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Full Name

Yelena Stanescu


Human Psychic (Esoteric Starseeker) 5 | HP 27/27 | AC: 18 (T: 11, FF: 17) | Saves: F:+7, R:+5, W:+9 (+2 vs fear effects) | Init: +6 | Perc. +10


More Info:
BAB: +2, CMB: 1, CMD: +12 | Spells: (1st) 6/8, (2nd) 6/6 | Active Conditions: Heightened Awareness: +2 to Perception/Knowledge checks












Carrion Hill


Celestial, Common, Draconic, Hallit, Shoanti, Skald, Sylvan, Tien, Varisian



Strength 8
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 22
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Yelena Stanescu


Yelena Stanescu
Female Human Psychic (Esoteric Starseeker) 5
CG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +6; Perception +10
AC 18, touch 11, flat-footed 17 (+1 dex, +5 armor, +2 shield)
HP 27 (5d6)
Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +9 (+2 vs fear effects)
Speed 30ft
Ranged Light Crossbow +3 (1d8, 19-20/x2)
Melee Light Mace +1 (1d6-1, x2)
Melee Dagger +1 (1d4-1, 19-20/x2)
Other Statistics
Str 8, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 22, Wis 14, Cha 10
Base Atk +2; CMB +1; CMD 12

Special Abilities:

Improved Initiative (Level 1): +4 bonus on initiative checks
Great Fortitude (Level 3): +2 on Fortitude saves
Spell Penetration: +2 bonus on level checks to beat spell resistance

Harrow Born (Race): You start play with a harrow deck passed down from a relative. Because of your skill with fortune-telling, you gain a +1 trait bonus on initiative checks.
Stoic Optimism (Religion): You receive a +2 trait bonus on saving throws against fear effects.

11 skill ranks per level (2 class, +6 Int., +1 Human, +2 background)

Diplomacy [1]: +4
Handle Animal [1]: +1
Knowledge Arcana [5]: +14
Knowledge Dungeoneering [5]: +14
Knowledge Geography [5]: +14
Knowledge History [2]: +11
Knowledge Local [3]: +12
Knowledge Nature [2]: +11
Knowledge Planes [5]: +14
Knowledge Religion [5]: +14
Linguistics [1]: +10
Perception [5]: +10
Profession (Fortune-Teller) [5]: +10
Sense Motive [5]: +10
Spellcraft [5]: +14

Languages: Celestial, Common, Draconic, Hallit, Shoanti, Skald, Sylvan, Tien, Varisian

Class and Racial Features:
Class Features - Psychic:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A psychic is proficient with all simple weapons, but not with any type of armor or shield.

Spells: A psychic casts psychic spells drawn from the psychic class’s spell list. She can cast any spell she knows without preparing it ahead of time. To learn or cast a spell, a psychic must have an Intelligence score equal to at least 10 + the spell level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a psychic’s spell is equal to 10 + the spell’s level + the psychic’s Intelligence modifier.

Phrenic Pool: A psychic has a pool of supernatural mental energy that she can draw upon to manipulate psychic spells as she casts them. The maximum number of points in a psychic’s phrenic pool is equal to 1/2 her psychic level + her Wisdom or Charisma modifier, as determined by her psychic discipline.

Phrenic Amplifications: A psychic develops particular techniques to empower her spellcasting, called phrenic amplifications. The psychic can activate a phrenic amplification only while casting a spell using psychic magic, and the amplification modifies either the spell’s effects or the process of casting it. The psychic can activate only one amplification each time she casts a spell, and doing so is part of the action used to cast the spell. (Selected Amplification: Relentless Casting)

Detect Thoughts: At 2nd level, a psychic can use detect thoughts as a spell-like ability once per day. She can also expend any unused spell slot of 1st level or higher to cast detect thoughts. If she does so, she uses the level of the spell slot expended to determine the Will save DC.

Psychic Discipline - Faith:

Divine Energy: You can channel spell energy into cure or inflict spells. Each day, you can convert up to one spell from each spell level you can cast. Each time you use this ability to convert a spell, you regain 1 point in your phrenic pool. The maximum number of points you can regain in this way per day is equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Resilience of the Faithful: At 5th level, you gain a +2 resistance bonus on all saving throws.

Archetype - Esoteric Starseeker

Written in the Stars: An esoteric starseeker can spend 1 hour each night in quiet contemplation of the stars to attune herself to a constellation of the Cosmic Caravan, gaining knowledge of new spells from it. She gains one bonus constellation spell slot for each spell level she can cast, and she can prepare a spell associated with her attuned constellation into that slot. Whenever she attunes herself to a constellation, the esoteric starseeker must also weaken her connection to one school of magic of her choice, increasing the casting time for all spells of that school to a full-round action or an additional full-round action, as though she were using a metamagic feat. She can change her attuned constellations and her weakened school each day when she prepares her constellation spells. This replaces the bonus spells normally granted by the psychic’s discipline and the phrenic amplifications gained at 1st and 11th levels.

Studied Constellation: The Lantern Bearer
Prepared Spells: Liberating Command, Glitterdust.

Weakened School: Necromancy

Favored Class - Psychic:
Level 1-3: +1 Cantrip
Level 4-5: +1 1st level spell

Racial Traits - Human

+2 to One Ability Score: Human characters get a +2 bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature. (Charisma)
Medium: Humans are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: Humans have a base speed of 30 feet.
Skilled: Humans gain 1 additional skill rank at 1st level and 1 additional rank whenever they gain a level.
Awareness (Alternate Racial Trait):Gain a +1 racial bonus on all saving throws and concentration checks. This racial trait replaces humans’ bonus feat.

Spells Known (CL 5):

Cantrips (DC16):
Dancing Lights: Creates torches or other lights. (E, T)
Detect Magic: Detect spells and magic items within 60ft. (E, T)
Ghost Sound: Figment sounds. (E, T)
Know Direction: You discern north. (E, T)
Message: Whisper conversation at a distance. (E, T)
Prestidigitation: Perform minor tricks. (E, T)
Read Magic: Read scrolls and spellbooks. (E, T)
Stabilize: Cause a dying creature to stabilize. (E, T)
Telekinetic Projectile: Telekinetically hurl an object, dealing 1d6 points of damage to the target and object. (E, T)

Level 1 (DC17) (8/day):
Enlarge Person: Humanoid creature doubles in size. (E, T)
Glue Seal: Makes one 5-ft. square or one object sticky. (E, T)
Heightened Awareness: Your recall and ability to process information improve. (T)
Ill Omen: Target rolls twice for checks and attacks and uses worst roll. (E, T)
Mind Thrust 1: Mentally deal 1d6 points of damage per level. (E)
Unprepared Combatant: Target takes -4 on initiative and Reflex saves. (E, T)

Level 2 (DC18) (6/day):
Aversion: Cause the target to avoid an object or location. (E, T)
Mental Block: Prevent the target from using its skill ranks, spells, feats, and abilities. (T)


Combat Gear

+1 Mithral Chain Shirt: 2100gp
Darkwood Heavy Shield: 257gp
Dagger: 2gp
Light Mace: 5gp
Light Crossbow: 35gp
Crossbow Bolts - Silver (10): 21gp
Crossbow Bolts - Cold Iron (10): 2gp

Magic Items

Headband of Vast Intelligence + 2: 4000gp
Muleback Cords: 1000gp
Page of Spell Knowledge (Alarm): 1000gp
Potion of Cure Light Wounds (4): 200gp
Potion of Lesser Restoration: 300gp
Scroll of Comprehend Languages: 25gp
Traveler's Any-Tool: 250gp
Wand of Remove Fear (9): 135gp

Adventuring Gear

Acid flask (2): 20gp
Backpack (Masterwork): 50gp
Bandolier: 5sp
Belt Pouch: 1gp
Canteen: 2gp
Chalk: 1cp
Charcoal: 5sp
Flint & Steel: 1gp
Harrow Case: 10gp
Harrow Deck: Free
Harrow Mat: 80gp
Holy Symbol (Iron): 5gp
Hooded Lantern: 7gp
Ink: 8gp
Inkpen: 1sp
Oil (5 pints): 5sp
Paper (5): 2gp
Pitons (10): 1gp
Powder (2): 2cp
Scroll Case: 1gp
Signal Whistle: 8sp
Silk Rope (50’): 10gp
Trail Rations (10): 5gp
Waterproof Bag: 5sp
Wrist Sheath (2): 2gp


Cold-Weather Outfit: 8gp
Entertainer's outfit (3): 9gp
Explorer's Outfit - Free
Hot Weather Outfit: 8gp
Scarf (3): 3gp
Traveler's Outfit (3): 3gp

Other Gear

Bedroll: 1sp
Bell Net: 2gp
Blanket: 5sp
Bucket: 5sp
Cooking Kit: 3gp
Earplugs: 3cp
False-Bottomed Chest: 52gp
Fishing Kit: 5sp
Fortune-Teller’s Wagon: 500gp
Gear Maintenance Kit: 5gp
Grooming Kit: 1gp
Heavy Horse: 200gp
Incense (5): 3.5gp
Journal: 10gp
Mess Kit: 2sp
Skillet (Common): 8sp
Soap: 1cp
String (50'): 1cp
Tea (10): 2sp
Teapot: 1sp

Gold: 149gp, 6sp, 2cp

Character Background:

Like many Varisians, Yelena was born on the open road. Her mother died in childbirth, and her father was...well, when she was young her grandmother tactfully said he was ‘away.’ As she grew older she learned the truth; that she was the product of a short-lived affair her mother had with a minor noble from Magnimar. ”I told Imani not to get involved with him. That no good ever came of messing with a married man, or a noble, and that both was asking for disaster. She never would listen to me.” Tereza sighed, then smiled as she gently stroked Yelena’s hair. ”I was wrong though. One good thing came of it, and I wouldn’t trade you for anything.” Yelena listened to the tale with wide eyes, but she knew any dreams of traveling back to Magnimar and having her father accept her were just that, dreams. Besides, who would ever want to live in a single city when there was the whole of Golarion to explore?

Tereza worked as a fortune-teller in various caravans, going wherever the North Star took her. Yelena trotted along behind, helping out in whatever small ways a child could. Her free time she spent in the fortune-teller’s wagon, eagerly absorbing whatever lessons Tereza felt she should learn that day. But one of her favorite things to do was to watch as Tereza laid out the Harrow cards. ”See here Yelena? The Eclipse. Normally it would represent a loss of purpose, but do you see where it is in the spread? It’s misaligned. That means something’s about to be discovered.”

Yelena’s quick mind took in the explanations, and she started doing readings of her own. However her first real prophecy didn’t come from the Harrow.

It came from a dream.

Blood. Fire. Death.

Yelena woke screaming. Tereza tried to comfort her, but the girl was inconsolable. ”Bună, they’re going to die! They’re all going to die!” She clung to her grandmother and sobbed while Tereza rubbed her back.

”Shhh, shhh, it’s okay. It was just a dream.”

A dream that recurred the next night, and the next. Tereza consulted the Harrow and frowned at the reading before heading to see the caravan master. ”Gavril, I think we should turn back. My reading revealed Crows, a dangerous card that represents the violent theft of what is loved. Yelena’s dreams-”

Gavril spat on the ground. ”You want us to turn back because of a child’s nightmares?”

”The Harrow agrees with her.” Tereza wasn’t a tall woman, but she nevertheless drew herself up to her full height to stare Gavril in the eyes. ”Are you going to ignore my warning?”

Few Varisian men would deny a fortune-teller’s power. Gavril wasn’t one of them. ”I’ll set extra watches.” Tereza started to protest, but Gavril held up his hand. ”I’m not denying what you’ve seen, but we can’t turn back. It's too late in the season; if we turn back now we won’t be able to leave this country before the winter snows. Extra watches are the best I can do.” Tereza’s lips tightened, but she reluctantly nodded. A caravan operated on a thin margin; being trapped for the winter and unable to trade the goods they’d just picked up would result in bankruptcy. She’d just have to pray to Desna that the precautions would be enough.

They weren’t.

Ulfen raiders struck just before dawn. Even though they were expecting trouble, there’s only so long tired guards can remain alert. They never stood a chance.

Once more Yelena woke to the sound of screaming, but this time it wasn’t her own. Tereza’s white face appeared above her. ”Hurry child, we have to hurry!” She grabbed Yelena’s hand and ushered her out of the wagon.

The scenes from her nightmares played out once again.

Blood. Splashes of it against the wagons, red contrasting sharply with the white cloth.

Fire. One of the wagons was ablaze due to a knocked-over lantern. The raiders were cursing as they tried to put it out. Burned goods weren’t worth stealing, and there was no need for them to fight at the moment. Because…

Death. Gavril lay where he’d fallen, a fletched arrow through his throat. Talric, her favorite of the guards, the one who’d play the childish games that most of the caravan wouldn’t, lay gasping out his last. Mireli, Nandor, Marin, HenricDariusJaelle…

Tereza’s arms scooped Yelana up and turned her away. She started to run, gasping a prayer under her breath, ”Starsong, Goddess of Fortune, help us escape this place…” Behind them one of the raiders noticed the pair and began running after them.

Yelana looked up at the bright stars overhead. The Wagon twinkled in the sky, safely carrying the other constellations across the sky. Please, carry us too…

Tereza wasn’t a young woman, and she was carrying a child. She shouldn’t have been able to outrun a man in his prime. But with a sudden burst of speed, she left him far behind.

Four days later, the two of them managed to stumble into the town of Eldentre. ”A miracle,” people whispered after hearing their tale. ”They must have been guided by the North Star herself.”

They’d certainly been guided by something. Fed, clothed, and sheltered by a sympathetic tavern-owner, (”Eh, the rooms are empty this time of year anyway, you might as well use them”), Yelena finally had the time and energy to think about the strange sensation she’d had while staring up at the sky. She shyly mentioned it to Tereza, who nodded solemnly. ”The Starsong guides us all in different ways. I’ve long suspected you had the Sight, but perhaps there’s more to it than that.”

Eldentre was small, but they had a cleric. Tereza consulted with him, and together they began exploring Yelena’s strange new abilities. It was immediately obvious that whatever she was doing wasn’t anything like the magic Asbjorn knew. ”I don’t think it’s divine, but it doesn’t feel like a wizard’s power either.” He shrugged his shoulders helplessly. ”It’s not evil, I can tell that much. I guess I’ll teach her what I can?”

Working with Asbjorn, Yelena learned some of the limits of her new powers. She could move things just by willing them to move. She could tell what people were thinking, if she concentrated. And if she studied the night sky and asked for Desna’s favor, she was sometimes blessed with new, stranger abilities. Asbjorn never did figure out exactly what her magic was, but ultimately decided that it must be some sort of blessing from the gods.

They spent a little over a year in Eldentre before Yelena began growing restless. When she admitted as much to Tereza, the old woman simply smiled and signed up to work for another caravan. ”We’re Children of the Open Road, you and I. Servants of the North Star. We’ll never be content to stay in one place for long.”

They didn’t. They continued to go wherever the road took them. Over the next few years Yelena honed her skills with both magic and fortune-telling. As Tereza grew older, she took over most of the duties of a Varisian fortune-teller, supplementing her Harrow readings with the prescience Desna sometimes granted her. Together the two of them continued to wander, most often as part of a caravan, but sometimes alone.

Recently Yelena has been having more bad dreams. Dreams of something stirring beneath the ground. Of foolish mortals awakening an ancient evil. Of death and destruction on a level she’d never before imagined.

Of a place known as Carrion Hill.

Tereza Stats:
AC 11
HP 28
Mwk Spear +4 (1d8-1/x3)
(During combat: Tereza calls for help, then fights defensively or uses total defense until allies arrive.)
CMB+3, CMD 14

Feats: Alertness, Iron Will, Persuasive, Toughness

+5 Bluff
+7 Diplomacy
+9 Intimidate
+9 Knowledge Local
+4 Perception
+5 Perform (oratory)
+12 Sense Motive

Combat Gear: potion of CMW, potion of invisibility, spear