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I love the flavour of this, it's giving Strange Aeons vibes, and depending on how "ancient forest with paranoid townsfolk" turns out, could even end up sorta like True Detective.

Plus, 3-book APs are just infinitely more approachable for me than 6-book ones.

Definitely the most excited I've been for an AP in a while.

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Definitely interested in checking out Fall of Plaguestone. Will be a good way for me and my group to learn the system, I think.

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As someone who ran Serpent's Skull, it's super cool to see that Sargava overthrew its colonial background. The colonial themes and racial tension in Eleder were... weird, and I'm excited to see where it goes from here.

Darth Game Master wrote:
Alchemical Wonder wrote:
I would much prefer races native to the material plane to be morally ambiguous with cultural tendencies toward specific alignments being attributable to whatever deities their local populous chooses to follow. I feel inherent alignment to be a strictly outsider phenomenon.

Thirded. Rich Burlew did this in Order of the Stick 10+ years ago, and it makes for much better writing to have goblins and orcs who are evil because they were raised evil & because humans/elves have abused them, than because they just have... evil genetics or something.