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Full Name



Cavern Elf Emissary


Draconic (Silver) Sorcerer 1 | HP 12/12 | AC 16 (17 with Blood Magic) | Fort +3 / Ref +6 / Will +5 | Class DC 17 | Perception +3 | Spells 1L 3/3 | Darkvision


Female CG






Chaotic Good


Aradia - goddess of creation and nature. The all-mother.


Elven, Common (Valerian), Draconian, Novan, Dwarven, Sea Wolf

Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 18

About Zamaris

Draconic (Silver) Sorcerer 1 | HP 12/12 | AC 16 (17 with Blood Magic) | Fort +3 / Ref +6 / Will +5 | Class DC 17 | Perception +3 | Spells 1L 3/3 | Darkvision


Zamaris is about 5'9" with silvery-white hair and obviously elven features. She wears the elven equivalent of an explorer's outfit, looking like a traveler with a large bow peeking over her shoulder where she could easily grab it.

==== Basics ====

Ancestry: Elf (6 HP, Low-light vision)
Heritage: Cavern Elf (grants darkvision)
Background: Emissary
Class: Draconic (Silver) Sorcerer (6 HP, skills 2+ int mod)

Str 10 +0
Dex 16 +3 [Boosts: Ancestry, Background, Free]
Con 10 +0 [Flaw: Ancestry, Boost: Free]
Int 14 +2 [Boosts: Ancestry, Free]
Wis 10 +0
Cha 18 +4 [Boosts: Ancestry, Background, Class, Free]

Speed 30 feet

=== Resistances ===

Resistance Cold 5 whenever Blood Magic is active


=== Weapons ===
Trained in simple weapons, unarmed attacks, and elven weapons.

1d20+Str mod (+level+proficiency if trained or higher)

Claws (Focus spell that lasts 1 minute / 10 minutes to refresh)
Attack: 1d20+6
Damage: 1d4 S +1d6 cold

Weapon traits:
finesse (can use dex instead of strength for attack roll)

Attack: 1d20+6
Damage: 1d4 B

Weapon traits:
agile (only -4 if second attack in one round, -8 if third)
finesse (can use dex instead of strength for attack roll)
nonlethal (or -2 circumstance penalty)

Elven Curve Blade
Attack: 1d20+6
Damage: 1d8 S

Weapon traits:
finesse (can use dex instead of strength for attack roll)
forceful (second attack gains a circumstance bonus to damage equal to the number of weapon damage dice, and each subsequent attack gains a circumstance bonus to damage equal to double the number of weapon damage dice)

1d20+Dex mod (+level+proficiency if trained or higher)


Attack: 1d20+6
Damage: 1d8 P

Weapon traits:
Deadly d10 (on a crit double damage plus a d10)
Volley 30 ft. (-2 on attacks within this range)

=== Armor ===
16 [10 +3 (dex) +1 (level) +2 (trained in unarmored defense)]

Explorer's Clothing (+0, dex cap +5)
Blood magic +1 AC (status)

=== Ancestry Feats ===
1 at first level, then another every 4 levels (5th/9th/13th/17th)

Elven Weapon Familiarity [You favor bows and other elegant weapons. You are trained with longbows, composite longbows, longswords, rapiers, shortbows, and composite shortbows. In addition, you gain access to all uncommon elf weapons. For the purpose of determining your proficiency, martial elf weapons are simple weapons and advanced elf weapons are martial weapons.]

=== Skill Feats ===
Multilingual (You easily pick up new languages. You learn two new languages, chosen from common languages, uncommon languages, and any others you have access to. You learn an additional language if you are or become a master in Society and again if you are or become legendary.)

=== Proficiencies ===

Perception (trained)

Fortitude (trained)
Reflex (trained)
Will (expert)


=== Skills ===
Additional Trained Skills per level: 2 +2 (int) = 4

Acrobatics +6 |+3 Dex +1 level +2 trained
Arcana +5 |+2 Int +1 level +2 trained
Athletics +3 |+0 Str +1 level +2 trained
Crafting +2 |+2 Int
Deception +4 |+4 Cha
Diplomacy +7 |+4 Cha +1 level +2 trained
Intimidation +7 |+4 Cha +1 level +2 trained
Lore +2 |+2 Int
--City Lore (Redmont?) +5|+2 Int +1 level +2 trained
Medicine +0 |+0 Wis
Nature +0 |+0 Wis
Occultism +2 |+2 Int
Performance +4 |+4 Cha
Religion +0 |+0 Wis
Society +5 |+2 Int +1 level +2 trained
Stealth +3 |+3 Dex
Survival +0 |+0 Wis
Thievery +6 |+3 Dex +1 level +2 trained


Spell Attack Roll +7 = +4 (cha) + 1 (level) +2 (trained)
Spell DC +17 = 10 +4 (cha) + 1 (level) +2 (trained)

Blood Magic: Draconic scales grow briefiy on you or one target, granting a +1 status bonus to AC for 1 round. (Whenever you cast a bloodline spell using Focus Points or a granted spell from your bloodline using a spell slot, you gain a blood magic effect.)

=== Focus Spells ===
Focus Pool: 1 (10 minutes to refresh)

Dragon Claws [Verbal, Duration 1 minute: Vicious claws grow from your fingers. They are finesse unarmed attacks that deal 1d4 slashing damage and 1d6 extra damage of a type determined by the dragon in your bloodline.] [add blood magic +1 AC (status)]

=== Cantrips ===
Spells known: 5

Chill Touch
Detect Magic
Ray of Frost
Read Aura
Shield (bloodline) [add blood magic +1 AC (status)]

=== First Level ===
Spells known: 3

Burning Hands
Feather Fall
Magic Missile
True Strike (bloodline) [add blood magic +1 AC (status)]

=== Second Level ===

Resist Energy (bloodline) [add blood magic +1 AC (status)]
=== Third Level ===

Haste (bloodline) [add blood magic +1 AC (status)]
=== Fourth Level ===

Spell Immunity (bloodline) [add blood magic +1 AC (status)]
=== Fifth Level ===

Chromatic Wall (bloodline) [add blood magic +1 AC (status)]

=== Sixth Level ===

Dragon Form (bloodline) [add blood magic +1 AC (status)]

=== Seventh Level ===

Mask of Terror (bloodline) [add blood magic +1 AC (status)]
=== Eighth Level ===

Prismatic Wall (bloodline) [add blood magic +1 AC (status)]
=== Ninth Level ===

Overwhelming Presence (bloodline) [add blood magic +1 AC (status)]

Draconic Bloodline:

The blood of dragons flows through your veins. These beasts are both fearsome in combat and skilled at magic.

Spell List arcane

Bloodline Skills Arcana, Intimidation

Granted Spells cantrip: shield; 1st: true strike; 2nd: resist energy; 3rd: haste; 4th: spell immunity; 5th: chromatic wall; 6th: dragon form; 7th: mask of terror; 8th: prismatic wall; 9th: overwhelming presence

Bloodline Spells initial: dragon claws; advanced: dragon breath; greater: dragon wings

Blood Magic Draconic scales grow briefly on you or one target, granting a +1 status bonus to AC for 1 round.

At 1st level, choose the type of dragon that influenced your bloodline. You can’t change your dragon type later. This affects how some of your bloodline spells function. The good metallic dragons and their damage types are brass (fire), bronze (electricity), copper (acid), gold (fire), and silver (cold). The evil chromatic dragons and their damage types are black (acid), blue (electricity), green (poison), red (fire), and white (cold).


Adventurer's Pack [7 silver]
Bandolier (2) [2 silver]
Explorer's Outfit [1 silver]
Longbow [6 gold]
Elven Curve Blade [4 gold]
Quiver of Arrows (60) [6 silver]
Tent (pup) [8 silver]
Vials (4) [2 silver]
Waterskin (2) [1 silver]
Writing Set [1 gold]

Cash on hand = 1.3 silver
Initial gear = 13.7 gold


Zamaris is a cavern elf, from a long line of cavern elves in service to dragons, some of nature's noblest creatures. Cavern elves can be even more reclusive than most. However, this is a preference, not a weakness, especially in the case of Zamaris.

Zamaris was called by the elders to be an Emissary, and she was glad of it for while she worships Aradia like most of her kind, she was never really as interested as she should be in nature and religion. She admires those things, but they are not where her strengths lie.

Zamaris is good with people and languages, and in training to become an Emissary for her people she initially learned Novan, but when the new humans were observed, her specialty was changed, and she began to learn human tongues and traditions, learning the accents of the common Valerian tongue as well as Dwarven, because her tribe has learned that dwarves are traditionally cave-dwellers and could be a direct threat to her people's domain, she also learned the Sea Wolf language, because the dragons have hinted that it is important.

[Note: Not sure what the Sea Wolf language is named, and what I am imagining here is that the Sea Wolves were driven out of the North, maybe not necessarily *because* of dragons, but that the dragons of the North (who perhaps migrate here, or at least some Silver dragon visited here, thus Zamaris' background) at least know of it. Also, her tribe could have been in service to dragons in the past if you prefer, but what I am thinking is that the elders rule the tribe in all things that the dragons do not dictate (and they rarely dictate), but that if any of the children is found to have the blood of dragons, they are to present themselves for direct service, and if they are selected, then they are the ones that do the direct interaction with the dragons.]

Once her apprenticeship was finished and she learned all she could from her own kind, she was tasked with living among the humans and dwarves to observe and become an expert on these new races so that she could advise the tribe. She set out immediately on the long trip to this area, but not until she arrived and began her task did she realize that she was blessed with the blood of dragons.

She was somewhat torn between remaining and completing her task and returning to present herself for possible direct service with a dragon, but after many long prayers to Aradia, she feels that she must complete her task first so that she may pass on her knowledge to the tribe and thereby benefit them, even if she is chosen to serve and is unable to advise them regularly. Thus she has begun a journal detailing her travels and observations about all the different peoples, particularly whether they respect nature as they should, whether they seem like they will be a threat to the elves, what new products her people may be able to trade for, etc. That is what she is doing as the story begins.