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Cleric (Devout Pilgrim) of Erastil 2









Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 10
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 15
Charisma 13

About Xylas Foundling

Init: +3 Speed: 30 Perception +4

HP: 14 (d8) current: 14
AC: 16 (+3 armor, +3 dex)
Saves: fort +3 ref +3 will +5 (+2 ench)

BAB +1 CMB +1 CMD 14

Longbow +4 ranged (1d8)
Club +1 melee (1d6)

Spells: DC 12+spell level , channel 4/4
Domain: Community, Good 5/5
1- 3+1- bless (D), shield of faith, magic stone, sanctuary
0- 4- light, create water, mend, stabilize

Feats: Pointblank

Adventuring Skills:
Diplomacy 1/5 (+3 class, +1 cha)
Know (local) 1/4 (+3 trait)
Perception 1/5 (+2 wis, +2 trait)
Ride 1/5 (+3 dex, +1 trait)
Survival 1/4 (+2 wis, +1 trait)
Background Skills:
Animal handling 1/6 (+3 class, +1 cha, +1 trait)
Profession (Innkeep) 1/6 (+3 class. +2 wis)

Traits: Beast bond (handle animals/ride), Caravan guard (survival)

Race Traits: Low-light vision, Elf blood, Keen senses, Adaptability (know local), Immunity (sleep, part charm)

Class Abilities Cleric-good aura, channel- 1d6 4/day,
Calming touch- removes the fatigued, shaken, and sickened conditions 5/day; Touch of good- 5/day
Caravan bond- calming touch up to 30 feet to 3 others w/ daily group prayer

Equipment: holy symbol, stud leather, longbow, Two quivers of 20 arrows, dagger
Pack: silk rope,waterskin, alch fire
Purse: 3 gp

Tall and thin with roughly shorn medium length sandy hair, Xylas has a ready smile and folksy manner. He's perhaps a little too honest and open due to growing up in a small village, but surprisingly cosmopolitan in his interests due to picking up things from travelers to the Waypost Inn.

Left upon the doorstep of a chapel of Erastil, Xylas was adopted by the kindly bachelor innkeeper of the tiny village of Waypost. He proved hard working and conscientious in all his duties, but particularly enjoyed his work in the stable, soothing the tired horses with the less raucous songs he learned from travelers who stayed at the inn.

The priest that had found the boy remained a watchful guardian as well making sure he was well versed in the Parables and learned to shoot the longbow. When the innkeeper eventually married a local widow and started a family of his own, Xylas felt able to turn his attention more to matters of faith and quickly became a devout acolyte. He was well liked in town for his good natured, honest demeanor, but he often felt more comfortable with the strangers staying at the inn than the provincial villagers who still referred to him as 'Xylas Half-fey' though they meant no real harm in it. To the disappointment of the priest, Xylas decided to become a pilgrim, a warder of caravans and beacon of light to homesteaders in the borderland forests.