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Altered Human Examiner 1 | HP 21/46 | AC 14 | MD 11 | Health 10 / 12 vs Radiation | Speed 16 / Swim 3 | Perception +7 | Stealth +4





About Zera

Physical Strength 14 (+1) [as rolled]
Dexterity 19 (+4) [+5 from mutation]
Constitution 11 (+0) [as rolled]
Mental Strength 14 (+1) [as rolled]
Intelligence 10 (+0) [as rolled]
Charisma 12 (+0)

Senses 7 (-1)

HP: 46 [as rolled (add 1d6 each level)]

=== Mutations ===

Achilles heel (Defect) [The entire eye socket around my left eye was badly harmed in a robot incident as a child. If I get hit there, double damage and can't do anything for the next round. Nat 20 automatically counts as hitting this area.]
Chameleon Power (9) [Body coloration automatically matches the color of any background within a meter. (Clothes don't change) ... Can choose to change to any single color at will, or to look normal. When it is active, the Remain Unseen score goes up by 5 +the modifier (score 9 means modifier 0).]
Heightened Physical Attribute (Dexterity +5)
Radiating Eyes (MP 34 <rolled three times>) [22 intensity (5 base +MP modifier of 11) ***Re-roll the 2d4 for second roll of this power to 4d6-lowest instead*** radiation beam from eyes (recharges one point per round after expended). Head is immune to radiation and add +2 to health score versus radiation. Under radiation, looks like potency (=intensity?) 21-25 does 5d6 damage and causes radiation sickness (gives -4 penalty on PS/DX/THAC/AC/MHAC/MD, moves at half speed, and intensity goes down by one each day) and causes mutation as the person recovers from radiation sickness), 16-20 does 4d6, and radiation sickness at -2, but no mutation, 11-15 does 3d6 damage, 6-10 2d6, 1-5 1d6. We've ruled that the mutation power has to be divided between the targets if I am facing more than one with max intensity only for the first hit, then the intensity builds back up slowly, 1 per round). If MP modifier goes down to zero and the intensity would be 5 flat with no bonus (intensity 1-5 is 1d6 damage). So, I can hit one person for full intensity, full damage, or many for less damage.]
Sonar [I have antennae and I can use inaudible sound to see.]
Teleport Object (13) [Teleport any object from one place to another. Must be able to see it, and object and destination have to be within 60 meters (50 + 10 times MP mod of +1). Can't weigh over 13 kilograms. If held, have to make a mental attack against physical AC to teleport the object. Can use the power once an hour.

=== Skills ===

Avoid Artifact Disaster +2 Examiner
Jury-Rig +2 Examiner
Read Schematics +6 Examiner
Repair Artifact +6 Examiner

Reading and Writing (can)
Riding (can't)

Swimming (can... swim speed for Altered Humans is 3)
Use Artifacts +1 Examiner (add +1 each level)

Derived Attributes:

THAC Melee +1 [PS mod]
THAC Ranged +4 [Dex mod] Chameleon Power +0 / Radiating Eyes +11
AC 14 [10 +Dex mod]
MHAC: +1 for Teleport Object, if the object is being held by a creature (otherwise no attack roll is needed)
MD 11 [10 +MS mod]
Hit Points 46 [(CN)d6]
Health 10/12 [+2 versus radiation from Radiating Eyes mutation]
Use Artifacts 1 (+0 from Int, +1 from Examiner) [+1 per Examiner level]
Perception +7 [SN score +Int mod]
Stealth +4 [Dex mod]
Remain Unseen +0/+5 [+5 when using Chameleon Power]
Speed 16 [Base 12 +4 Dex mod]
Robot Recognition 19 [20 -2 Altered Human +1 Examiner]

=== Equipment ===

Arrows (72) [15 Domars]
Backpack [5 Domars]
Bedroll [5 Domars]
Binoculars (X5 magnification) [100 Domars]
Boots [10 Domars]
Chain (10 m) [15 Domars]
Chemical Power Cells (5 fully charged) [to go with taser]
Clock [25 Domars]
Compass [6 Domars]
Computer Lexicon (translator) [Free heirloom item (class/DM) worth 600 Domars]
Copper wire (10 m) [15 Domars]
Hourglass [3 Domars]
Longbow [cost 35, 1d8 base damage]
Map (2) [10 Domars]
Morningstar [2d4 base damage, 7 Domars)
Paper, Quill, Ink (3 sets) [6 Domars]
Rope (60 m) [6 Domars]
Sack (2) [2 Domars]
Scissors [3 Domars]
Shovel [5 Domars]
Studded leather (+3) [cost 25]
Taser [1d3 damage, 7 shots before recharge/per powercell if changing them out, full round to reload, in addition to normal damage, target stunned for 1d6 rounds and knocked back 1d4 minus 1 meters (reduced if larger than human sized, increased if smaller... 1 meter per size increment). Range 3 meters. [
Tech Level III Toolset (free, with Examiner)
Tech Level IV Toolset [Level 1 (+1) 250 Domars]
Waterskin (2) [2 Domars]
Whistle [1 Domar]

Want to Buy in the future if possible:
Solar Charger (tech level V)
All types of power cells (Chemical, Hydrogen, Solar), but Solar would be nicest, and Atomic would be thematic with the character.

Broken device: You find a good deal of small broken pieces or nograin, live metal and some kind of lights and a speaker of some sorts.

Cash on hand: 324 Domars


two revolvers fully loaded and another 13 rounds of ammunitions as well as a whip.
(one revolver and 6 rounds of ammo given to Tintoretto, taking the whip)

Mission Notes:

He then shifts his feet a little and says, "Delightful. Here is the situation: An agent of ours is missing. He had been sent to an ancient installation called the Sagow Enstoot a month ago. He is presumed to be dead. It is our standard procedure to attempt to recover the body in such cases. We would like you to do that for us. "

He continues, "Our base rate for such a venture is 200 domars per sentient, 100 of it paid in advance. If you recover the body, there is a 250-domar bonus for each of you, 500 if you bring him back alive. If you bring back proof that he is alive and some clue of his whereabouts, that is also worth 250 domars each. If you return with the results in ten days or less, that is worth another 100 domars each. Of course, we only pay surviving members of the expedition. Are you still interested?"

Character Notes:

You asked us to write you about membership in a Cryptic Alliance and I think I want to go with the Radioactivists. I also really like the Iron Society, but it doesn't allow you to join both, and the Radioactivists seems to be more fun, and go along with my character pretty well.

I'm thinking the Radiating Eyes mutation is something that has forced her to believe, for her own sanity, that radiation is good. She's mostly a traditionalist, with just a tinge of reformed... she doesn't do experiments for fun, but if she is forced to use her Radiating Eye power on someone, then she sees the result as divine justice.

The benefit for Radioactivists is two extra mutations, but can't roll in these private messages, and don't want to put it in a spoiler in recruitment because it will be obvious what it is for, so I rolled over here, if that is okay: https://paizo.com/threads/rzs2t4re?Dice-Roll-Test#3

That comes out to Teleport object (mental power) and Radiating Eyes again for Physical Power... and the 2d4 is because I already had the Radiating Eyes power, so it says to add 2d4 to the mutation power score for that mutation.

as far as exposing myself to enough radiation that it will harm me, not sure how those rules work, but I will see if I can find it.

The additional 4d6 at that link I think is the extra power score for the added Radiating eye beam, but need to re-read that. Might have gotten it wrong and left in a die I should have dropped.