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Full Name

Zelic, of Jair


Elven Vampire


Dread 7 | HP 94/94 | AC 28, T 15, FF 24 | Fort: +10, Ref: +13, Will: +10 | Init: +10, Perception: +30














Common, Elven, Draconic


Assassin, Spy

Strength 23
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 16
Charisma 22

About Zelic of Jair

Zelic, of Jair
NE Male Elf Vampire Dread 7 (Nightmare)
Type: Undead (Augmented)
Initiative: +10 [+ 4 Dex, + 4 Improved Init, +2 Racial]
Senses: Low-Light Vision; Darkvision 60'; Perception: +30
FCB: 7 x 1 hp


AC 28, Touch 15, Flat-Foot 24 (+7 armor, +4 DEX, +6 Natural, +1 Dodge)
hp: 8 + 6*5 + 7 + 6*7 + FCB = 94/94 hp
Fort: +10 [immune unless effect also affects objects or is harmless] (2 base + 2 resistance + 6 CHA)
Ref: +13 (5 base + 2 resistance + 4 DEX + 2 Lightning Reflexes)
Will: +10 (5 base + 2 resistance + 3 WIS)
Resist: Cold 10, Electricity 10, Fire 10, Acid 5, Channel Resist +4
Immune: Nonlethal damage, Ability drain, Energy drain, STR/DEX Damage, Exhaustion, Fatigue, Bleed, Death effects, Disease, Paralysis, Poison, Sleep effects, Stunning, Mind-Effecting, Fear
DR: DR 10/magic and silver
Fast Heal: 5

Drow Disguise Abilities/Qualities
Light Blindness
Dark Vision 120'
Weapon Prof: Hand Crossbow, Rapier, Shortsword
SR 18 (11+ level)


Speed: 30'

+1 Light Mace (Rod of Subtle Menace) +12 (1d4+7), Bite +6 (1d4+3), Slam +6 (1d4+3)
[+6 STR, +5 BAB]

-Energy Drain applies once per round if a natural attacks hits.
-If not taking an attack with the Mace, or if taking a standard action, both natural attacks are primary

See Maneuvers


STR 23 DEX 18 CON -- INT 12 WIS 16 CHA 22

Base Atk +5
CMD: 25 (10 + 5 BAB + 6 STR + 4 DEX)

1-Soulless Gaze
Vamp-Combat Reflexes
Vamp-Improved Initiative
Vamp-Lightning Reflexes
5-Sunlight Resistance
7-Lurker in Darkness

Clairsentient Talent (Psionics)
Wild Stride (Race-Elf) [Urban]

Adventuring: 7*7=49 ranks

+32 Intimidate (7 ranks + 6 CHA + 3 class + 3 fearsome insight + 2 soulless gaze + 2 racial + 4 Rod + 5 competence)
+24 Bluff (7 ranks + 6 CHA + 3 class + 8 racial)
+7 Acrobatics (2 ranks + 4 DEX + 3 class - 2 ACP)
+7 Fly (2 ranks + 4 DEX + 3 class - 2 ACP)
+6 Kn Religion (2 ranks + 1 INT + 3 class)
+5 Spellcraft (1 ranks + 1 INT + 3 class)
+23 Sense Motive (7 ranks + 3 WIS + 3 class + 8 racial + 2 alertness)
+21 Disguise (7 ranks + 6 CHA + 3 class + 5 competence)
+30 Perception (7 ranks + 3 WIS + 3 class + 5 competence + 8 racial + 2 alertness)
+25 Stealth (7 ranks + 4 DEX + 3 class + 5 competence + 8 racial - 2 ACP)

Background: 7*2=14 ranks
+8 Kn Nobility (7 ranks + 1 INT + 0 class)
+9 Sleight of Hand (7 ranks + 4 DEX + 0 class - 2 ACP)

Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic
SQ: Fearsome Insight, Aura of Fear (10' radius), Immersed in Fear

Alternate Racials, Elf:
Elven Immunities--->Elemental Resistance: Acid 5
Weapon Familiarity & Keen Senses--->Fleet Footed
Elven Magic--->Creepy
Low-Light Vision

Special Abilities:

Devastating Touch, Terrors, Martial Terror, Frightful Claim, Gaseous Form (at zero HP), Blood Drain, Children of the Night, Create Spawn, Dominate, Energy Drain

Creepy: Non-elf humanoids take a –1 penalty on saves vs spells that cause confusion or fear.
Frightful Claim: Claimed creatures take a -3 penalty vs fear effects
Dead Man's Headband: Add a +1 bonus to the DC of Fear Effects


PP: 31/37 | ML: 7 | Concentration: +13
Powers Known:
0-Conceal Thoughts [mind-affecting]
0-Unearthly Terror [fear, mind-affecting]
0-Detect Psionics (in one square, only)
1-Untouchable Aura [fear, mind-affecting]
1-Demoralize [mind-affecting]
2-Moan of the Sorrowful Dead [emotion, fear, mind-affecting]
2-True Terror [fear, mind-affecting]
2-Guide The Willing [death]
3-Phantasmagoria [fear, mind-affecting]

DC=10 + 6 CHA + Power Level
NOTE: Additional +1 to the DC of Fear Effects, from Dead Man's Headband
NOTE: Aura of Fear: Apply a -4 penalty to saves vs Fear Effects within 10 feet of the Dread

Moan of the Sorrowful Dead:
Moan of the Sorrowful Dead

Discipline: Athanatism [emotion, fear, mind-affecting];
Level: Dread 2, psion/wilder 3, psychic warrior 3
Display: Auditory and visual
Manifesting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Area: 10-ft.-radius spread
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Will partial; Power Resistance: Yes
Power Points: 3 (dread), 5 (psion/wilder, psychic

The sounds of the tortured dead cause each living
creature in the area to become frightened unless it
succeeds on a Will save. Upon success, the creature is
shaken for 1 round.

Augment: This power may be augmented in one of the
following ways.

1. By spending an additional 4 power points, any target
that fails its Will save is panicked instead of frightened.
2. You may spend an additional 4 power points to have
any target that succeeds on its Will save be shaken for an
additional round.
3. For every 4 additional power points you spend, you
increase the radius of this power by 5 feet.


Discipline: Athanatism [mind-affecting, fear]; Level:
Dread 3, psion/wilder 3
Display: Material and olfactory
Manifesting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Area: One 10-ft. cube/level (S)
Duration: 10 min./level (D); see text
Saving Throw: Will negates; see text; Power
Resistance: Yes
Power Points: 5

You draw on ghostly essences to cause horrific apparent
changes to take place in the environment, such as people
appearing dead or rotting, walls peeling or bleeding, and
food decaying. This power has different effects based on
how close creatures are to the affected area. Multiple
effects stack - for example, if a creature is inside the area,
they are also affected as if they were within 30 feet, 10
feet, and inside the area. If a creature would be affected
by more than one if the following effects, it makes saves
against each effect separately, in order.

Within 30 feet: Creatures within 30 feet of the affected
area must succeed at a Will save or suffer a -2 penalty on
saves against any of your other mind-affecting powers
for as long as they remain within 30 feet of the affected
area, and one minute thereafter.

Within 10 feet: Creatures within 10 feet of the affected
area must succeed at a Will save or become shaken for
as long as they remain within 10 feet of the affected area,
and one minute thereafter.

Inside: Creatures that are inside the affected area must
succeed at a Will save or be frightened for as long as they
remain within the affected area, and 5 rounds thereafter.

Augment: By spending an additional 6 power points,
all creatures within the area that fail their save also
become confused for as long as they remain within the
affected area.

Guide The Willing:
Guide the Willing

Discipline: Athanatism [death]; Level: Dread 2, psion/wilder 1
Display: Mental
Manifesting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target: One conscious, willing, and living target
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None and Fort negates; see text; Power
Resistance: No and yes; see text
Power Points: 3 (dread), 1 (psion/wilder)

Your powers can grant the final mercy to those
suffering. The target dies immediately. Any triggered
effects that would normally activate on the target’s death
do not activate, and the target cannot be raised from the
dead by any means. A target killed by this power does
not become undead when it dies. If the target is coerced
or compelled in any way, this power fails.

Augment: This power may be augmented in one of the
following ways.

1. You may expend your psionic focus to have only
effects of your choice trigger when the target dies.

2. By spending an additional 10 power points, the
target does not have to be willing or conscious. This
power has a range of touch, and the target receives
a Fortitude save to resist its effects (as well as power
resistance, if applicable).

3. By spending an additional 4 power points, the
target can be a willing undead creature. The target is
completely destroyed, releasing its soul to be raised as

In addition, for every two power points spent
augmenting this power, increase the power’s save DC by 1.

Martial Maneuvers:

Initiator Level: 7
Initiating Stat/Mod: CHA/+6
Maneuvers Readied: 4 [Readied Maneuvers are marked with an asterisk]

Maneuvers Known: 7

-Dimensional Strike (VM1)
-Fading Strike (VM2)
*-Shadow Feather Strike (BS2)

*-Intimidating Force (BS2)

-Ghost Hunting Blow (VM1)
-Flash of Insight (SG1)
*-Grasp of the Goddess (SG3)

Stance: Formless Dance (VM3)
Stance: Black Seraph's Glare (BS1)
Stance: Battle Mantra (SG1)

Dread Terrors, Devastating Touch:

Devastating Touch:
Melee Touch attack vs a living target: 1d6+7 damage untyped

12/13 uses per day (Dread Class levels + CHA mod)
-Overwhelming Fear
-Horrible Strike


Gear & Equipment:


Rod of Subtle Menace (12305)
+1 Shadow Elven Chain [+6/+4/-2] (9900 gp)
Belt of Giant Strength +2 [Belt] (4000 gp)
Mask of The Grinning Skull [Headband] (2000 gp)
Ring of Rat Fangs [Ring] (4000 gp)
Eyes of the Eagle [Eyes] (2500 gp)
Gloves of Reconnaissance [Hands] (2000 gp)
Cloak of Resistance +2 [Shoulders] (4000 gp)
Dead Man's Headband [on head item] (3600 gp)
Shawl of Shadowy Disguise [head] (1350 gp)

345 gp

Current: 30
Light: 173
Medium: 346
Heavy: 520

Zelic of Jair has long lived in Absalom for almost a century, though very few know his name, and fewer still would recognize his face.

The only surviving child of a dastardly pair of Norgorber cultists, Zelic's soul was long ago promised to dark forces far beyond his understanding, and by the time this haunted soul had taken up residence in Absalom, death has been his only constant companion for years. He'd paid his way to the City at the Center of the World by doing the only thing he'd been trained to do: honoring his god by delivering on assassination contracts, and sought sanctuary here- the only place he knew Norgorber to be tolerated. Here, he figured, he stood the best chance of surviving long enough to find a way to save his soul.

He spent a decade of more honing his craft with the other followers of Norgorber, skirting the law when needed, and learning to move through the city like a ghost. He leaped from rooftops without hesitation and passed through crowds as if they weren't there. He learned to sink into the shadows and disappear from sight. After a time, he'd drew attention of his superiors, and then, their superiors.

Once he'd drawn the attention of the Jair Vampires, Zelic found himself in awe. Truly, these vampires were the ultimate state of being, and this was wonderful yes, but Zelic also knew he'd found a solution to his problem. If his soul was promised to dark forces upon his death: then he must never die. He redoubled his efforts to impress the Jair Family with his skills and dedication to their cause and the cause of their god. After a period of service, in which horrible, horrible things were done in their name, he was deemed worthy, and turned. He'd cheated death, for now...


Combat Tactics:

::Pre-Combat Buffs::
-Manifest 'Untouchable Aura'
-Initiate 'Black Seraph's Glare' stance

::Rd 1::
Swift: Claim opponent with 'Frightful Claim' (-3 to saves vs Fear)
Move: As needed
Standard: Initiate Strike (or use Devastating Touch)
Free: Using 'Martial Terror', activate a Dread Terror on the strike
Free: Make an Intimidate check +4 Profane bonus if the attack damages the target (from 'Black Seraph's Glare' stance)