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Full Name

Xochipilli Tocal (shok e PiL le)







About Xochipilli Tocal

Name: Xochipilli Tocal
Calling: Free clinic Doctor
Nature: Caregiver
Pantheon: Azlanti
Scion of Quetzalcoátl

Strength - 3/ 2
Dexterity - 3/
Stamina – 3/

Charisma – 3/
Manipulation – 1/
Appearance – 3/

Perception – 4/
Intelligence – 4/ 2
Wits – 3/

*Academics – 2
Art (Music-Guitar) – 2
Athletics (Football/soccer) – 3
Awareness – 3
Fortitude – 1
Integrity – 2
*Investigation – 2
*Medicine – 3
*Melee – 3
Occult – 1
Presence – 2
*Science (Biology) – 2
*Science (Chemistry) – 2
*Science (Forensics) – 2

Relic 3 - Maquahuitl (Itzcoatl’s bite), +3 Damage
Relic 2 – Jade earrings, Blood (health) & Water purviews
Relic 3 – Feathered jacket, Sky purview & +2 Defense

Water Breathing *
Water Control**
Assess Health*
Sky’s grace*
Maguey Sting*

Holy Bound
Uplifting Might
Perfect Memory

Virtues: Atzlánti;
Conviction - 2
Courage - 3
Duty - 2
Loyalty – 1

Legend – 3
Legend points – 3/3
Willpower – 6/6

Tocal was raised in Juarez by his grandmother. He never knew his mother as she died in childbirth. Between his brains and athletic abilities Tocal was able to attract a full scholarship to Oxford where he earned a M.D. and a PhD. in chemistry. During his time at university Tocal was also offered the position as starting forward for Manchester United. Tocal turned down ManU and quite a few offers from well respected hospitals to go back to Mexico and help the people he grew up with. Within a week of his return to Juarez Tocal was recruited as an agent by the US/Mexico anti-drug taskforce to help bring down a drug pipeline. It was during this time that Tocal first met Jasper Mahtab. For a year Tocal worked for a free clinic as cover while observing and gathering information about the people running the pipeline and passed it on to the Feds. All was going well until his contact sold him out to the drug lord running the pipeline. Tocal was kidnapped beaten bloody and brought to the drug lord to be executed. The drug lord had an unhealthy fascination with Aztec lore and thought wrongly that if he sacrificed his enemies to the Aztec gods he would be become invincible.
Tocal was bound to a chuk mool (alter) to be sacrificed but as soon as his blood seeping from his beaten body touched the alter supernatural strength flooded Tocal. Easily snapping the handcuffs holding him Tocal grabbed a Maquahuitl the drug lord was using for decoration off the wall it was hanging on and used it to kill the drug lord and his three bodyguards. Still in a daze an unseen voice told him to take the drug lords jacket and ear rings because they were gifts from his father. Unable to stay in Mexico for fear the drug lords successor would take revenge on the people he helped Tocal used his DEA/CIA contacts (Jasper Mahtab) to flee to the US and has been keeping a low profile working at a free clinic in east L.A. and doing oddjobs for the DEA/CIA.