white ninja and green ninja and black ninja and yellow ninja and blue ninja and black ninja.

Or Jimmy.

The Big Book of Blasting and Sparkling Lights

I think the bar opens at 11am but there is a store across the street...

Buying a farm from 22x22 to 24x24 is $500,000.
(Those are Farmville prices.)


You only have 2 players?
If so, then your idea is fine.
I'd go with Curse of the Crimson Throne. Levels 1-5 are in the city and sewers.
Um, nevermind they're rangers...
/moving along

Awesome! Woooooo!

I'm am SO getting this!!!

How does a brown cow eat green grass and make white milk?


I go the easy route of helping Clark out.

I don't submit!
Wooooooooo! Yay Team Me!

Heathansson wrote:
Beholders suck anyway.

They have lips??!?!?


Hippo Birdy Two Ewe!

The food.

Chris Mortika wrote:

Sharoth, what would we need to do to make this race work well?

A tan.

ducks and hides

Pick the orange one!
Orange is in this season!

Um... you want to name your ass?

"Let's see that on Instant Reply."



All in Favor say "Aye".

Drakli wrote:
The Title wrote:

Archery Ranger is in danger ...
Archery Ranger needs food badly...

Archery Ranger shot the food.

PurinaDragonChow wrote:

Boxers or briefs?

You're wearing pants...!?!?!

Love them!!!!
Gnomes rock!

Aitch pokes his head around the door to see why all them fella done left the bar?

Aitch is thirsty... but waits.

"Thank you Masked Man!"

Nope... it's Richard.

I fell out of gaming because The Jade fell out of gaming.

pulls toothpick out of mouth

Mabel, ya even seen anythin' so darn falootin' before?
Who ever saw a giant talkain' pink lizard before?

inserts toothpick in mouth

Hawt Duyaaam!
Congrats ya Pazio peeps!

Ninja Appreciation Day!

I attack the darkness!

I loved playing a DUCK!

underline them...

Ding! Fries are done!

Stay away from Christy.

The Last Rogue wrote:

They were all a twitter.

Dude! Your mom is on twitter?


he said 'snarky'... :giggle:

If I print it out and shalack it to make a rain coat is that ok too?

they didn't

Hippo Birdy to Chuck and Daigle (belatedly).