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Excuse me a second...


Okay, I'm back.

I just started running The Skinsaw Murders for my group, and we're having a great time with it. After the PCs saw the first scarecrow thrashing around on it's post, they quickly dispatched it and discovered that it was a disguised ghoul. One of the players said, "Wait a minute... who wrote this?" I told him that Richard Pett was the author and asked why he wanted to know. His response was something to the effect of "I just wanted to make sure it wasn't Nick Logue. That guy would probably put some regular people up there just to mess with us."

I put on the best poker face of my DMing career and, a few minutes later, the PCs had slain poor Lettie Guffmin. They then moved more cautiously, making spot checks (DC 10 per 5 feet) to try and determine whether the scarecrows were ghouls or humans. They freed Horran, but sent him home with their assurances that they would send his wife after him if they found her. A short metagaming conversation took place in which they agreed that they could make up anything they wanted and nobody would know the difference. Yeah. Nobody but the DM keeping track of their sins. Muahahaha! Next session will involve a little side quest to give them the opportunity to admit their horrible (but honest) mistake or commit to a lie.

Congrats, Pett, on springing an excellent, memorable trap on my players. You are officially tied with Logue as the author to fear.

I'm getting a PS3 tomorrow. I know, I know... XBox 360 is better. Wii is better. A rat with a string tied to it's tail is better. But I'm a Playstation guy and I'm getting PS3, so don't burst my bubble.

My question is: what game should I get to start with? I was leaning heavily toward Assassin's Creed until I read some poor reviews saying that it is repetitive to the point that replay is out of the question. I may not get a second game for while because my wife won't let me - uh, I mean because I'll be spending all my time at the gym working on my quads and, uh, waxing my Harley while growing a mustache. The point is, I need a game that will be fun for at least three months.

Anyway, I'm torn between Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty 4 and Uncharted. Any suggestions/reviews from those of you in the know would be much appreciated.

Now stop thinking about my buff quads.

I didn't make the top 32. Of course, I didn't actually enter an item - work has been crazy the past few weeks. So, I figured I'd at least answer me one o' them swanky Pathfinder trivia questions. I read question #4 and immediately assumed it was a joke. I answered "potato" and a couple days later, BOOM, Jason Bulmahn mentions it in the Paizo Blog. Awesome. Except that the question wasn't a joke. Oops! So now I'm not in the top 32 and I'm too stupid to win a Pathfinder trivia game.

I guess I'll go make a snack to cheer myself up. I have a sudden craving for raw potato... with salt.