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Martyr's Tear:
Aura moderate necromancy; CL 6th; Weight —
Slot none; Price 6,000 gp


This imperfect, rose-tinted gemstone resembles a teardrop or a broken heart depending on its orientation. Its pale facets are typically marred by a single crack or chip near the gem's middle.

Once per day, the bearer may spend a standard action to transfer 3d6 hit points from himself into the gem. This deepens the gem's color, with a stronger color indicating more life energy stored in it. The gem can store a maximum of 18 hit points. If any hit points are stored in the gem, the bearer may touch it himself or another creature as a standard action, transferring all the stored life energy from the gem to the target creature, healing it a number of hit points equal to the amount stored in the gem. This returns the gem to its normal color.

Maybe too expensive for low levels, but at high levels it is a must have for non-magic characters. 18 HP of healing that anyone can use on anyone can save lives.

Gunslingers can be very deadly. But...

They provoke when shooting. They provoke when reloading. They have misfire (one of my first battles with a musket master involved his gun breaking... after two misfires...).Paper cartridges cost 6gp a piece--when you fire 7-10 shots in a round, that adds up very quickly.

There is definitely some confirmation bias against gunslingers though. Everyone remembers when the gunslinger crits and deals 200-300 damage in one round, but they dont pay attention when most of their shots miss and end up dealing 45 damage in a round.

My current fighter can deal 200-300 damage in a round, and uses Gloves of the Shortened Path to basically attack anywhere. He cannot misfire, he doesnt provoke to attack, he can tank hits, and it doesnt cost him anything to go all out. My musket master was more fun, but he wasnt necessarily more powerful.

Litany of Sloth says no AoO can be made. Cage enemy says any creature making any movement, even if it doesn't usually provoke, provokes. If a Paladin uses Litany of Sloth on a Guardian, and moves past the Guardian, does the Paladin provoke if the Guardian uses Cage Enemy?

Litany of Sloth (Paladin spell):
School enchantment (compulsion) [language-dependent, mind-affecting]; Level antipaladin 1, inquisitor 1, paladin 1

Casting Time 1 swift action
Components V, S, DF

Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target one creature
Duration 1 round
Saving Throw no; Spell Resistance yes

This content was created for the Pathfinder rules by Paizo Publishing LLC and is part of the Pathfinder RPG product line.
With a litany against the wages of sloth, you slow the target’s defenses. The target cannot make attacks of opportunity or cast spells defensively.

While subject to this spell, the target cannot be the target of another spell that has the word "litany" in the title.

Cage Enemy (Mythic Guardian path ability):
Cage Enemy (Ex)

You can pin enemies foolish enough to face you. As an immediate action, you can expend one use of mythic power to hinder opponents until the end of your next turn. When this ability is active, any creature moving out of one of your threatened squares, even when making a 5-foot step or using a form of movement that doesn't usually provoke attacks of opportunity, provokes an attack of opportunity from you. If your attack of opportunity hits and deals damage, the creature remains in its current space and its movement ends. Alternatively, you can expend one use of mythic power as part of a charge. If the charge attack hits, the target can't move itself from its space until the beginning of your next turn (though others can move the creature).

Side question: Could a gunslinger ready an action to shoot the bead? What would the AC be?

How do you have Deft Shootist at level 4?

blackbloodtroll wrote:

I suppose

I think it is odd that pathfinder has a defined price for mithril shields, but no price for mithril weapons. It does have a price by weight however, which can be used to determine pricing for a weapon (as per the errata on the mithril material)

A mithril shield is priced the same as mithril light armor

Why would they not define a price for an adamantine shield? Does nobody ever want to make an adamantine shield?

And why not list a price by weight for adamantine?

How would I go about pricing an adamantine heavy shield?

Past posts on this topic tend to conclude that a shield is a weapon, and thus is priced as a weapon (+3000). I don't think this is a solid argument however.

I'm currently playing a level 15 gunslinger, planning to prestige one level into Chevalier. No regrets.

Correct desril, the poncho only boosts touch ac. The idea is that since gunslingers often target touch ac, the boost to touch becomes useful.

If high level, Musket Master. Take Improved Snap Shot and Combat Reflexes. Use the level 11 signature deed on Bleeding Wound for free dex mod bleed upon a hit. Use a double-barrel musket with the Distance enchantment. Enjoy your 2*(1d12+bonus)+dex mod bleed to anyone who dares enter your 15-foot death bubble. Take Deft Shootist if you can or you'll suffer AoOs.

Don't waste too much moolah on AC--your best defense is gunning people down before they can do anything to you (and boosting your saves).

Consider a one level dip into Chevalier.

Look into special ammo for flexibility and consider keeping an extra musket or two in case something happens to your primary (store them in your Endless Bandolier).

karossii wrote:


"When using this feat, you are staggered. You can take a move action without further injuring yourself, but if you perform any standard action (or any other action deemed as strenuous, including some swift actions, such as casting a quickened spell) you take 1 point of damage after completing the act. If your negative hit points are equal to or greater than your Constitution score, you immediately die."

Nothing in that paragraph states you fall unconscious after the single action. As far as I read it, you may continue acting, 1 standard (or move or swift) action per round, at a cost of 1HP per round, until you die.

The paragraph preceding the one you quoted also states that you are disabled, as does Never Stop Shooting. Disabled is quoted in my last post, which does state that you fall unconscious and dying after taking a standard that does not increase your HP.

So unless "disabled" in those two instances isn't referring to the Disabled condition, I'd say the first shot someone takes under Never Stop Shooting means they lose 1 HP and gain the dying condition (a condition which includes falling unconscious).

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Diehard states that you stabilize and must choose to go Unconscious or Disabled. If you decide to go Disabled, you can take a single move or standard action per round. Standard actions make you lose 1 HP and become unconscious and dying. If you decide to go Unconscious you get to enjoy automatically being stable.

Never Stop Shooting gives you all of the above, except if you go Disabled you can ONLY shoot a firearm, draw a firearm, reload a firearm, or do nothing. You can't move, you cant use a bluff check to feign death, you can't drink a health potion, etc.

So basically you can lay there and reload/draw guns until you shoot once, at which point you 1) lose 1 HP and 2) become unconscious and dying.


Never Stop Shooting

Even when the chips are down, you keep on shooting.

Benefits: If your hit point total drops to 0 or lower but you are not dead, you may act as if disabled rather than dying (as if you possessed the Diehard feat). However, you can use your actions only to draw a firearm, reload a firearm, or attack with a firearm. If you have the Diehard feat, this trait also allows you to substitute your Wisdom score for your Constitution score for the purpose of determining the negative hit point total at which you die.



A character with 0 hit points, or one who has negative hit points but has become stable and conscious, is disabled. A disabled character may take a single move action or standard action each round (but not both, nor can he take full-round actions, but he can still take swift, immediate, and free actions). He moves at half speed. Taking move actions doesn't risk further injury, but performing any standard action [...] deals 1 point of damage after the completion of the act. Unless the action increased the disabled character's hit points, he is now in negative hit points and dying.

Nope. Shadow is a +2 Armor Special Ability, it just has a flat cost. So you could have a +5 Shadow armor, and add up to another +3 in enchantments

Xaratherus wrote:

By 'common sense' RAI: My assumption is thatt he sniping rules are written around the most common ranged weapon, the bow. That means that -20 to the Stealth check is already assuming a near-noiseless weapon attack.

As a GM, I'd rule that someone using an unsilenced firearm would have more like a -40 penalty to his Stealth check; using the oil would make it the standard -20.

Fair enough. I have joked about my musket having the ability "summon guard".

Quantum Steve wrote:

The DC 34 is to perceive him, actually see the Musket Master in his sniper's nest. The DC to hear the crack of his musket, IMO, is much lower.

An oil of silence wouldn't make the MM harder to see, but it would silence his weapon.

Alright, so the oil is necessary to not totally blow my cover, and I should look into stealth-enhancing items :)

Thanks guys

Let's say you have a Musket Master who wants to start picking off a roadblock from 240 feet while stealthed.

He has a stealth check bonus of 20.
Let's say he rolls a 10 on the d20.
Perception DCs increase by 1 for every 10 feet: 24 for this distance.

Perception DC=54 to perceive him moving into position.

If he attacks the soldiers at the roadblock, he takes a -20 to another stealth attempt. So the subsequent Perception DC is 34.

Now, he applies an Oil of Silence to his musket, providing Silence for one hour.

Does this do anything to reduce the -20 stealth check penalty after attacking? Surely the lack of a boom would be worth something?

Just throwing it out there: keep in mind that firearm attacks are not touch attacks, although they do hit touch AC.

blahpers wrote:

Hence the "spare hand". A Kasatha could do it rules-as-written. A two-level dip into alchemist can net a vestigial arm that can reload a gun, since it doesn't actually add more attacks than the character would normally qualify for, it simply allows the gunslinger to use that qualification. There are a few other ways.

Weapon cords were only half the problem, and nerfing them only affects gunslingers so long as they don't figure out other ways to get bullets back into their guns. Double-barreled firearms are a much bigger problem than TWF itself, as they grant a doubling of attacks no other feature in the game grants, and they do it for a class that already has top-tier damage, range, and accuracy.

overlooked the "spare hand" part :)

Clarification on double-barrel weapons would be good. To me it seems gunslingers (at least musket masters) would be too weak with a single barrel weapon but are OP with double barrel.

It doesn't make sense to make them work like Manyshot (i.e. once per round) since one could easily quick draw multiple fully loaded DB pistols (or muskets) to nova. Imo it doesnt make sense to nerf free reloads either, since it should be easier to load two barrels at once than to reload one barrel twice: you can grab two cartridges at once, ram them down the barrel at the same time (get a double ramrod), etc. I would suggest giving firearms a damage boost and getting rid double barrel weapons, or only letting them fire one barrel at a time (in case you cant reload as a free yet, or ever depending on class/archetype).

Though I wouldnt say their range is top tier. A musket master with a Double Hackbut of Distance has 5 range increments of 100ft opposed to an archer with a non-magical comp longbow having 10 range increments of 110ft

blahpers wrote:

And yes, this is crazy-go-nuts if you have a spare hand and the GM allows enough free actions to reload both barrels 14 or 16 times to cover 4x2 iteratives, 3x2 Greater TWF, and 1x2 Rapid Shot. But legal, if your GM allows that many reload actions. Even I think that's a bit much.

You won't be seeing many double-barreled pistols of the infinite sky, methinks.

I'm not sure how that works now, since they nerfed weapon cords. How would he reload with no free hands (besides Synthesist)?

partyrico wrote:
When making a firearm attack with a double barreled weapon, you can instead take -2 to hit with two attacks instead of the one. You can do this both during a standard or full-attack.

Pretty sure its a -4 to fire both barrels, if thats what you're saying?

i.e. instead of rolling 1d20 you roll 1d20-4 twice.


What gear would a level 13 musket master need to have? I currently have the following:

Greater Bracers of Archery (DM allowed this to apply to guns)
+4 Belt of Dexterity
+4 Cloak of Resistance
+1 Ring of Protection
Jaunt Boots (15 foot 5-foot-step 3x/day)
Endless Bandolier
+2 Headband of Wisdom
Goggles of Night (60ft Darkvision)

I've got a +4 weapon (+2 & Distance & Lightning), but no special armor yet (I beefed AoO abilities to compensate).

Deadshot vest is a consideration, as it makes it feasible for me to attack up to 160 feet.

...Good question. I always presumed it could only be taken once but I am not sure now. Dotting

It isn't all that murky. It simply allows you to get grit by killing helpless or unaware creatures whereas all other gunslingers cannot.

It is in addition to. Let's recall what it is being added to:

Grit wrote:

Grit (Ex)

A gunslinger makes her mark upon the world with daring deeds. Some gunslingers claim they belong to a mystical way of the gun, but it’s more likely that the volatile nature of firearms simply prunes the unlucky and careless from their ranks. Whatever the reason, all gunslingers have grit. In game terms, grit is a fluctuating measure of a gunslinger’s ability to perform amazing actions in combat. At the start of each day, a gunslinger gains a number of grit points equal to her Wisdom modifier (minimum 1). Her grit goes up or down throughout the day, but usually cannot go higher than her Wisdom modifier (minimum 1), though some feats and magic items may affect this maximum. A gunslinger spends grit to accomplish deeds (see below), and regains grit in the following ways.

Critical Hit with a Firearm: Each time the gunslinger confirms a critical hit with a firearm attack while in the heat of combat, she regains 1 grit point. Confirming a critical hit on a helpless or unaware creature or on a creature that has fewer Hit Dice than half the gunslinger’s character level does not restore grit.

Killing Blow with a Firearm: When the gunslinger reduces a creature to 0 or fewer hit points with a firearm attack while in the heat of combat, she regains 1 grit point. Destroying an unattended object, reducing a helpless or unaware creature to 0 or fewer hit points, or reducing a creature that has fewer Hit Dice than half the gunslinger’s character level to 0 or fewer hit points does not restore any grit.

As I see it, the bushwacker effectively ignores the bolded text. That means all other requirements apply, so your target still must be at least half of your HD. So unfortunately the Bag-o-Kittens will not work.

Since buckwackers get sneak attacks, presumably this is a balance mechanism to ensure bushwackers can actually regain grit.

Be sure to keep this in mind:

This expands the way in which the bushwhacker gains grit points, so a bushwhacker who gains grit points in this way only gains 1 grit point for reducing a helpless or unaware opponent, not 2 grit points.

Rerednaw wrote:

Oh Vital Strike also works with a gun...

If you really want to burn the feats for something like Dead Shot instead of taking snapshot+improved snap shot+ combat reflexes (since DS scales while VS doesnt).

Although VS makes moving more than a 5-foot step a viable option. A Musket Master usually doesn't want to move.

1) You get dex to damage with musket training.

2) Use Dead Shot to overcome misfire chance, and keep backup muskets if you break one. Grab the Endless Bandolier for a mere 1500gp. Also once you hit level 13 you never misfire with a two-handed firearm. For this reason I would not recommend using the signature deed feat on Dead Shot, since you'll want to full attack once you hit 13.

3) Critting and killing something with at least half your hit dice regens grit.

You should take some time to re-read the Gunslinger, Musket Master, and Firearms

caddmus wrote:

I don't have enough wine to keep track of all the free actions to load more then one barrel at a time :)

One free action per barrel I would presume. More like 1.5 free actions for both barrels. The PC can grab two cartridges at the same time, for example, instead of retrieving them one at a time.

Maxximilius wrote:

The "99%" probably comes from reading the posts of people repeatingly arguing this may be a misprint. I have seen no developer speaking about it being a mistake that needs to be corrected. Just check Ultimate Equipment - even in this book, there has been no stealth-errata and by RAW the DB musket's range remains 10'. The text on DB pistols and muskets isn't even the same and implies the DB pistol can only be fired for a double-tap once per round.

In the same fashion, the blunderbuss is terrible at it's job when compared to the Dragon pistol (+1 average damage for a longer reloading time and x2 multiplier instead of x4), but it does not seem to be a misprint either.

Surely you don't a believe a musket is supposed to have a shorter range than a pistol? Read the FAQ here.

Skerek wrote:
Something just occurred to me. It's completely legal for the gunslinger to take a dip into alchemist and get vestigial arm twice allowing them to duel wield muskets at a -4 penalty, combine that with the musket master and you can get a lot of attacks off

You can also shoot two handed firearms one-handed at a -4 (useful when grappled, though you cant reload).

nvm, math was way off

Nefreet wrote:

Ah. My apologies. I wasn't aware of the fine print of the deed. I was operating off of the section on Firearms from Ultimate Combat.

It sounds to me like the deed would still only allow you to reload as a free action once a round. It's a good option for a non-Musket Master, I suppose.

It is indeed one free reload per round, any others would require paper cartridges.

Nefreet wrote:

This quote is from the Sound Striker thread going on right now.

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
So far, there isn't anything remotely resembling a player consensus on this issue, so we're waiting to see what the discussion turns up.

So, clearly, if an interpretation or argument leans heavily to one side the Design Team takes that into consideration as well.

The basis of this thread is to determine why Musket Masters gain "Rapid Reload (muskets)" instead of "Rapid Reload (musket)". All this thread needs in response is "Yes, we intended it to apply for all musket variants" or "no, it should just read "musket". The way I see it the player opinion has no place here, we just want to know their intent.

In any case if someone wants to use a musket weapon that is not the standard single-barrel musket, they could retrain their rapid reload no problem. The question is whether they actually need to, which has implications (not the least of which being time and money).

CWheezy wrote:

Hahaha, overpowered.

Anyway maybe the gm should make you do a will save everyone once in a while?

+8 will is terrible at that level, I guess pray you don't fight a vampire?

There are a lot of things that stop you, so I don't think this is much of an issue

Agreed on +8 will being terrible--a few of the group's chars, mine included, are 70,000gp below WBL but that should be getting balanced soon. A +6 headband of wis and a +5 cloak of res are on the to-buy list.


In any case a single-barrel musket is poor, but I imagine my GM and I will agree to an alternative damage calculation.

At this level I deal 1d12+13 with a single barrel, so 2*(1d12+13) for double barrel. A decent intermediary would be 2d6+19 (where 19 is 1.5* my normal bonus) or 3d8+12.

My goal isn't to "win" as some have suggested, and the entire point of this thread was to see what is supposed to be going on to counteract the near-certainty that I will always hit within my first range increment, which targets almost always will be. I came here knowing my damage was too high. I stated so in the OP. I did not come here asking for people to help me shut down the DM and declare victory over a fantasy world. This said, I appreciate those who did respond with valuable insight.

The problem I see is that many environmental factors should be coming into play, but it is too cumbersome to do so in a casual setting. Another factor is the limited space on a battle mat which makes it far more likely that I will be in my first range increment and, thus, hit touch. When I first built this char my intent was to be far from the actual battle. I even bought the Far-Reaching Sight under the assumption that I would need to make 300-400 foot shots, and I never actually had an opportunity to use the thing. Our battle mat isn't 80x80 squares.

With these issues, it does seem reasonable to give up the DB Musket, but dropping all the way down to a single barrel musket is unreasonable. Middle ground can and probably will be found.

Nefreet wrote:
Wolfmang wrote:
FAQ'd, although I'd like to point out that a running total of people on either side is largely irrelevant.

I really, really dislike it when the Design Team responds with, "no response necessary". It seriously gives me anxiety. To prevent that from happening in this thread I wrote earlier that, if they did, I would take their "response" to mean that whichever side had the most votes must be correct.

And so I keep a current count =)

It is quite a presumption that the designers would take that statement into account.

thejeff wrote:

Of course, given that the intent of the recent FAQ limits them to less than their full iteratives anyway, I'm not sure the double-barreled musket is worth the gold, much less a feat. Once you've hit 5th level and gotten Rapid Shot you'll hit your limit of 3 reloads anyway. What does having a double-barreled musket get you? One extra bullet the first round?

The FAQ you are referring to was removed and replaced by modifying Weapon Cords.

FAQ'd, although I'd like to point out that a running total of people on either side is largely irrelevant.

As for me, I cant see why someone would think reloading a barrel for a DB musket is in any way different from reloading a single barrel musket. You pour powder down the barrel and shove a bullet down. Don't try to tell me a Musket Master is incapable of figuring out how to reload a barrel of a DB musket as quickly as a single barrel musket.

Cap. Darling wrote:
Wolfmang wrote:
Cap. Darling wrote:
There recently was a Suggestion from the Devs about DMs limiting the number of free actiont pr turn. Tell your DM about that and all will be fine;)
A suggestion which was redacted after scathing criticism.

That may be, it was a messy solution anywaw.

But by my calculations your DPR should be around 200 witout crits if you have deadly aim and a +2 gun yes?
Generally i find that the problem with gunslingers and very high DPR is that the game was partly made without the machanic that allow them to exel( the touch AC thing) and partly same problem that every other Optimisation is namely that some one go to a friendly game to WIN.
Does your GM have a problem with your characther? if you ask if you can change to doublebarreled musket for a normal one and all will be good.
If he dosent have a problem then there is no problem.

Check the link in the OP. Median DPR would be around 120 damage which does include the chance to critical hit. Adding rapid shot increases the DPR, probably by 20-25 damage. I do not have deadly aim though, so that would boost the DPR a bit, but again I don't have it and havent planned on taking it.

Changing the DB musket out for a single doesn't make everything good. It makes Dead Shot completely worthless for one, and the DPR on a full attack isnt that great either.

I'm thinking a decent intermediary would be to treat a single-barrel musket as large, dealing a 3d6 instead of 1d12, in place of a double barrel musket.

Belryan wrote:
Many would argue that a Musket Master's "Rapid Reload: Muskets" (I argue this too) applies only to plain muskets, not axe-muskets, not double-barrelled muskets. So you shouldn't be able to reload your Double-Barrelled musket as two free actions; it should be two move actions.

Which is a common argument with an unclear answer, easily circumvented by retraining or, in the worst case, burning a feat.

Cap. Darling wrote:
There recently was a Suggestion from the Devs about DMs limiting the number of free actiont pr turn. Tell your DM about that and all will be fine;)

A suggestion which was redacted after scathing criticism.

Claxon wrote:

If you're really worried about it, you could do the reasonable thing and not use a double barrel musket, have you considered that?

This is an option, but why are DB muskets and pistols a thing if they arent meant to be used by anyone who calls themselves a gunslinger?

EDIT: Median damage on Dead Shot with a single-barrel is 33. Snore, congrats Mr. Gunslinger. A full attack has a median damage of 57; add maybe 15 damage for the use of rapid shot.


Muskets have a 40ft range increment (check the errata), and Distance doubles that to 80ft.

We generally don't track weight limits, but an 8 str character has a 26 pound light load. My combat load with an Endless Bandolier would be about 16 pounds. If weight with any other stuff would have been an encumbering problem Id ditch the 10 pound mithral chain shirt.

I recently joined a campaign, with the suggestion that I try out the Gunslinger. I ended up going with Musket Master, which is now level 13 with the following stats, HP, and saves:


Str 8
Dex 26 (17 base, +2 Human, +3 levels 4/8/12, +4 Belt of Dex)
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 15
Cha 10

HP: 121

Fort save: 12
Reflex save: 18
Will save: 8

His go-to weapon is a +2 Distance Double-Barrel Musket. This can be reloaded as a free action while using an alchemical cartridge.

At a BAB of 13 his to-hit is 26/21/16 with the musket. By firing both barrels on a full attack, this becomes {22/22}/{17/17}/{12/12} with the caveat that each { } pair must be fired at the same target. The damage for each bullet is 1d12+12.

The potential damage output for the build is quite high. I bit the bullet (ha) and constructed a sample of 50,000 full-attacks against four levels of Touch AC, which you can view at this link. This accounts for auto-miss on nat 1s, critical hit threats and confirmations(and fails on nat 1s).

Even without Rapid Shot, this Musket Master can easily dish out 100+ damage per turn.

The DM has expressed his concern and I agree that the damage is quite high, but this damage is under the following assumptions:

1) The targets are within my first range increment (80 ft)
2) The targets do not get any environmental or circumstantial bonuses to AC

So my damage output in a sanitized environment is quite high. To be sure, if I get to act first against an exposed enemy I will very likely kill him. Many factors can impede the attacks however, but what are those factors? What should the DM be taking into account that would balance this gunslinger?

I can think of cover/concealment, of course. Enemies would also do well to stay out of my first range increment, which would force me to attack against normal AC or move (thus giving me only one attack via standard action). Wind Wall would be troublesome, as would magical darkness.

As an aside, is Gliding Steps legitimate? I haven't seen the "Paizo Peripheral" marker before.

Finesse would help for this situation, though there are much better feats to take

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Forget a dagger, use a longsword.

I guess this is rather obvious. Why screw around with guns when I can get to stabbing?

I suppose the reason would be "because you get dex to ranged attack rolls". But also a -4 to fire both barrels.

Although a Monk cant use deflect arrows on a sword :)

Lord_Malkov wrote:

Tetori keeps his dex when grappling

But yeah, you can do a lot while grappling. You basically just lose a hand... so anything you can do with one hand is a go.

Grappling doesn't really do much, but it does stop you from swinging a two-hander, which can have a big impact if that is your only carried weapon, and essentially stops you from casting anything.

So it isn't a big deal to be grappled. The concern is, if you do not escape, the grappler is going to get +5 to future checks, and will then summarily Pin you, and a Pinned gunslinger is in trouble, since most do not have much Strength and they lose their Dex.

At that point trying Escape Artist is the only viable option.

Bleeding Wound will be useful here to deal Dex Mod HP bleed. Monk either gets to take the damage or burn the standard action to attempt a heal.

blahpers wrote:

You can do anything that doesn't require two hands. The musket is a two-handed firearm; thus, firing it requires two hands. You're better off dropping the musket and just going with the pistols. Double-barrel/barrel/barrel/barrel should work.

Glove of storing should also work.

Muskets can be fired one-handed at a -4, but you answered my question anyway.

Maybe I'd be better off quick drawing DB muskets so I can retain dex to damage, seems a bit silly though.

So youre a Musket Master, you just got grappled by a Monk and will surely be pinned next turn. What do you do?

Firearms cannot be reloaded while grappled and you cannot attack at all while pinned, so this is a desperate situation indeed.

Fortunately you have an Endless Bandolier, the Quick Draw feat, two Double Barrel Pistols (3500gp), and a buckler gun.

You have three iterative attacks, and a fourth from Rapid Shot. Can the following be done while grappled?

1) Fire both barrels of DB Musket (-4 for both barrels)(-4 shooting one-handed)(-2 Rapid Shot)(-2 grappled)(-2 due to -4 dex from grappled)
2a) Drop DB Musket
2b) Quick Draw DB Pistol
3) Fire both barrels of DB Pistol (-4 both barrels)(-4 nonproficiency)(-2 Rapid Shot)(-2 grappled)(-2 from -4 dex)
4a) Drop DB Pistol
4b) Quick Draw DB Pistol
5) Fire both barrels of DB Pistol (-4 both barrels)(-4 nonproficiency)(-2 Rapid Shot)(-2 grappled)(-2 from -4 dex)
6a) Drop DB Pistol
6b) Shoot one barrel of Buckler Gun (-2 Rapid Shot)(-2 grappled)(-2 from -4 dex)(-???)

The hope here, of course, is to kill the Monk before they can pin you. But can you actually string all of these together?

Bonus: Instead of shooting the buckler gun, could you instead do:

6b) retrieve DB Pistol/DB Musket from Glove of Storing
7)Shoot DB Pistol/DB Musket

This....is a good question.

Gunslingers with Snap Shot can shoot on AoO without provoking.

Reloading does provoke though, so would reloading between Snap Shots with Combat Reflexes actually provoke? I don't know.

If you have a gunslinger then you have Gunsmithing which allows you to craft alchemical cartridges at half cost. You do not buy them (as long as you have one rank in craft(alchemy)).

Am I missing something? I've never used prestige points before.

Do read up on the classes you are interested, but don't delay playing too much.

Don't be afraid to die. It gives you a clean slate to build a new character.


Just wanted to note that a lack of saving throws for confusion is not unprecedented. Gunslingers can, for example, use Targeting to target a creature's head. Upon a hit, the creature is confused for one round with no save.

Corollary to this question. Since the boots apparently teleport, could one, say, teleport out of a grapple?

Okay, so let's agree that an archer could accurately shoot 200 yards, and smoothbore muskets sucked (as they indeed did).

Let's take a look at early rifled muskets,

Rifled muskets increased the effective range to about 200 or 300 yards, and a rifled musket could often hit a man-sized target up to 500 yards away.

Which is at or above the effective range of a longbow, yet in pathfinder the best bow will shoot farther than the best rifle.

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