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About Zedth

A little about me:

My imagination works overtime on conjuring up people, places, and plots for my homebrew campaigns. I seldom use premade adventures but there are a few that I want to try someday (like the Rise of the Runelords hardcover that is gathering dust on my shelf)

My first fantasy gaming experience was in '86 or '87, Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda. Later I tried games like Final Fantasy and Loom, solidifying my love with the fantasy genre.

I've played tabletop RPGs since about '92, starting with AD&D 2nd edition. I met a good friend in my neighborhood who had a lot of D&D source books, and with little prodding he had me interested. The wonderful artwork of 2E sparked my imagination, and the notion of open, free-world role-playing was so intriguing that I soon began spending all of my money on D&D and Magic cards.

My first game of D&D was during a boy scout hiking/backpacking trip. We had nothing but time to kill so my buddy DM'd an arena fight scenario for a couple of us guys while we hiked up the mountainside. No dice were used, just our imaginations (and some clever random number generation techniques). I'll never forget how much fun I had with nothing but a few friends and our collective power of imagination.

My wife and I live in Las Vegas where we have a generous number of great gaming friends with which we play TTRPGs, Warhammer, video games, and more.

I play guitar, drums, bass, fiddle, and mandolin, and can fake it on most stringed instruments. I'm partial to heavy metal but I love a variety of music.


Some of my favorite fiction:
-RA Salvatore's novels (any/all of them)
-Margaret Weis/Tracy Hickman's Dragonlance works (I've read a lot of them)
-JRR Tolkien's "The Hobbit" (I never cared for the LOTR book trilogy, but I adore The Hobbit)
-Robert E Howard's Conan series
-George RR Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire"
-Brandon Mull's "Fablehaven" and "The Beyonders" (meant for kids but I enjoyed the hell out of 'em)
-Garth Ennis' "Preacher" comic series. (amazing...)

Some of my favorite video games:
-Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Breath of the Wild
-Final Fantasy (NES), Final Fantasy II (aka IV), Final Fantasy III (aka VI)
-World of Warcraft (an amazing game)
-Skyrim (arguably the best RPG video game ever made, imo)
-Diablo I, II and III
-StarCraft I and II
-Wolfenstein 3d
-DOOM ('93 and '17), Doom II
-Dungeons and Dragons, Tower of Doom (Arcade, available on Steam!)
-MarioKart (all of them)

Favorite tabletop RPGs:
-Pathfinder/D&D 3.5
-D&D 5th (growing to love this game)
-AD&D 2E (I have issues with the game system but I love the setting materials and myriad books released for this edition. I love 'Dark Sun' in particular, for example.)
-Warhammer Fantasy Battles/Age of Sigmar (not an RPG but in the same realm of fantasy gaming. I love painting and setting up armies to clash! My wife and I have 3 armies we're working on: The Empire, Orcs and Goblins, and Vampire Counts/undead.)

Played a little, would play again:
-Call of Cthulu
-Barbarians of Lemuria

Want to play but haven't had the opportunity yet:
-13th Age (this game looks really neat)
-Conan - Adventures in an Age Undreamed of (from Kickstarter completed March 2016)
-Beyond the Wall


My Pathfinder House Rules:

  • GM's Prerogative I reserve the right to hand-wave, rewrite, re-flavor, or ignore any rules that I find unhelpful, distasteful, or clunky. This will be done sparingly but always in an attempt to further game momentum and/or overall fun. I routinely customize/reflavor/rework monsters, so expect the unexpected!
  • Rule of Cool This is an ambiguous notion that doing something awesome occasionally trumps the rules as written. Subject to GM discretion but player input is welcomed on when a "Rule of Cool" may apply.
  • XP I don't track XP. I will arbitrarily level you up, typically at milestones.
  • Hit Points Maximum HP for your class at level 1. Roll class HD for level up HP, but minimum HP gain = 1/2 HD. (Note - this is different than the typical Pathfinder method of gaining 1/2 HD+1. The roll gives you a chance for more HP.)
  • Iterative attacks Each iterative attack tier grants an additional 5' of movement to a "5' step." Example - a level 6 Fighter can "5' step" up to 10' and a level 11 Fighter can "5' step" up to 15'.
  • Critical Hits For players (and select powerful enemies) a natural 20 always results in at least a x2 damage critical hit without having to confirm with a 2nd roll. Extended critical hit ranges/modifiers (19-20/18-20 or x3/x4) still must confirm in the normal fashion. (The idea is to make natural 20s more exciting. This is also a nod to other editions of D&D.)
  • Feats:
    -Weapon Focus/Weapon Specialization (and their future progressions) now apply to a weapon group (see Fighter in the CRB) instead of a single weapon.
    -Weapon Finesse may be taken as a Trait instead of a Feat at character creation -or- may be obtained via Favored Class Bonus (any class) at a rate of 1/3.
    -Combat Expertise may be taken as a Trait instead of a Feat at character creation -or- may be obtained via Favored Class Bonus (any class) at a rate of 1/3. Furthermore, this feat no longer has the "Int 13" prerequisite.
  • Fighters The Fighter class now gets 4 skill ranks per level (up from 2) and may take the Combat Stamina feat as a free bonus feat at 1st level.
  • Brawlers Brawlers may select a bonus Combat 'trait' at character creation to make up for the overlapping rules between the "Brawler's Cunning" ability and my house rule on Combat Expertise (see above). (Note - this only applies to new characters. Multi-classing into Brawler after level 1 does not grant the PC a bonus trait.)
  • Dragon hides and scales When harvesting dragon hides/scales for the creation of armor/shields, if the harvester makes a successful Craft:(appropriate) check DC 20 or Survival check DC 25, the harvested dragon corpse is counted as 1 size category larger than it actually is when using the accepted Pathfinder rules. Furthermore, any suits of armor (not shields) made of dragon hide/scales have an armor bonus equal to the armor type +1. (Example - A white dragon hide breastplate has an armor bonus of +7.)