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Full Name

Ezekiel Bjarnessen




Hard Case | Harm: 0/7 | Luck: 6/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp: 1 | Tough: 2 | Weird: 0 | Experience: 1/5




6'4", 195 lb.



Special Abilities



Mutton County, USA


English, Some Yiddish

About Zeke Bjarnessen

Charm: -1
Cool: +1
Sharp: +1
Tough: +2
Weird: 0

Unstoppable: When you spend Luck to avoid harm you are about to suffer, additionally remove all harm you had already suffered. Once per mystery when you are about to suffer 2-harm or more, change it to just 1-harm.
FINISH HIM!: Whenever you inflict an injury of 3-harm or more, you may immediately follow up with another attack. Roll +Tough. On a 10+, double the harm you cause. On a 7-9, you inflict 1-harm extra. On a miss, you leave yourself open and vulnerable.
Aim for the Weak Spot: Your unarmed and hand weapon attacks all get the ignore-armor tag.
Inspired Guesswork: Once per mystery, observing a monster in action, you may investigate a mystery to discover its powers, motivations, or weaknesses. It works even if what you asked about wasn't displayed: you work it out by deduction (okay: guessing).

Huge f*cking knife: 2-harm hand messy
Hunting rifle: 2-harm far loud
Shotgun: 3-harm close messy

About Zeke:
Looks: Man with masses of scars, wears street wear

Zeke looks to be in his mid-thirties or so, perhaps a bit younger or older, with a tall and athletic figure. He wears his blonde hair long, sports a full but groomed beard, and his eyes are a sharp grayish blue. He usually wears simple, functional clothes, typically some combination of jeans or heavy duty cargo pants, a denim or leather jacket, and whatever footwear seems appropriate for the occasion. If there are two things that set Zeke apart, the first is his collection of tattoos, which run the gamut of styles and imagery, across his chest, onto his shoulders, down his arms, and even up his neck. Even more striking, though, are the scars that paint war stories across his body. From the slash across his cheek, to the notch missing from one eyebrow, to the bite marks on his arms, to what looks like someone stabbed him with a jagged bottle in the guts--every one has something to say, and collectively, they say that Zeke is one tough dude--if the type to get into too much trouble.

"Both my grandfathers lived through the Second World War, one in the ghettos and camps, one on the beaches and battlefields. They met at Buchenwald during the liberation. When I was younger, they always taught me that humans were the real monsters. But I guess they never went head to head with a hungry vamp."

Zeke isn't too open about his past, especially his time hunting monsters. He mostly lets it slip in the odd anecdote or reference to an experience he had once, and from these an image of a driven drifter can be pieced together. Zeke's worked a wide variety of jobs, from a gas station attendant to a high-school history teacher (he does have a degree, yes). He's hiked the Appalachian trail, gone BASE jumping, and been thrown out of half the bars in Oregon. He's served a tour of duty, and served a sentence in prison. His accent puts him from somewhere in the Mid-Atlantic region, but he won't say just where. If he's asked about when he started hunting the dark things out there, he usually winks and says "Summer of '85," which, according to his license and passport, is when he was born.

What's clear is this: Zeke is a good-natured sort in general. He doesn't have a flash-pan temper, but he does have a way of amiably pissing people off, which gives him a great method of finding trouble. He knows how to keep a cool head, how to handle himself in a fight, and won't hesitate to beat the tar out of someone if they have it coming. He's friendly with his friends, though, and in this line of work, that's what matters, isn't it?