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Full Name

Xaephon Ateus




Spirit Shaman






Both 22 and 12

Special Abilities

Spirit guide, wild empathy




the spirits are every where


common, sylvan, elven



Strength 13
Dexterity 12
Constitution 10
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 14
Charisma 9

About Xaephon Ateus

Initiative +1

Speed 30ft.

Max Hit Points: 8/8

Hand axe +1 (1d6+1/x3)
long spear +1 (1d8+1/x3)
dart +1 (1d4+1/x2)
Shortbow +1 (1d6/x3)

Armor Class: 15(+2 armour,+1 dex,+2H shield), Flat-footed 14, Touch 11;

Fortitude +3
Reflexes +1
Will +4


listen+8 (4+2+2*)
Knowledge nature+6 (4+2)
Knowledge local+6 (4+2)
spot+6 (2+2+2*)
concentrate+3 (2+1)


Alertness(spirit guide), Dodge, mobility.



leather armour
heavy wooden shield
hand axe
6 darts
short bow
20 arrows
fish hook
1 rations
flint and steel

Spells commonly retrieved

combat( uses 3/3 DC9+level)1st-cure light wounds, 0- cure minor wounds, guidance, flare;
Journeying 1st-charm animal, 0-detect poison, cure minor wounds, create water;


Xaephon Ateus was born on a dark moonless night that the people of Riversbend would not forget for a very long time. People said strange beasts roamed the streets that night and many a soul awoke the following morning to find their belongings rearranged as if by the hands of adolescent pranksters, while others merely found treasure belongs missing. But none could compare their discontent to that of the Ateus’s, whom found their new born pulled from his mother’s arms and replaced a sculpted log of an infant, its wooden face mockingly smiling in an insane grin.

It took many months for the young couple to discover the fate of their lost child but the adversity brought them together an soon they where on the path of Ateus. (Which was the name they had decided upon for their son in abstentia).With the help Magremnar’s divinations, an errant priest, they discovered fey raiders from another realm had abducted their precious son.

Armed with his god give knowledge the following new moon Magremar crossed the boundary between worlds in a cunning reversal of what the fey had done a year prior and just before the first light of the sun crept over the purple morning hills he returned threw the simmering gate with a figure in tow.

The were aghast, the man who Magremnar had brought back was nearly half their own age! Instead of a tottering infant a short adolescent with dark perceptive eyes and visible frighten bearing followed the towering cleric. Apparently time flowed differently in the faerie realm.
Despite their shock the Ateus’s were warm caring parents, the did there very best to make comfortable their alter child. Which for the terrified youth was much needed. For while he had escaped it seemed a fraction of the mysterious otherworldliness had accompanied him. From strange haunting dreams, to phantasmal animal and entities others could not perceive. Xaephon lived in a world wrestling between reality and fantasy and from him the boundary was all too indistinct.

Unfortunately Magremnar’s services did not come cheaply for the towering cleric was a servant of the maimed god of secrets, Vecna. And his price had been the Atues’s cooperation in providing the dark priesthood with dangerous and damning secrets.
As Xaephon aged and came to trust and cherish his family the realised just how much of a sacrifice and burden this pact was upon their noble souls. And it was his fault.One night he could stand it no longer either he would find away to break Megremnar’s hold or he would die in the attempt. Far to wise to attack the powerful man head on, he would bide his time, fate would provide him the tool or barring that surely he could find stout enough friends and one day return to shatter the prying clerics malignant grasp….

Appearance and Personality:
Xaephon is almost more shadow then man. Small and fine featured he has a tenancy to lurk just within the periphery of sight. Further there is a far away quality about him. His darting eyes seem to follow unseen forms which bespeaks the nervous mantle that envelops him. The mantle of one who has seen many frightful things, maybe too many....

born to special privilege Gauri was fawned over, cherish and idolized but a whole village. While such ministration where bore out of respect and kindness it terrified the young girl. She could never be alone, ever where were watching eyes and smiling faces.
Soon Gauri was hiding, traveling by night fall to avoid her subject. And yet inside guilt consumed her but her spurning of those who had
the only solution that

Moon faced,with here satiny black hair drawn into a long braid and eyes like liquid gold with skin like burnished copper is no common half elf but a traveler from a distant exotic land. Slim and rangy built Gauri cuts a tom boyish figure.