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Hit Points: 21/23;

AC: 12/12-t/10-ff | CMD 14 | Fort +2; Ref +2; Will +4 | Init +2 | Per +5 (Crichton Per +12)

About Xamarath Fingoth

Advancement Choices:

1st: Evoker ("Wrath Sin Mage"); Favored Class: +1 hp
2nd: Evoker; Favored Class: +1 hp
3rd: Evoker; Favored Class: +1 hp


force missile: 2/7 (1d4+1)
dancing lights (tattoo): 1/1
infernal healing: 36/50 charges

2nd—burning arc (DC 18), burning arc, burning arc, pilfering hand
1st—charm person (DC 15), color spray (DC 15), hydraulic push, magic missile, magic missile
Cantrips—detect magic, ghost sound, light, read magic

Xamarath Alastir Fingoth
Male human (Thayvian) Wizard (Red Wizard: Evoker) 3
CG medium humanoid (Human)
Init +2; Senses Perception +5

AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10 (+2 dex)
HP 23 (3d6 [14] + 6 [Con] + 3 [Favored])
Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +4

Speed 30 ft.
Melee quarterstaff +2 (1d6+1; x2)
Ranged +3
Space 5 ft., Reach 5 ft.

Arcane School: Evocation
Banned Schools: Abjuration and Conjuration
Arcane Bond: Familiar

Wizard Spells Prepared (CL 3rd; concentration +9; ranged touch +3)

2nd—burning arc (DC 18), burning arc, burning arc, pilfering hand
1st—charm person (DC 15), color spray (DC 15), hydraulic push, magic missile, magic missile
Cantrips—detect magic, ghost sound, light, read magic


Intense Spells (Su): Whenever you cast an evocation spell that deals hit point damage, add 1/2 your wizard level to the damage (minimum +1). This bonus only applies once to a spell, not once per missile or ray, and cannot be split between multiple missiles or rays. This bonus damage is not increased by Empower Spell or similar effects. This damage is of the same type as the spell. At 20th level, whenever you cast an evocation spell you can roll twice to penetrate a creature's spell resistance and take the better result.

Force Missile (Sp): As a standard action you can unleash a force missile that automatically strikes a foe, as magic missile. The force missile deals 1d4 points of damage plus the damage from your intense spells evocation power. This is a force effect. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.

Str 12, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 12, Cha 15
Base Atk +1; CMB +2; CMD 14

Unlearned - Xamarath is alien to Golarion, and so Golarion is alien to Xamarath. As a result, he is having to relearn how to function in a world with entirely different cultures, customs, and histories. While he has performed admirably so far, he still struggles with becoming accustomed to the way things work on this planet.

    Effect: Choose one Knowledge skill (Knowledge: Arcana). You cannot attempt untrained Knowledge checks with any other Knowledge skills, even if the check's DC is 10 or lower. If you have access to a library that covers a specific Knowledge skill, you may attempt an untrained Knowledge check with a –2 penalty.


Lore Seeker - The secrets of the ancient fallen civilization of Thassilon intrigue you, particularly the magical traditions of its highly mystical culture. You’ve studied magic intensely, and hope to increase that knowledge by adding Thassilonian lore. You’ve come to Varisia to pursue that study, and chose Sandpoint as your base because it was out of the way of bigger cities—meaning less competition to study the ancient monuments in the region, you hope!

    Benefit You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (arcana) checks, and Knowledge (arcana) is a class skill for you. If you cast arcane spells, pick three spells on your spell list. You are particularly adept at casting these spells, so they function at +1 caster level when you cast them, and their save DCs (if any) gain a +1 bonus. (magic missile, burning arc, diamond spray)

Magical Lineage (magic missile) - Zanderous Fingoth rose to heights as an Evoker that most could only dare dream of. Xamarath favored his uncle, much to Erasmus' chagrin, and learned some of the tricks of the trade from the powerful wizard. One of these tricks was a means by which to tweak one of the simplest of spells, bending it into something far greater.
    Benefit Pick one spell when you choose this trait. When you apply metamagic feats to this spell that add at least 1 level to the spell, treat its actual level as 1 lower for determining the spell's final adjusted level.

Arcane Graduate - It is from the academies of Thay that Xamarath comes from; peerless, powerful wizards of such infamy as to challenge even the heights of Thassilonian knowledge.
    Benefit You gain a +2 trait bonus on concentration checks when casting arcane spells.

Feats: Spell Focus: Evocation, Mage's Tattoo: Evocation, Scribe Scroll, Alertness, Spell Specialization (burning arc)


  • Diplomacy +7 (2 [Rank] + 2 [Cha] +3 [Familiar])
  • Knowledge—Arcana +10 (2 [Rank] + 4 [Int] + 3 [Class] + 1 [Trait])
  • Knowledge—Dungeoneering +8 (1 [Rank] + 4 [Int] + 3 [Class])
  • Knowledge—History +8 (1 [Rank] + 4 [Int] + 3 [Class])
  • Knowledge—Nature +8 (1 [Rank] + 4 [Int] + 3 [Class])
  • Knowledge—Planes +8 (1 [Rank] + 4 [Int] + 3 [Class])
  • Linguistics +8 (1 [Rank] + 4 [Int] + 3 [Class])
  • Perception +5 (2 [Rank] + 1 [Wis] + 2 [Alertness])
  • Profession—Merchant +5 (1 [Rank] + 1 [Wis] + 3 [Class])
  • Spellcraft +9 (2 [Rank] + 4 [Int] + 3 [Class])

    Modifiers: +3 Appraise (Familiar); +2 Perception/Sense Motive(Alertness)
    Languages: Common (Taldane), Celestial, Draconic, Ignan, Thassilonian, Thayan


    Location: On Person
    quarterstaff (free; 4 lbs.)
    backpack, masterwork (+48 gp; 4 lbs.)
    bandolier (0.5 gp; 0 lbs.)

  • potion of cure light wounds
  • wand of infernal healing (49)
    scholar's outfit (free; 6 lbs.)
    scroll box (5 gp; 1 lbs.)
         includes: scroll of silent image, scroll of memory lapse
    book, journal (10 gp; 1 lbs.)
    wizard's kit (21 gp; 21 lbs.)
         includes: backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, ink, inkpen, iron pot, mess kit, soap, spell component pouch, torches (10), trail rations (5), waterskin

    [Carrying CapacityLight: 50 lbs. | Medium: 51-100 lbs. | Heavy: 101-150 lbs.
    Money: 10GP 5SP CP
    Total Weight: 36 lbs.



              The Thayan Apprentice

    Having long since made their marks on the world of Faerun at large, The Brothers Fingoth (the Thayan twin prodigies Erasmus and Zanderous) at long last returned to their homeland of Thay wealthy and immensely powerful. For a time, they merely reveled in their newfound glory among peers and family; Zanderous indulging in drinks and women while Erasmus availed himselves to the myriad ameneties available to one of such profound prestige. Their future and standing secure, there were even whispers of the pair seeking to overthrow and replace the acting Zulkirs of Enchantment and Evocation, respectively. Fortunately, such a future was not in their cards—they were content with what they had already themselves earned. It was not to be spoiled by becoming embroiled in bitter rivalries and scheming politics of the Thayan variety (perhaps the most deadly variety there was to be found).

    Erasmus and Zanderous remained close their many long years, despite their wildly disparate philosophies and tendencies; Erasmus, ever the reserved pragmatist while Zanderous tended far more towards extroversion and displays of raw power. As time rambled on, Erasmus eventually set to producing children with his ensorcelled consort and apprentice, Eleyna. First among those born to the couple was Xamarath Alastir Fingoth. He was groomed from birth to be a wizard of legend that would follow in the footsteps of his father. It seemed Xamarath had managed to inherit much of Zanderous' discipline and predilections, and his talents manifested not in the schools of Enchantment and Charm, but of Evocation and Invocation. His personality too mirrored that of his uncle Zanderous: thrill-seeking and delinquence that earned him no small share of lashes from his instructors. Despite all measures taken to funnel him down the path Erasmus would have chosen, the child seemed hellbent on following in his uncle's footsteps. Eventually, Erasmus gave up the good fight and yielded to the wishes of his free spirited child.

              The Fingoth Vaults

    Perhaps the only thing that rivaled the legend of the Brothers Fingoth themselves were the vast hoards of treasures the duo had collected during their travels and travails. It all lay stored in one enormous vault, filled with vast requilaries of immensely powerful objects, coins of various denominations piled as high as a frost giant, and an immense library of grimoires, lexicons, and tomes containing hidden and forbidden lores enough for any keen minded practitioner of the The Weave to achieve heights of power only dreamed of. Or so Zanderous would have everyone believe—truth be told it was mostly an exaggeration intended to lure foolish thieves into giving Zanderous an excuse to blast them into a fine vapor. Even should a would-be robber manage to gain entry into their vaults, the golem guardians alone would take care of their intrusion with due haste. Unfortunately, Zanderous always conveniently forgot to mention the golems in his boasts—the same boasts Xamarath frequently overheard.

    After spending a noteworthy chunk of his allowance on a potion of invisibility, Xamarath (now a young teenager) took it upon himself to shadow his father Erasmus during one of his trips to deposit more wealth in the Fingoth Vaults. He eavesdropped on the command word required to bypass the traps and locking mechanisms of the enormous doorway, and waited patiently for his father to return and depart. After yet several more moments spent frozen for fear of reprisal should he be caught, Xamarath finally sprung to action. Uttering the same arcane syllables he had recently witnessed his father using, he slipped into the vaults undetected. It would be the last thing the youth accomplished on Faerun.

    Xamarath was a bit disappointed to learn of the lengths to which his uncle Zanderous had exaggerated their vast accumulations of wealth and magical trinkets. Though there was indeed an immense hoard of treasure to be had, it certainly did not rival that of a wyrm as Zanderous often bragged. Furthermore, the greater majority of their collections were secreted away in lockboxes and chests within the vault. It was upon the far wall, however, that Xamarath spied what he sought: an impossibly perfect staff upon a mantle capped with a gold-ensconced ruby the size of Xamarath's fist. Caution was never his strong suit; the boy snatched it from the mantle with equal measures of excitement and greed. It was the rumbling behind him that snapped him out of his revery.

    A pair of iron golems, wrought to resemble the same brothers to whom the vault belonged, lurched to life suddenly on either side of the vault's entryway. The scrape and grate of their immense, metal weight was as terrifying as the murderous intent they displayed plainly with their actions. While far from an expert on the subject, Xamarath knew how hopeless his situation had become. Golems were all but immune to a wizard's craft, even when facing a veteran spellcaster. He was but an apprentice, knowing only a handful of cantrips with which to defend himself. Reflexively, he raised the staff aloft before him in a defensive gesture to ward off the golem's mighty blow.

    No sooner had the golem's iron hand snapped the staff in twain than a swell of profound magical currents rebounded throughout the chamber. In a flash, an orb of arcane energy flared into being, disintegrating the golem closest to Xamarath while flinging the second against the wall it had previously stood against. A large portion of the treasure hoard was vaporized in that same instant. Of Xamarath, there was no sign. He had simply vanished.

              The Grand Lodge of Absalom

    When next the youth's eyes opened, he noted that he was no longer in his family's vaults. Xamarath's initial assumption was that he had met a grisly demise at the hands of the golem, only to be resurrected by his father if for no other reason than to receive reprimand and chastisement for his foolishness. For once, Xamarath realized he probably deserved the brunt of such harshness. This time, however, it was not the lash of his father's tongue that greeted him. Strange faces on stranger men speaking a yet stranger tongue. He was strapped down to some sort of examination table, various types of divination and scrying devices arrayed above him, focused through a plethora of lenses, crystals, and filters. At first, panic overtook him. Eventually, Aram Zey's assistance was required. Through magical means, communications finally took place. The Pathfinders learned much that day; most of which made their heads spin. And though he was soon granted freedom, he was not allowed to leave the Grand Lodge for some time.

    Several years were spent amongst the Pathfinders of Absalom. He was allowed chaperoned trips into the city itself on occasion, to satisfy his mischievous wanderlust and need for adventure. When he was back at the Lodge itself, they grilled him on the nature of his homeworld and countries as well as various theories and magical practices. Most hiliarously for most came the moment when Xamarath called Aram Zey's understanding of the underlying principles of magic and its workings "crude and undisciplined." Master Zey was a tempest of seething anger and incredulity upon such an assertion, but there was a measure of truth to it that all were forced to acknowledge. The same methods of spellcraft that Xamarath had mastered were strikingly similar to that of Ancient Thassilon in many respects, if not superior. Wherever this Thay was, their grasp on magic was profound.

    Frustratingly for the Pathfinders, Xamarath began to realize the bargaining chip he had to leverage against them. He tired of being a pampered prisoner. His voluntary dispensation of information grew far more tight lipped, accompanied by the demand that he be allowed to travel Golarion freely to experience it and live his life free of their inquisitive shackles. A compromise on the matter was ultimately reached, despite Aram Zey's insistence that he could magically coerce what they required from him over time: he would continue to supply them information, though he would submit to their own practices by becoming a fully fledged Pathfinder himself. All details of his exploits would need to be recorded and funneled through the Grand Lodge for proper evaluation and added to their vast catalogues. Hesitantly, Xamarath agreed.

              The Varisian Village: Sandpoint

    Xamarath would remain with the Lodge for another year yet, even in light of his great desire to travel elsewhere. He had mastered several new languages and learned of much during his time at the Grand Lodge's massive library complex. Ultimately, they channeled his energies towards the subject of Ancient Thassilon. Xamarath drew the same conclusions as the Masters had: Thay and Thassilon bore striking similarities in both their grasp of magic and the underlying principles that governed their rulership. Though he scoffed at the notion of Divination being regarded as a false school, the rest seemed to add up. If he were to wield mastery over his own capabilities, research into Thassilon would be paramount among his endeavors. Furthermore, it seemed such a well of knowledge from this world's ancient past would better serve him in discovering a means of returning to Thay... eventually. He intended to enjoy his freedom here for a great time before worrying about skipping across the planes to find Faerun once more.

    The Grand Lodge afforded Xamarath a small stipend for his affiliation and covered traveling expenses for him to reach Sandpoint. He chose Sandpoint specifically both for its famous festival and its isolation from more populated areas of Varisia. Less competition by likeminded, far inferior wizards would simply not do at all. Plus, village girls were far easier to impress than noblewomen.

    Xamarath arrived at Sandpoint after a couple of months, a full week before the festival began. He had long since began allowing his hair to grow back out after being unfailingly labeled a "Shoanti Mystic". It further vexed him to learn of their gypsy-like disposition and tribal mannerisms. He retained the fashion of Thay, but avoided the usual hairlessness for which such wizards were infamous, if for no other reason than to hide the impressive mural of tattoos that dominate his head.


    IMPETUOUS; Golarion is a whole new world (don't you dare close your eyes / hold your breath, it gets better) for Xamarath to explore. He throws himself into such exploraiton and discovery with sometimes-reckless abandon. Though he longs to return home to Thay one day, he hopes to do so with a vast accumulation of knowledge from an entirely different world.

    THRILLSEEKER; Xamarath lives for excitement. The excitement of a discovery is certainly interesting, but the excitement of blasting his way through myriad guardians to accomplish said discovery is far more exhilerating. While his affiliation with the Pathfinders demands a lot of pedantic book-keeping and notes (as does his Wizardly studies), he is not overly fond of such menial chores.

    AVARICIOUS; He thirsts for glory, prestige, and the wealth that goes with it. He is not outright greedy, never demanding more than his fair share, but the prospect of lining his own pockets is never far from his mind.

    LECHEROUS; Xamarath likes women, and he's found that women like him. He lives his life for pleasure, and there are few things that rival the pleasure of a good tussel with enjoyable company.

    METICULOUS FASHION; It's easier to impress when you're dressed to kill. Xamarath maintains his Thayan fashion as much as possible—he's found the enigmatic aura it exudes is particularly sufficient for impressing. He has begun growing his hair again, however, after tiring of comparisons to what are apparently a roving band of tattooed gypsies in Varisia.

    PRANKSTER; Seldom overly serious, Xamarath is a fan of playing harmless pranks on those he has managed to earn fellowship amongst. He usually knows when to stop, and has thus far avoided going too far with his shenanigans.


    Xamarath seems to favor the same bloodline that gave rise to Zanderous moreso than his father, Erasmus. He is tall, lean, and hale, with a well toned body; the kind that makes all the ladies swoon. His features are more masculine than his occupation typically afford—a very handsome face framed by a chiseled jawline and strong chin. He has perfect eyebrows that crown eyes that gleam like emeralds, beneath which sits a straight nose and dimpled smile revealing pearly, white teeth. The beginnings of a goatee are evident upon his upper lip and chin, though his age has yet to afford him enough traction to grow anything worthy of grooming.

    His clothing is kept in immaculate repair at all times. Though he sports robes, the majority of his garments lack the typically voluminous quality that most practitioners of the arcane tend towards. While richly appointed, his clothing hugs his upper body and arms enough so as to accentuate his admirable physique, with the sleeves flaring out nearer to the wrists. All that he wears is predominantly bright crimson in color and hue, with an elaborate network of golden stitching, hems, borders, and filigreed detail. The skirt of his robes sport a split in the front that rapidly recedes to the back of his thighs and spills onto the ground behind him, revealing a suit of black trousers that end in a suit of well-worn, brown boots. Various baubles and trinkets relating to the arcane lie fastened and festooned about his person, arranged neatly and practically so as not to interfere with either his well kept image or the elaborate range of motion required to realize spells.

    His speech is soothing, but betrays an overeager bent; his zest for living life to the fullest evident even there. Xamarath is careful to avoid derision when speaking, instead choosing to appear as amiable as possible. When afforded the opportunity of a bath and hospitable dwellings, he tends to smell of incense with strong undertones of cinnamon.
    Ht: 6' 2"
    Wt: 200 lbs.
    Age: 24
    Hair: Dark brown; medium length and slicked back beneath his cowl (conceals a mural of tattoos that dominate his head)
    Eyes: Light green
    Skin: Slightly tanned
    Reference Image

    Toppling Empires, Xamarath's Destructive Grimoire (Spellbook):

    2nd: burning arc, pilfering hand
    1st: burning hands, hydraulic push, magic missile, shocking grasp, tenser's floating disk, charm person, color spray, memory lapse, silent image
    Cantrips: breeze, dancing lights, flare, light, penumbra, ray of frost, scoop, spark, detect magic, detect poisoin, read magic, daze, ghost sound, haunted fey aspect, bleed, disrupt undead, touch of fatigue, jolt, mage hand, mending, message, open/close, root, arcane mark, prestidigitation

    Crichton, Cardinal Familiar: