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HP 17/17 | AC 18 | F +6 R +9 W +4 | Perc +6 | Stealth +7 |


Speed:30 ft | Active Conditions: ---


CG female elf (whisper elf) fighter 1 |

About Zarindlara Aviar

PFS Information:

PFS Number: 215650-2003
Experience: 0
Fame: 0
Gold: 1 gp, 2 cp

Training: Scrolls (3)

Major Factions
Envoy’s Alliance: 0
Grand Archive: 0
Horizon Hunters: 0
Vigilant Seal: 0
Minor Factions 0
Radiant Oath: 0
Verdant Wheel: 0
All Faction Reputation
Total (Sum of the Above) Reputation: 0

Purchased Boons
Horizon Hunters Champion (Faction) (0 Fame) (the Champion boon for your first faction is free)

Zarindlara Aviar
Birthplace: Kyonin
Age: 130
Gender & Pronouns: Female, she/her
Physical Appearance: Tall and lanky with blonde hair and striking violet eyes, Zarindlara looks every bit the sterotypical elven archer.

Elf (Whisper Elf)
Fighter; Level: 1; Experience: 0
Medium Humanoid Elf
CG; deity: Ketephys
Languages: Common, Draconic, Elven, Sylvan
Perception: +6 [T/E/M/L]
Special Senses: low-light vision


AC: 18 [T/E/M/L]

Unarmored: [T/E/M/L], Light: [T/E/M/L], Medium: [T/E/M/L], Heavy: [T/E/M/L]

Fortitude: +6 [T]/E/M/L]
Reflex: +9 [T/E/M/L]
Will: +4 [T/E/M/L]
Notes: (conditional modifiers, reactions, resistances, immunities, etc.)

Class DC: 17 [T/E/M/L]

Speed: 30 ft

Melee Strikes
Shortsword +9 [T/E/M/L]
damage 1d6+1 [P] agile, finesse, versatile S

Sap +6 [T/E/M/L]
damage 1d6+1 agile, nonlethal

Dagger +9 [T/[b]E/M/L]
damage 1d4+1 [P] agile, finesse, thrown 10 ft, versatile S

Ranged Strikes
Longbow +9 [T/E/M/L]
damage 1d8 [P] (traits) Deadly d10, propulsive, volley 30 ft

Weapon Proficiencies
Simple: [T/E/M/L], Martial: [T/E/M/L], Other (weapon): [T/E/M/L]

Acrobatics: +7 [T/E/M/L]
Arcana: +5 [T/E/M/L]
Athletics: +4 [T/E/M/L]
Crafting: +2 [T/E/M/L]
Deception: +0 [T/E/M/L]
Diplomacy: +3 [T/E/M/L]
Intimidation: +0 [T/E/M/L]
Lore (Accounting): +5 [T/E/M/L]
Lore (Elven): +5 [T/E/M/L]
Lore (Heraldry): +5 [T/E/M/L]
Medicine: +4 [T/E/M/L]
Nature: +4 [T/E/M/L]
Occultism: +2 [T/E/M/L]
Performance: +0 [T/E/M/L]
Religion: +1 [T/E/M/L]
Society: +5 [T/E/M/L]
Stealth: +7 [T/E/M/L]
Survival: +4 [T/E/M/L]
Thievery: +4 [T/E/M/L]

STR 12, DEX 18, CON 12, INT 14, WIS 12, CHA 10

Ancestry Feats and Abilities
Special 1st: low-light vision
Heritage 1st: Whisper Elf
Your ears are finely tuned, able to detect even the slightest whispers of sound. As long as you can hear normally, you can use the Seek action to sense undetected creatures in a 60-foot cone instead of a 30-foot cone. You also gain a +2 circumstance bonus to locate undetected creatures that you could hear within 30 feet with a Seek action.
1st: Elven Lore
You’ve studied in traditional elven arts, learning about arcane magic and the world around you. You gain the trained proficiency rank in Arcana and Nature. If you would automatically become trained in one of those skills (from your background or class, for example), you instead become trained in a skill of your choice. You also become trained in Elven Lore.

Skill Feats
Background: Courtly Graces
You were raised among the nobility or have learned proper etiquette and bearing, allowing you to present yourself as a noble and play games of influence and politics. You can use Society to Make an Impression on a noble, as well as with Impersonate to pretend to be a noble if you aren’t one. If you want to impersonate a specific noble, you still need to use Deception to Impersonate normally, and to Lie when necessary.

Class Feats and Abilities
Feature 1st: Attack of Opportunity
1st: Point Blank Shot

Bonus Feats
Shield Block

Gear: Leather Armor, Longbow with 30 arrows, Dagger, Shortsword, Sap, Adventurer’s Pack, Crowbar, Hammer, Grappling Hook Signal Whistle, Lesser Elixir of Life
Pathfinder Training Gear: Minor Healing Potion, Feather Token (Ladder)

Bulk: 5 (Encumbered at: 6; Maximum at: 11)

Coins: 2 copper 0 silver 1 gold



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