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Same here. Thanks for the updates. And for those new to the site, this is definitely NOT normal. I'm antsy to get my books too, but willing to wait given the overwhelming response and the good cause(s) we are supporting.

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Courtney! wrote:

"Rodrick is cunning, but that doesn't make him wise." I *have* noticed a goodly number of NPCs wandering about Golarion with Wisdom as their obvious dump stat. I suppose there's something to be said about the cross-section between low-wisdom characters and a thirst for adventure...

I agree, this art of Rodrick and Hrym is extra-nifty. I think a mini of him (them?) would be one that could really get a lot of mileage at the game table.

I am well on my way to being a full-on Tim Pratt fangirl. His characters and dialogue consistently make me grin. ^_^

I will ditto this...except for the fangirl bit (I'm a guy). Loved Liar's Blade...every juicy bit. The banter and adventuring and twists were just right, and the subtle (and not so subtle) hints along the way to the end forced the turning of pages late at night when sleep ought to have overwhelmed me.

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FLite wrote:

Has anyone printed these from pdf? What are you printing onto / using for backing material. I have some 22pt chipboard I'm going to try for backing stock and printing onto 110 lb cardstock.

Also, has anyone messed around with resizing the minis? It irks me having the 4 foot dwarf the same height as the 6 foot elf. I also liked the idea of adding the monster type icons.

I like the PDF for the ability to print only what I need or want from the collection, and that in multiples.

I have printed my "thin-mini pawns" onto 65lb. cardstock paper (would have liked to have heavier paper, but not available). I glued the two facing sheets together, sandwiching a piece of 65 lb. cardstock between the two. I cut out the pawn with x-acto or scissors, and made into a "thin-mini." A staple put over the name does three things: obscures the name a bit, allows the stand Paizo gives to accept the thin-mini, and keeps the glued pawn's base from being curled or bent with use.

A while back I amassed some rectangular bases that accepted a thinner card stock pawn made by another company. These bases, if you have something similar, works without the staple.