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Psychic Warrior 3/Phrenic Slayer 3






Neutral Evil





Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 24
Charisma 18

About Yzxcilplix

Initiative+2, Senses Darkvision 60ft, Perception+24

AC 20(+2 Dex, +5 Shield, +3 Natural), Touch 12, Flat-Footed 18. HP Fort+8, Ref+6, Will+16, +18 vs compulsions and mind-affecting effects. Defensive Abilities Brain Nausea SR 31

Speed 30ft. Melee +1 Fiercebane(Aberrations) Deep Crystal Warhammer +17/+12/+7(1d8+5/x3, +2d6 via Deep Crystal if two Power Points are used. +21/+16/+11, 1d8+9+2d6/x3+2d10 vs Aberrations.)

Spell Like Abilities: At Will- Charm Monster, Detect Thoughts, Levitate, Plane Shift and Suggestion DC: 21

Special Attacks: Mind Blast- 60ft cone, target must succeed a will save (DC 21) or be stunned for 3d4 rounds, this is a standard action can be used at will

Powers Known: 1: Body Adjustment, Call Weaponry, Crystal Shard, Detect Psionics, Defensive Precognition, Inertial Armor, Offensive Prescience, Physical Acceleration.

Power Points: 29

Base Atk+11, CMB+15, CMD28

Feats Deep Impact, Expanded Knowledge(Crystal Shard), Greater Psionic Weapon, Percise Strike, Psionic Meditation, Psionic Weapon, Skill Focus[Survival], Slayer's Knack, Weapon Focus(Warhammer).

Skills: Autohypnosis+24, Bluff+21, Intimidate+21, Knowledge(Dungeoneering)+22, Knowledge(Psionics)+22, Perception+24, Sense Motive+24, Spellcraft+22, Survival+30

For several decades Yzxcilplix has been a force to be reckoned with inside the church of Asmodeus. While not blessed by the Lord of Hell or even any Archdevil with divine might, he has been gifted with powerful psionic abilities, which he uses to hunt down enemies of both the church as well as mindflayer society as whole. He specializes in tracking down and slaying those foes who are also psionic in nature, particularly Aboleths and rogue 'Flayers. He has traveled between most layers of the Dark World, even venturing to the frozen lands of the surface a few times in pursuit of a quarry.

While most among his kind are aloof and anti-social, Yzx has actually cultivated a small network of contacts and semi-allies as they make his job far easier. While he obviously knows that he is their superior, and they are clearly just tools to help him seek out his prey, he does treat them well. For a broken tool can not get the job done. The lone true ally, one that has only betrayed him thrice thus far(and has only be allowed to live to his continued usefulness), is a powerful Drow arcanist that serves as his mystical back up should such be needed.

When he is not out on a seek and destroy mission, Yzx can often be found at the temple to Asmodeus, training his mind and body. His preferred weapon comes close to the King of Hell's, as the slayer wields a large warhammer with frightening skill, his blows often striking down even the most heavily armored foes.