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Can we please confirm the type of action that Establish Settlement is. The flavour text in the 'Founding a Village' section, Step 2, refers to Establish Settlement as a Leadership activity. As such there is a delay of one turn between clearing a hex and establishing a settlement which represents the time it takes to clear etc etc.

However the Establish Settlement activity is tagged as a Region activity, not Leadership. The 'Activities Listed by Step' chart also groups the Establish Settlement in with the Region activities.

Thank you.

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Hey folks

Two questions have come to mind as I look through the armies system that I'd like clarity on.

Firstly, to confirm that I haven't missed something about the impact of hosting many armies? From what I can see the only penalty to having an army is its consumption which can be mitigated with teaching them Live off the Land (assuming standard armies).

Second question is more technical. When an army gains the Routed condition they must spend their three actions to use the Retreat war action. However that war action has a pre-requisite, stating that the Army does not have the engaged condition. Is it intended that a Routed army cannot get away unless their opponent chooses to end the engaged condition?

Thanks in advance

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I ran the first two episodes of the Society quest module (not for Nohwear though!). A rash of crits on both sides made the first quest hard to gauge but it set up not that different than fantasy adventuring.

The starship combat was neat as the players sorted out what they needed to do. The gunner probably felt the least involved as it was just basically waiting for his turn to roll without any meaningful decisions to make. Piloting was by far the most involved, with not only tactical map work but a whole slew of possible stunts to pull while jockeying for position. Because starship combat turns happen simultaneous between players and dm, the pilot game really is a game of cat and mouse.

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Katina Davis wrote:

Alrighty, I've added both of your accounts to our list! Once we receive more physical copies of Starfinder AP #1 in our warehouse, we'll be sure to add those to your subscription manually and get them sent out as soon as possible.

Just let me know if there are any further questions or concerns that you may have in the meantime, and I will be happy to help out.


Thank you for the quick response.

If I may ask, is there any way to gain access to at least the PDF version of the product before the physical copy arrives? Or even an ETA for the latter event; my folks are eager to hit the stars asap :) (So am I to be honest)

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I would like to second this request for my own subscription please.

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Forgive me if I've missed it, but I have a question regarding page 49/Room 36. The creatures in there have nothing but a straight MM page entry and are vastly stronger than any stock spectres based on the printed CR and HP.

Has there been a clarifying post? Are they really 5 spectres at a base stat block or were they enhanced out the gills to get the immense HP total?

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Greetings Pathfinders,

During the most recent incarnation of the 31st Ruby Phoenix Tournament held this past weekend, events of great hilarity occurred that bear sharing. This incarnation was held at Gryphcon 2012 in Guelph, Ontario.

Mind that you shelter your ears lest secret knowledge be conveyed in this tale that you are better off not knowing.

Our Befuddling Tale:

It was the third day of the tournament. The Pathfinders had persevered thus far and moved into the arena to face their next challenge. Seelah, Merisiel, Lem, Kyra and Ezren watched as their opponents took the field; four exotic looking fellows of an uncertain nationality. The Pathfinders had acquired a reputation for mercilessness, after causing two fatalities in their first encounter. With almost no time to prepare, the gong was rung to allow but a single spell to be cast.

With little warning, combatants vanished into the sanctuary of invisibility spells. Ezren alone was able to see the entirety of the field as the combat began. Lem wasted no time, falling back on a familiar strategy and targeting a specific area with a spell to befuddle the mind. The party advanced cautiously, led by Merisiel who was sheltered under a greater invisibility spell of her own. Ezren, utilizing his enhanced vision attempted to aid the party by sending simple magical darts into each of the four foes. This aided to some extend, as did the confused babbling at least two of the combatants were engaging in.

Then however, the Pathfinders were assaulted with the same insidious assault that had been used by them. Befuddling spells assaulted the party, twisting the minds of Merisiel and Ezren both. Bereft of her senses, Merisiel turned to the nearest creature that she was able to see. Seelah was caught completely unaware as the vicious rapier was plunged into her side, sending a spray of blood across the arena floor.

As the combatants shifted, caught up in their insane babbling or self-inflicted injuries, Lem moved in to protect her companion. A second invisibility stole over the paladin, sheltering Seelah from any subsequent assaults. Sadly, Merisiel's mind was still clouded in confusion and Lem was the next to feel the bite of her rapier. All the while, Kyra was trying to rescue Ezren from the grips of his affliction but Sarenrae was not impressed by the cantankerous wizard. The dispelling magics failed to purge the confusion, and his own brief moment of lucidity likewise failed to clear his mind.

Lem was not interested in remaining a target for her ally's confused assaults, and drew upon her last use of greater invisibility to hide herself from view. The crowd was left to gaze down upon a battlefield that consisted only of Ezren and Kyra; the former who was engaged with trying to either whack Kyra or himself with the fine cane he carried with him everywhere.

Finally however, one of the exotic opponents recovered enough of his senses to try to address these visible opponents. First he tried to expel Kyra from the ring, but her strength, youth and vigor were more than a match for his invisible shoving. Ezren however possessed none of these things, nor did he possess even the sense to defend himself from the powerful shove that sent him sprawling out of the battle ring. The doughty wizard was disqualified.

He did not realize it however, and in his befuddled state he took great offense to the assault from this creature. He rose in a rage and turned to assault the man with his cane, when the match officials rushed in to subdue him. Upon seeing her companion safely in custody, Kyra moved towards the middle of the ring to avoid a similar fate. Instead of succor she found an invisible person in her way. Determined to find some safety from disqualification, Kyra took a different route only to have her foe send her sprawling into the coals.

Ezren's enchantment protected her from their heat, and a faint din of confusing babble surrounded the lone visible combatant in the ring. The crowd was uncertain what to make of this most unorthodox match, and boos rained down to reflect their displeasure at being robbed of witnessing their sport. Kyra rose and resumed her trek towards the middle of the ring, seeking safety and room to work her own magic.

To that end, she drew upon some of the mightiest of spells prepared that day. A plea to Sarenrae purged magic from the battlefield, stripping combatants of some of the most powerful enchantments upon them. Her own blessing was the first dispelled, the magical feast consumed that morning. Their assailants lost their cloak of invisibility however, allowing the crowd to see three of the four opponents as they suffered under their afflictions. What nobody saw however was the still confused Merisiel, as she sunk her rapier into Kyra's side.

It was a grievous blow though not fatal, and more to the point the enemies were visible to the righteous wrath of Seelah and the desperate singing of Lem. The battle ended not long after, as even Merisiel recovered her wits shortly after being returned to visibility. The final opponent took a short while to locate, still cloaked under his invisibility but the conclusion was inevitable. At long last, after a quite confusing engagement, the Pathfinder Society's representatives emerged victorious and ready to continue in the Ruby Phoenix Tournament.

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That all sounds awesome. I'll definately keep an eye on the gryphcon site tonight after my serpent's skull game and line up to pre-reg.

Thanks a ton, I appreciate the feedback and look forward to playing!

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Ok, glad to hear that Robert.

Last year I know we had six slots (Friday 1, Sat 3, Sun 2) and it was hard to get seats if you hadn't pre-registered. I am hoping that we'll have a similar opportunity this year.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing what's coming up!

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Hey there,

This is coming up soon and I was wondering if anything was on the books for this? My son and I would love to return and play some more society together.

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Name of PC: Garum
Class/Level: Rogue 5, Fighter 1, Pathinder PrC 2
Adventure: Seven Swords of Sin side-adventure
Catalyst: Fiery pit to the Abyss

While not a part of the adventure path, the party got sidetracked onto this adventure as part of my gambit to get them some extra experience.

In the battle against the cultists and the Vrock demon, the party paladin was thrown into the pit via a telekinesis. The rough walls of the pit were proving troublesome for him to climb out, and Garum ran over to toss a rope down to help the paladin. Alas, the Vrock knocked the intrepid rogue into the pit by the same means, and his willpower was insufficient to resist the pull. Although Martin the paladin escaped and took his vengeance upon the Vrock, Garum was pulled into the abyss.

His presence on the obituary posts is debatable, after all the lawful good dwarf may still be alive, much to his dismay...

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The hazard of working off of memory rather than practicing diligence. It is clear, thank you for pointing it out and sorry for not taking the time to look myself.

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Just a quick question. When a natural weapon applies 1.5 strength modifier, and you then apply power attack to it, does the power attack damage bonus use the '2-handed' bonus or the standard '1-handed' bonus?

Thanks in advance.

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I had a great time coming out and playing at Gryphcon. Additionally I brought my 13 year old son out to play as well and he had a blast. While originally I was only signed up for Saturday morning and afternoon, he asked if we could return and we played that evening and Sunday morning.

The GM's were great and the games were fun, the camaraderie was fantastic. And little brought more humour than a ship captain asking a group of four dwarves, a human and a halfling to 'blend in' with his crew...

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Name of PC: R'dhal
Class/Level: Fighter 7
Adventure: Escape from Old Korvosa
Catalyst: Jabbyr Greataxe Crit

The party has won at Blood Pig by virtue of physically assaulting the opposition. Seven unconscious and the 8th man bull rushed into the pit with the wolverine which promptly unloads with 3 attacks on the hapless Shinglesnipe.

The Emperor invites them back to speak with Scream. Along with him are Jabbyr, Rolth (who fled in Seven Days and settled here) and one guard. The group stays their impulses for the time being, waiting to speak with Scream. He is predictably silent in the presence of the Emperor in the display room, and an uncomfortable silence settles as everybody gets ready for the assault to begin.

R'dhal acts first, drawing out her axe and slashing into Jabbyr with two strikes. The gnome roars and enrages, countering back with vicious intent. The first attack penetrates the dwarf's armor, and the second attack rolls a nat 20. The confirmation roll... a nat 20. The critical hit deck card - decapitation.

R'dhal was unable to make the dc31 fort save and her head went bouncing away much to the giggling delight of the emperor.

Of course, what followed in the rest of the round was the paladin declaring smite evil on Rolth and dropping him in one round. It was a vicious opening to a fight that would see an elephant summoned into that small room via Pilts' rod...

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This site has a few things from Escape and History, including the Red Mantis.


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For an Urban adventure, I used 'Shut In' from a Dungeon mag adventure. It worked well when placed in Old Korvosa and gave a nice bit of extension to the early events.

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I've been fortunate that a couple of my players had backgrounds with a strong tie to the city. I have worked to keep it reinforced as well as seed in elements that will contribute to the future of the AP as well (they're currently in 7 Days and about to raid the hospice.


1) The dagger that Verik had... it formed an alliance with the player who won the item, posing as an intelligent weapon. It has since occupied itself on keeping Vimanda updated on what the group is doing, and using its suggestion to steer people towards or away from the wielder.

2) One of Lamm's Lambs was about at the age of being done away with. She had befriended the sister of one of the players, who begged her brother to let her new friend come back with them. He agreed (after ensuring all the silver was hidden), and later sponsored the girl's application to join the newly forming Grey Maidens.

3) A player's father had gone missing. I turned this into a mini dungeon crawl through the Vaults, where I introduced a ranger with wererats as a favoured enemy. He made a practice of maiming any he came across and leaving them for the derro to steal and experiment on. While this didn't tie them to the city per se, it brought an interesting moral question to the table which invested the players in discussing what was better for the city.

4) Melyia (Vimanda's alias) befriended and eventually seduced a player. She convinced him to move his household (including his sister) into the Arkona estate where they'd be safer from the plague.

5) A bard that another player befriended came to him and asked if he could find her friend who had disappeared while performing for an old noble family. This was a lead in to a published module "Shut In" which helped bridge some xp gap.

Ultimately, the pacing especially in EoA seemed at times to be very rushed. But the key is to give them encounters and experiences within the city to tug at them and make them think of it as home. To my great benefit, the couple of players I haven't really hooked yet are there to play with friends and they're pretty willing to just go along with the flow. I still want to hook them in, but so far they're resisting...

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Brodiggan Gale wrote:
Winteraven wrote:
Chill touch does specifically indicate that you can use its melee touch attack only once per round.
Actually it says once per level (as in caster level) not once per round.

So it does, my apologies.

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Chill touch does specifically indicate that you can use its melee touch attack only once per round.

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I don't see why it is considered a mistake. The reason the pinned condition confers the flat footed penalty is because the pinned individual is now denied their dexterity to all, including the grappler. While in the midst of the grapple, they are still able to use their dexterity against the grappler but not against anybody uninvolved.

I don't believe there's any error or oversight here, though will gladly acknowledge my error if a designer corrects me.

The grappled condition imposes a blanket penalty to dexterity, regardless of if you are the initiator or defender and regardless of if you are being attacked from within the grapple or outside of it.

Anybody who is grappling is denied their dexterity against anybody who is not grappling. Note that the table specifies that the attacker (who is prompting the reference to the table) cannot be grappling for the AC modifier to apply.

Anybody who is pinned is flat-footed, and thus denied their dexterity.

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Cainus and I are in the same game; the flying question and my glitterdust both came up last night.

I think this is tricky to consider, in light of the fly spell and a 5' step. The rules on 5' step is actually pretty clear on modes of movement and the ability to take a 5' step. A creature without a listed movement speed for the type of movement cannot take a 5' step. Thus you can't 5' step in water without a swim speed, a burrow speed allows a 5' step, etc.

The ambiguity I think lies in what the fly spell is giving the recipient. It allows the recipient to fly with a speed of 60 (or less if encumbered via armor). It allows a charge, but prohibits a run.

A creature with a listed fly speed has no such limitation on if they can 'run', eg move at 3x or 4x their normal move. It would therefore seem a logical step to assume that the fly spell is not granting a creature a fly speed. They can fly at a speed, but they don't possess a fly speed. Putting them in violation of the listed speed clause of a 5' step.

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That is my reading of it as well DM_Blake, much to my somewhat dismay as a utilizer of glitterdust as a player.

However, just posing the same question - if your outline is blurry or displaced in normal lighting/visibility thus causing me to maybe miss with some of my attacks, then having a blurry/displaced faerie_fired outline is... apparently going to be no problem at all to see and strike you?

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I've done a bit of poking about and haven't found anything conclusive. Glitterdust indicates that it covers those in the area of effect in glittering particles, visibly outlining invisible things...

What impact does that have upon miss chances granted by concealment such as Obscuring mist or other fog effects, or blur/displacement?

I ask because Faerie Fire specifically mentions having an impact upon concealment. Glitterdust is worded much more vague, despite having a similar style of effect to FF.

Should Glitterdust have an impact upon concealment due to visual impediments such as darkness, fog or displacement effects? Or is it truly inferior *in this respect to the first level Faerie Fire?

*I'm aware GD includes a blindness, broader AoE and no SR that FF does not provide.

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Hey everybody,

I did a quick search and found very little quickly on the topic. When looking at smite evil, it says that, in addition to other vileness, that it defeats any DR that the subject may possess regardless of the target.

I have two questions about this however.

Firstly, the paragraph after says that if the target is not evil, the smite is wasted. But DR defeating happens regardless of the target. Which one is it? My inclination is to go with the 'smite evil is wasted on non evil' but it could be interpreted differently.

Secondly is trickier. What about DR gained via stoneskin, adamantine armor, etc. External sources in essence. In my opinion, the spirit of smite evil indicates that it is a holy strike that bypasses the essence of an evil creature, that essence which gives them immunity except against certain attack types. Smite evil ignores that protection in its attack against the evil creature. However, the writeup on smite evil just says it defeats DR that the target possesses. Do we split hairs over the wording of 'gaining DR' and possessing DR? Stoneskin states that the subject gains DR 10/Adamantine. Adamantine grants the wearer DR X/-. Does gaining, or being granted, differ sufficiently from possession?

Obviously it can be argued such, but it seems a weak argument for upholding these external DR if I'm forced to resort to splitting hairs over definitions.

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I actually feel that the timing is too rushed, but my players are very focused and driven. I've been very very challenged to try to keep them delayed so that matters could develop at what feels like a reasonable pace.

The Direption sinking was mentioned during book 1 actually, as I felt that mentioning it at the start of book 2 would highlight it as a plot device relevant to the plague. It kinda worked a little.

The issue with Trinia and Brienna went about as planned, with the party paying Ishani to return on the following day to use his remove disease on the girl. The party sorcerer also made judicious use of his mending spell to help fix up the house, which was a very nice touch imo.

The group got focused on the Direption at this point, and I expected that the party of 4th level characters was outclassed by what waited there. A devilfish chased them off the first time, and I slipped in the Perfumery event to drag things out more.

I wasn't able to realistically delay them further, so they've gone to the Direption but got chased off by Yvicca (see Obituaries) and subsequently directed towards other events. I hope to be able to squeeze in Eries and Racker's Alley, maximizing their potential before they slide back onto the story tracks.

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Name of PC: Tad Dangerous
Class/Level: Cleric 4
Adventure: Seven Days to the Grave
Catalyst: Critical spear from Yvicca
Story: The party has followed its hunch and, while still 4th level, bought the scroll of waterbreathing to go investigate the sunken Direption. Yvicca and Skinshear engaged them, beginning a fairly impressive battle.

Tad was knocked unconscious at one point. Yvicca moved past to engage the Martin the paladin who was smiting her. A healing potion administered to Tad returned him to consciousness right there beneath/beside Yvicca. Tad failed miserably to bluff her into believing he was still unconscious. The hag levied two attacks into the paladin to render him unconscious, and jabbed her last attack into the poor cleric. The blow turned out to be way more precise than she intended, bringing an end to the adventurous life of Tad Dangerous.

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Name of PC: Garum
Class/Level: Rogue 2/Fighter 1
Adventure: Between Edge of Anarchy and Seven Days
Catalyst: Vengeful Derro warrior

Story: The group has descended into the Vaults in search of the missing father of the party's paladin. They have learned that the derro have been capturing lycanthropes and dragging them away. After finding the lair, the group moves in and eventually finds the laboratory where the derro are performing their experiments.

The first engagement with the derro in that room was a draw, the party withdrawing quickly to remap their strategy. They moved back in and engaged the derro again, though this time it was only half the force at first. After they were dispatched, the group tried to seek out the other two where, alas Garum triggered a trap that dropped a bunch of stone on his head. That triggered the other two derro; a fighter and a sorcerer; to spring out of their secret room and attack. Shortly after the start of the fight, Garum moved in to engage the fighter. Both derro were irate that he had survived the first encounter, but the sorcerer struck first and charmed the rogue. He was ordered to protect the doorway and let nobody pass.

It was only after he failed another saving throw against the party cleric's Command that things truly went in the sewer for poor Garum. He left the doorway, and the fighter seized his chance. Springing out of the room, using his mobility to evade the attacks of Garum's companions in search of the rogue. He caught him, and with a vicious critical blow drove his sword into the dwarf's lung. (Critical deck card - Punctured Lung. Dc20 fortitude save or after 3 rounds begin drowning). Sadly, it was not the day for the gods to smile upon poor Garum, as he expended the next 30 seconds futilely trying to let his wound clot. Despite the best efforts of his companions, who lacked a healer's kit but still tried to staunch the wound, it was not meant to be. Garum expired with a wet gurgling noise as the derro sorcerer fled past the stunned companions who were blinking off the effects of a color spray.

Vengeance came shortly after fortunately, courtesy of a grease, a tanglefoot bag and a lot of luck.

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Please cancel my Companion subscription. I'm afraid that I need to let it lapse.

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I began the introduction of the Maidens by actually introducing a ward to one of the players, one of the Lambs who was old enough to be just about ready to be put to the gator. She appealed to the player, served as mentor to his sister (who'd been his link to Lamm). She was very focused on swordplay and practicing, and had some natural ability.

Then I introduced the recruiting posters for the Maidens following the end of book 1. Shortly after that, the ward approached the player and asked him for sponsorship into the new guard. He's agreed, happy to have something to do with her, and the wheels are turning now...

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As the player who wants this item, the biggest reason I was pondering it was simply that I viewed drawing a wand as something different than drawing a weapon, thus not qualifying for the 'draw for free' clause of having a +1 or better BAB.

It's got a kind of flair to it to be able to, with a single action bring a wand to hand and activate it.

And there are just some circumstances where you want a move action for something else, a standard action to fire the wand and wouldn't you know it, you're out of actions if it isn't in hand already.

I wasn't sure where to find how to cost out a magical item that replicates a feat like quick draw, or I'd have willingly referenced that for the creation. Thanks however for the plethora of ideas here, we'll be able to come up with something based off of them :).

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This was a module I ran a couple of weeks ago and never quite got to posting this question. During Act 3, the players are jumped by Puddlejumpers. These are listed in the stat block as having 18hp (2d6+4) for Tier 4-5

Such is a mathematical impossibility however; did I miss an errata or commentary on this somewhere?

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I ran this for my players who were regrettably a bit short staffed. The only real complaint I heard about it however was the thought that they could not bring their armor and weapons.

This was a belief incurred from the venture captain's monologue, where she talks about how proper dress is essential. My party's full-plate wearing dwarf couldn't see any way to justify having his armor and attending. I tried to mitigate the expectation with a knowledge check from the Taldan to point out the fascination with pathfinders. How the opera goers would be thrilled to see 'real pathfinders, ooh look at that they do carry all that stuff with them!' but I think it came across as too vague and he took on the tier 3 adventure in clothes.

They didn't really give me opportunity either to pull in all the acts. I loved the open-ended design of the module, but the group focused entirely upon the end objective and ignored their faction goals almost completely. They left the nobles to flee and scamper away from the zombies while they rushed backstage and underground.

The ending fight was a little odd, with the ogre and the cleric but I explained the ogres presence as he was smuggled in as a very large set piece brought inside a crate. The ogre did a fantastic job of tying up the bulk of the party, freeing up the cleric to rush over to the poor bard taking potshots from the side. A death touch later, and an animate dead and there was a new zombie in the fray.

All the same, they seemed to have fun with it. But I do need to ask now; is there any provision for home brew campaigns to allow this player who lost his 3rd level character to continue playing with the rest of the group? With him coming in at 1.0 and the rest of the party now at level 3.66 (8 mods played), it's a bit uneven.

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My players recently started CoCT and dealt with Lamm. They knocked him out and took him prisoner, and wound up needing to question him about some other aspects of his organization - a sideplot I threw in.

While they were waiting to wake him up, trying to figure out how they'd get him to cough up the information they needed, the bard decided to see what Zellara's deck could do. Lo and behold she appeared to describe her role and purpose, and they asked if she'd be willing to help.

She said yes, so they set up the old man to look at a table with Zellara's rotting, disgusting head upon it. Then they had her stand beside it and question him. He was so terrified of the vengeful haunt that he gave up the information without the players needing to cajole or threaten him at all.

I thought it was pretty darn cool.

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Indeed, the party was second level and pressed on. Once Deris was dealt with the players really had little trouble finishing things off due to the aforementioned cleric's turning ability. With a fantastic turning roll the final encounter was a cake walk and the discovery of their prize was a nice surprise for them.

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I just went through this with my party, a paladin, cleric, bard and wizard. The party had a pretty good time with the scenario, it was creepy and weirded them out in a couple of places.


I played up Deris and the teacher's walk, a jerky almost stop-motion type movement. Later, after the bug was dealt with the players ascribed a great amount of cunning manipulation to poor Deris. Believed that he'd contrived the whole scene just to get somebody to deal with the bug and open the way.

Later, in the ghoul room is where things got truly crazy. Deris was with them and rushed in to embrace his daughter, sobbing and babbling to her and fully convinced she was talking back. The players milled about, trying to figure out what they should do when the party wizard hears something. Lo and behold, the players turn to discover ghouls about to descend!

By fortune's chance, the cleric got his initiative high and promptly raised his holy symbol to turn. Being somewhat focused upon turning, he successfully turned all of the undead. Including, sadly, the circle of spirits that the group were all around. Deris flipped and fired off a colour spray, which took down everybody but the bard. Fortunately, the ghouls were all turned (I'd forgotten about their turn resistance) and thus the bard occupied himself with trying to restrain the deranged sorcerer.

What followed was an epic battle of grappling, as the bulk of the party lay unconscious for 7 rounds. The bard was able to get the grapple established but Deris kept struggling out of the pin. He'd throw spells, utilizing his nice concentration score, while the bard repeatedly tried to establish the pin. Deris had some fine rolls, the bard resisted just about everything that the guy threw at him. 3 daze spells, a charm and 3 colour sprays while the rest of the party struggled to win free of the first colour spray. Finally, after a full minute (3 rounds after the initial seven) they were all able to act.

The paladin took up a watch for ghouls to return from the turning, while the cleric and mage moved to assist with Deris. The dice went south for the party, and they were unable to establish a decisive pin. The ghouls shambled back towards the party, but as they had to climb the stairs the party had time. The cleric moved back over and once again turned them, and this time the paladin set off in pursuit. Deris fired off another colour spray and drops the bard and cleric back into unconsciousness for five more rounds.

So we have the 8 strength mage squaring off with the 8 strength sorcerer in a bizarre grappling battle. Three rounds of back and forth, the mage calling for the paladin who figured his three companions could handle one deranged 'old' man. Deris manages to win free enough to cast one of his two remaining spells, and the mage fails that will save to drop into unconsciousness.

The paladin has turned at this point and runs back, just in time to see Deris drag his dagger across the unconscious mage's throat. Alas, the fortitude save against the coup de grace failed and he perished, which prompted the paladin to unload with the butt of his spear. Two rounds of bludgeoning later, and Deris lay unconscious upon the floor as the other two staggered free of the effects of the colour spray.

Ultimately, I don't think I've ever seen somebody with an 8 strength engage in such a prolongued grappling battle.

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Cosmo wrote:
Winteraven wrote:


I received notification of order 1069360 being ready for shipping on October 24th. I have not yet received it however, can you please tell me its status?

Thank you.

Your order did ship out on 10/24 via standard postal delivery. The average time it should take to get to you is 7 to 11 business days and today is business day 13. So your order is running late, but it is not yet so late that we should give up on it.

Please give it another week so show up. If you still have not seen the order by the end of next week, let me know and we will take another look at it.


It did indeed show up back on Friday, thanks.

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I was running it rather than playing, but a fine melee we had was during Silent Tide.


The fight had moved up onto the great organ. M'Butu the Mwangi paladin had become flanked by two of the Black Echelon on the keys. In an act of desperation, he turned to one of the two. With a mighty leap he sprung across to the adjoining key and bull rushed his opponent back. He took a hit in exchange but the skeletal menace fell from the key and crashed into the ground.

Its companion followed up the movement however, slicing into the tribesman from behind and felling him into unconsciousness. M'Butu's companion, the dwarven cleric of Torag rushed up the side to try to come to his aid and stared at the daunting task of crossing the uneven expanse of the organ keys. His armor weighed him down, hampering his ability to jump from key to key. Tumbling across was nigh impossible, and it seemed that the brave tribesman would surely bleed to death upon the keys.

But lo did the inspiration of the performer come to our dwarven friend. Without a care for the hefty chain shirt he wore, uncaring about the shield he bore that hampered dextrous movements, he drew upon his innate charisma and performed an impromptu dance that spun him across the unstable surface. With a performance worthy of any great stage, this servant of Torag pranced across the keys and laid his healing hands upon the downed paladin.

The moral of the story: Perform: (Dance) has no armor check penalty. Who knew?

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I received notification of order 1069360 being ready for shipping on October 24th. I have not yet received it however, can you please tell me its status?

Thank you.

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Perhaps in conjunction with a successful listen check, the open locks check can be used untrained in this instance.

I can see why open lock is normally a trained only skill, but in this instance when you aren't actually probing the workings of the lock, being able to use the open lock roll once you've succeeded at the listen check would seem believable enough.

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I just ran this again, and ran into a real confusing element. Against the lacedons, there's supposed to be a fire started when the lantern is knocked off.

My problem is two fold. Firstly, this is a small whale oil lantern. There's not a lot of fuel that would allow a damp hold to burn to danger levels within a minute. Secondly, the hold has taken on a foot of brackish bilge water. Yes the oil would burn on the surface... but so what?

How does this small lantern falling and breaking in a foot of brackish bilge water manage to engulf the entire ship in a raging conflagration in a matter of minutes?

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Consider that the ship would have not only the crew on board, but presumably the people who had been left behind in the shop. That adds a couple more hands. It's still far from optimal, but he's a man on the run and thus making do with what he can.

Infiltrating the crew could be feasible under a couple of possible options. They are new recruits, or they are the people who had been left behind are two options that come to mind. The infiltration is really just to get aboard, afterwards there's little reason to continue with the charade. The boarding is meant to be the difficult part, which can be bypassed if the PC's can figure out a way to get aboard without a fight.

The deck plan IS terribly confusing. I treated the large rectangle in the middle as a cabin, which while somewhat bizarre does stick with Paizo's standard of presenting terrain as an opponent in encounters as much as the npc's are.

I didn't worry about where the hatch was located, I treated it as somewhere near the front of the ship but it was immaterial for the combat to take the deck. Once there, they were able to use the hatch at their leisure. I don't actually recall what I used for the players to be able to get through the last door, but my inclination would be to go with a strength check of some sort.

A final note regarding the captain himself - while nautical knowledge is useful what he needed in order to get the reputation he had was the social skills of manipulation. Bluff, intimidate, sense motive, these would all aid in managing a crew who would know better than he how to work the various functions. I would have liked to have seen some nautical skills in his repertoire, but they wouldn't be necessary to become the terror that he was. He just needed the right people.

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Cpt_kirstov wrote:
Winteraven wrote:

1) A player in an established group has his character killed and a raise of any fashion is not feasible. They want to continue playing but the party is now 4th level or higher.

2) A player is new to an area/group and wishes to join but they're well past the lower tier challenges.

1) there are prices for raise dead (ect) in the PFS player's guide. They aren't cheap though.

2)thats sort of why the retiring at lvl 12 is happening I think. Plus, the group that has already been through the low level things now means that there are 4+ DMs for when the new person can fill out a group.

I believe that it was stated that you have to start at level 1, as the prestige awards may be unfairly skewed if everyone started in a high level adventure where they can get more than one prestige point.

I'm aware that there are prices for raise. Not being feasible would include there simply not being sufficient funds to pay for the spell. Easily believable if they have spent their money on equipment, prestige awards, etcera and the finances simply are not there.

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Is there going to be some option for creating characters at higher level as the season progresses, or can you only play a character from level 1? Two scenarios immediately come to mind where the ability to generate a higher level character would be useful.

1) A player in an established group has his character killed and a raise of any fashion is not feasible. They want to continue playing but the party is now 4th level or higher.

2) A player is new to an area/group and wishes to join but they're well past the lower tier challenges.

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Set wrote:

Are Darkwood Shields available in Organized Play?

On a related note, Mithril Shirts?

Some of the DMG equipment is just darn useful, and I would love to see it opened up for characters to purchase.

Druids, in particular, tend to get hosed, as chain shirts are superior in all ways to hide armor (and while Golarion does have superior forms of Hide armor, the Hide Shirt and the special 3x cost Hide armor made from one of the critters in the back of the Campaign Setting, neither of them are under the approved items listed in the Organized Play handout, which can only derive from the Equipment section of the book, or the PHB). I'd very much like to see the improved Hide armor moved onto the approved list *and* I'd like to see a Golarion equivalent to Ironwood/Duskwood/Feywood/whatever that would allow a Druid to wear a breastplate of wood that's as tough as metal (and notably lighter, functioning like Mithril, mechanically, and costing the same, as Feywood ain't cheap, but being made of wood and thus being wearable in obeyance of their sacred oaths). And then, to go with the serious thorn motif going on in the PFCS equipment list, there could be Thornwood, a version of Feywood that has been magically shaped to have metal-hard thorns that act as Armor Spikes!

I don't care if this Feywood or whatever is naturally as hard as metal, grows as hard as metal after it's cut and / or requires alchemical treatment to be hardened, just so long as there is some sort of neat armor option for the 'metal-is-icky' set.

For that matter, I'd love to see some bone armor tossed into the Golarion armor chart.

One of my players is playing a tribal warrior from the jungle expanse south of Absalom. He had wanted to use the Hide shirt that was introduced in one of the regional guides, as metal armour in the jungle doesn't work so well.

I'd like to second the request that there be some option available for people who want/need some degree of physical armour but won't wear the metal variety for one reason or another.

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I was scheduled for four slots, though both of my Sunday slots left me with an empty table. I felt like the wallflower at a dance. But I'll blame karma, as I had three out of a party of four join the frozen crew.

Sadly, critical hits against and failed saving throws by the meatshield/damage dealer sent a lone wizard scurrying away for safety as his companions slowly bled their lifesblood into the icy interior. After the fifth 20 was rolled in that fight, I swapped out the dice but alas the damage was done.

My greatest regret is that I failed to note their names so that their passing could be properly recorded.

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Had a brain fart, posted this in a different thread.

I've also seen people reference the SRD as a valid source of material; is this documented in the OP file? I've scanned it to some degree and while I see reference to the PH for valid character options, I don't see the SRD referenced anywhere. Is the SRD valid, or strictly the PHB for character generation?

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I've also seen people reference the SRD as a valid source of material; is this documented in the OP file? I've scanned it to some degree and while I see reference to the PH for valid character options, I don't see the SRD referenced anywhere.

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Aside from the standard materials that I will need as a GM, what of the Paizo material will I need to bring?

I've printed out my modules and will have them there. My biggest question is regarding the faction missions. Will I need to make six copies of the faction assignments so that I can hand out the missions? Will the missions be handed out by the marshal instead of the dm?

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The guide indicates that equipment from the campaign setting book will be available for purchase just as equipment in the PHB is available. I have a player who is hoping to use some of the regional equipment from an adventure path for his character.

We won't have a copy of the hardcover until after GenCon yet I'm hoping to run a Slot 0 this Tuesday. Does the campaign setting book include regional equipment? Is it provided at the prices within the adventure paths if so?

Would it be possible to see an exerpt from that book with the equipment section to go with the player guide?

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