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The bony fishes swarm over the Alchemist yet again, their teeth nipping at his flesh, their flashing bodies swirling in front of his eyes, threatening to make him sick.

Ez - a Fort Save, please.
FYI - you are running out of maneuvering room. Z27 is an open space you can achieve with a 5' step. All other non-fish squares are blocked with trees (difficult terrain) or cannot be entered due to the bluffs.

Swarm Bite (20/2x)
HIT: 0 = 0 Auto + Distraction (DC:11)
DAM: 1d6 ⇒ 2


Ezekiel ducks and sprints away from the narrow gorge walls as rocks and dirt rain down due to the earth-battering thunder. In retrospect, it probably saved his life... since he is unprepared for the black mist that pours into the gorge from both sides, carried by the wind and the water. He backs away from the necromantic fog, sensing more than knowing that it is predatory. The funneling winds off the Cataracts carry the inky mist downstream past the Alchemist (towards Dies Drear) before the fog can fully turn its attention on him. But in its wake, Ezekiel encounters another horror. The river water churns and boils as small and delicate bones, dozens of them, emerge from the water. Piece by piece they organize themselves in the air above the water. They quickly form into the skeleton of a single small fish. It begins to swim in a slow circle in the air, as if it resides in an invisible aquarium. More bones surface and more fish quickly form. In a moment, at least a dozen of the skeletal fish swim in a shoal across the night sky, bathed in bloody moonlight. They swim along the gorge walls, more and more frantically. The Alchemist’s curiosity at the strange sight is dimmed when the fish sprout sharp wedge-shaped teeth from their thickening skulls and turn on him, hungry...