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Full Name





Lore Warden 2/Arcane Duelist 3

HP 4/45; AC 20(25 w def/CE)/16(21)/14; CMD 19; Init +5; Perception +4; Fort +7 (8 vs Poison), Ref +9, Will +3; Fire Res 1; BP 10/12; Spells Lvl 1 3/4 Initiative +5







Special Abilities

Inspire Courge +1, Fascinate, Rallying Cry, Distraction, Inspire Competance +2






Common, Infernal



Strength 11
Dexterity 20
Constitution 14
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 7
Charisma 18

About Xenfal


Acrobatics +13
Appraise +7
Bluff +9
Climb +4
Diplomacy +11
Disable Device +12 (13)
Escape Artist +9
Intimidate +12
Perception +6
Perform Dance +9
Sleight of Hand +11
Spellcraft +7
Stealth +13
UMD +11


MW Short Spear (Della) +11 1d6
Shortspear +10 1d6
Dagger +9 1d4
Cat +9 1d6 non lethal
Light Hammer +9 1d4
Arcane Strike +1
Inspire Courage +1 hit +1 dam
Sharpened +1 dam on first hit
Combat Expertise -2 to hit for +2 AC
Fighting Defensively -2 to hit for +4 to AC

Spells Known:

0:Detect Magic, Light, Mending Prestidigitate, Mage Hand
1 DC 14:Cure Light Wounds 1d8+4; Vanish, Touch of Gracelessness, Saving Finale


Infernal Influence +1 vs poison Fire Res 1
Indomnitable Faith +1 Will
Slave Trader


Dodge, Mobility, Arcane Strike, Weapon Focus Short Spear, Weapon Finesse, Combat Casting, Combat Expertise -2 +3, Imp Unarmed Strike, Crane Style

, 2 bottles of wine from the mansion, 4 goblets, Mithril Shirt, 2 daggers, Shortsword, 2 Short Spears, Light crossbow, 10 Bolts, MW short Spear, Bedroll, Blanket, Spell Component Pouch, Belt Pouch, Waterskin, Wineskin, MW Manacles, Cat-o-Nine Tails, Light Hammer, Sap, Whetstone, Scroll of Enhance Water, MW Thieves Tools, 2 Spring Loaded Wrist Sheathes. Scroll of CLW, Potion of CLW, Potion of Slow Poison, Brass holy symbol of Mitra,


100 GP 18 SP 9 CP 240 GP Worth of Walrus Ivory

Party Loot
4223 GP 18 SP 9 CP 240 GP Worth of Walrus Ivory
2 sponges of water breathing
Another box containing letters of credit worth 2,500 gp against banking houses on the Continent. (The Captain didn't love banks, but he saw the sense of having an emergency cash reserve.) Whether these could ever be converted into cash in Talingarde, and if so at how steep a discount, would be an Appraise or Knowledge check.
A massive golden ring with a ruby, carved with some unknown crest. 500 gp
A barrel of glogg, national drink of Homeland. 10 or 5 gp
MW Longsword (157)
Healers Kit
2 CLW Pots
1 CMW Pot
1 Cure Disease
1 Potion of Slow Poison
1 Scroll of CLW
1 Scroll of Enhance Water
1 Potion of Jump
1 Potion of Spider Climb
4 Rings worth 200 gp
+1 Greatsword (1175)
Light Crossbow (16)
light hammer (2)
2 daggers (2)
2 short spears (1)
1 mw short spear (Della) (150)
MW Silver Dagger (160)
Fireforged MW Lpongsword (457)
MW Shortsword (150)
MW Quarterstaff (150)
MW Steel Shield (85)
MW Halfplate (375)
Holy Symbol (50)
+1 longsword (1157),
masterwork dagger (151),
large masterwork steel shield (85)
Locket (50)
MW Fullplate (825)
Mirhtil Chin Shirt (550)
Diamond Dust (500)
MW Adamantine Ax (1610)
Druids Vestments (1875)
Scroll of Anti Plant Shell (350)
Scroll of Kiss of the First World (350)

(17861 of value not including the potions or scrolls)

Cauldron of Brewing (+5 on craft [Alchemy]). (prob want this to go to the alchemist)

--The other book is much smaller; it's a very old, battered thing that with a stained and torn cover, made of aging brown parchment that is clearly on the verge of disintegration. At a casual glance it appears to be written in an unknown alphabet or cipher
-- miscellaneous spell components, alchemical reagents, gewgaws and doodads. None look immediately valuable. If you like, you could spend ten minutes and do a craft (Alchemy) check to see if anything interesting could be done with them.

-- A locked strongbox that was pushed under the Magister's bed. It's about 2' x 2' by six inches thick, and weighs about 20 lbs. The lock looks pretty strong. The strongbox bears the trefoil symbol for "magical hazard".


Immaculately dressed, and clean, with a elaborate hat and perfectly shined boots, Xenfal commands attention. His perfectly shaved and waxed mustache is never far from a twist from his nimble fingers. At his side are two daggers, a short sword, and a light hammer, and in his hand is a gorgeously worked Short Spear, which he lovingly calls Della.

Xenfal did not particularly like slaving. He liked money, he liked drinking, and he liked women. He did not like hard work, so he soon found that slaving was an easy way to make it. A quick tongue and sharp eye, and an occasional spear to the gut, or cat to the back and he was off to the tavern.

Of course discretion was never one of his strengths either. Always looking from the big score to retire in opulence blinded him to common sense. Most people would have thought this is too good to be true. Of course it was and Xenfal found himself in chains himself, and on his way to Brandescar.

Luckily for him, he had was clever enough to bribe the right guard to give him his gear and freedom in return for some coin. Once out it cost him the majority of his reserves, but better than than a short drop and quick stop that he was headed to. Xenfal kept his word and paid the man and even enlisted his services for a few weeks until he allowed him to take an arrow in the gut for him.

Recently he has been contacted by an intriguing fellow named Cardinal Thorn. A man who seemed to know many things, most importantly about Xenfal's family ties to the true church of Asmodeous. Perhaps this Thorn fellow could use the services of an unemployed talent like Xenfal.