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LN Tiefling Magus (Blade Bound) 10 Max HP: 83/83 | AC: 19; Touch: 12; Flat-Footed: 17 | CMB: +9; CMD: 21 | Saves: Fort: +12; Ref: +7; Will: +9 | Initiative: +6 | Perception +10 (Darkvision 60') | Sense Motive: +4


Cold, Electricity, & Fire Res. 5 Shadow's Status |

About Zoren Valkith

AC 19 (10 base +2 Dex +7 Armor (Breastplate +1 Spell Resistance); Touch 12; Flat Footed 17; |
Saves: Fort +12; Ref +7; Will +9

Speed 30'

Black Blade Scimitar
Normal - +12/+12/+7 – Black Blade Scimitar +3 - 1d6+5 - 15-20x2.
Ranged - Spells +9

Acrobatics - +6 (Ranks 4)
Bluff - +10 (Ranks 8) (+4 when lies are swapped for truth)
Climb - +9 (Ranks 4)
Diplomacy - +4 (Ranks 4)
Disable Device - + 13 (Ranks 10)
Escape Artist - +3 (Ranks 1)
Fly - +6 (Ranks 1)
Intimidate - +4 (Ranks 1)
Knowledge Arcana - +12 (Ranks 3)
Knowledge Dungeoneering - + 15 (Ranks 6)
Knowledge Geography +12 (Ranks 3)
Knowledge History - +12 (Ranks 3)
Knowledge Local - +10 (Ranks 1)
Knowledge Nature - +10 (Ranks 1)
Knowledge Planes - + 10 (Ranks 1)
Knowledge Religion - + 11 (Ranks 2)
Perception - + 10 (Ranks 10)
Ride - +6 (Ranks 1)
Sense Motive - + 4 (Ranks 4)
Spellcraft - + 10 (Ranks 1)
Stealth - +13 (Ranks 9)
Survival - + 1 (Ranks 1)
Swim - +6 (Ranks 1)


1) Extra Arcane Pool,
3) Extra Arcane Pool,
5) Improved Initiative,
5 Bonus) Disruptive Recall -When you use a melee attack to successfully disrupt an arcane spellcaster's spell, you can immediately use your spell recall class feature to regain a magus spell you have already cast. This ability functions as if you had expended a number of points from your arcane pool equal to the level of the spell you disrupted, up to the maximum level spell you can cast.
7) Arcane Strike
9) Extra Arcane – Arcane Accuracy - The magus can expend 1 point from his arcane pool as a swift action to grant himself an insight bonus equal to his Intelligence bonus on all attack rolls until the end of his turn.

Traits: Desparate Focus +2 Concentration checks [Source: Pathfinder

Chronicles - Cheliax: Empire of Devils]

Trap Finder (Find Traps like Rogue +1 Disable Device)

Racial Traits: Darkvision 60', +2 Bluff & Stealth, +2 Dex, Int & -2 Cha, Darkness 1x day, Cold, Electricity, & Fire Resistance 5.

Arcane Pool – 15

Swift Action to grant a Weapon a +1 Bonus for 1 Minute up to +5 at 17th.
At 5th Level, so long as Blade is +1, can add the following bonuses:
Dancing, Flaming, Flaming Burst, Frost, Icy Burst, Keen, Shock, Shocking Burst, Speed or Vorpal.

Spell Combat – Cast spell and wield weapons at the same time. If use all attacks AND cast spell in same round, get -2 on all attacks. If Casting Defensively, take reduction on attack equal to Intelligence Bonus to increase Concentration checks.

Spellstrike – Cast a spell with range of “touch” through my weapon. Instead of one free melee “touch”, the Magus may opt to take one “free” melee attack to deliver the spell.

Magus Arcana 3rd Level – Swapped out for Black Blade.
Spell Recall – Use arcane spell pool to recall spells already cast. Swift action to recall any single magus spell prepared and cast that day and cast that spell again by expending a number of arcane pool points per spell level.

Magus Arcana 6th Level – Critical Strike – If I score a critical hit may cast a spell with the range of touch as a swift action then make a touch attack with that spell against the target of the critical hit as a free action.

Knowledge Pool – When preparing spells, can expend 1 or more arcane pool points up to intelligence bonus. For each point expended, I can treat any one spell from the Magus spell list as if it were in my spellbook. Lasts until the next time I prepare spells.

Medium Armor – Wear medium armor with no arcane spell failure.
Improved Spell Combat – When using the spell combat ability, I receive a +2 bonus on Concentration checks in addition to any bonus by taking a penalty to attack to increase concentration.

Magus Arcana 9th Level – Spell Shield expend 1 arcane pool point as a swift action to get +6 AC bonus for 1 turn.

Fighter Training - Starting at 10th level, a magus counts 1/2 his total magus level as his fighter level for the purpose of qualifying for feats. If he has levels in fighter, these levels stack.


Read Magic at will.
Concentration +17
Per Day
0th – 5 - Disrupt Undead, Mage Hand, Ghost Sound, Dancing Lights, Acid Splash
1st – 7 - Magic Missile x2, True Strike, Color Spray, Shield, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shocking Grasp
2nd – 6 - Mirror Image, Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, Invisibility x2, Scorching Ray
3rd – 4 – Fireball, Vampiric Touch, Displacement, Haste
4th - 2 - Black Tentacles, Dimension Door
Bonus From Knowledge Pool If Used – Burning Hands, Floating Disk, Frigid Touch, Minor Image, Monstrous Physique I, Water Breathing


0th – Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Flare, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Spark
1st – 9 – Chill Touch, Color Spray, Corrosive Touch, Magic Missile (5d4+5), Ray of Enfeeblement, Reduce Person, Shield, Shocking Grasp, True Strike, Long Arm
2nd – 8 - Bear's Endurance, Bull Strength, Cats Grace, Elemental Touch, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Spider Climb
3rd – 8 – Arcane Sight, Dispel Magic, Displacement, Fireball, Fly, Gaseous Form, Lightning Bolt, Vampiric Touch, Haste
4th - 7 - Black Tentacles, Confusion, Detect Scrying, Dimension Door, Greater Invisibility, Polymorph, Stoneskin, Wall of Fire, Ice Storm


Permanent Magical Items: Headband of Intellect +4
Belt of Dexterity +2
Cloak of Resistance +2
Boots of Levitation
Handy Haversack
Brooch of Shielding (100)
Ring of Counterspells (2 - 1 vs. Lightning Bolt the other Fireball)

Black Blade
+3 Scimitar
Arcane Pool - 3
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10
Ego 12

Languages – Common (2 more languages DM choice)
Alertness – Per Feat
Black Blade Strike – Free action spend point from Blade’s pool to add +1 to damage +1 point per 4 levels (+3)
Telepathy -
Unbreakable – Immune to breaking so long as it has 1 arcane pool point
Energy Attunement – Free action expend 1 point – cold, electricity or fire. Free action expend 2 points – force or sonic. Energy Damage in lieu of weapon damage.
Teleport Blade – Call Black Blade up to 1 mile away.

Consumables: Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (CL 5) x3, Wand of Expeditious Retreat, Wand of Unseen Servant

300 GP

Encumberance: 195 lbs. (Light Load)

Languages: Common, Infernal, Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Orc.

Stat fields:

STR 14
Dex 14
Con 16
Int 23
Wis 11
Cha 10

Zoren Valkith:
Alignment: Lawful Neutral - Tiefling Magus 10 (Blade Bound) HP=83 | CMB +9; CMD 21 | | Init +6 | Perception +10 (Darkvision)

Spell Resistance 15 – Armor


Zoren has long white hair slightly receding though its thickness covers that fact. His eyes are green by day but glow in the dark of night. He is 6’ tall 165 lbs. His only obvious Devil feature is a long tail which he hides within clothing. is ears are more elven in appearance allowing him to play off being a half elf instead of a Tiefling in company who may cause his kind troubles.


Zoren grew up in Cheliax learning the secrets of the Magi from his father a human wizard who had a Devil as a consort. As his powers grew, he inherited coveted Black Blade of his father. The evils his father had planned turned Zoren’s stomach. During a vital experiment, Zoren struck and slew his father and is paramour and claimed the Blade as his own.
He struck out on his own for a life of adventure on the road. Unfortunately, the Blade was as corrupt as his father. While Zoren slept, the Blade possessed him in a trancelike state where he slew several villagers in a small farm community.
Horrified by what he had done, Zoren fled. As the process kept repeating itself, the authorities finally were able to track Zoren’s travels and brought him to justice. Zoren was glad to be rid of the sword as he sat in prison contemplating how to escape and leave the sword behind. To his horror, the sword would reappear just as the guards came to speak with him, hopefully about redemption.
He was told that there was a task he could perform which would either grant him freedom or death. Either way if he did not wish to rot imprison he would join the expedition. Zoren gladly agreed to go to the Gallowspire for he knows only death will separate from his sword and he is determined to force the sword to do some good, even if he must die in the process...