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Full Name

Vickory West of the Dragon Clan


Reapling (scout form)


rogue, black blooded oracle, gestalt lvl 16




7 (adolescent, equal to about a human of 15)




Shiara Sorenson

About Vickory West

Vickory was "born" to the new clan of the dragon overseer. Vickory along with a few others had gone to bolster Sorenson's group traveling across the sea and fought there. She continued traveling with Sorenson's army acting as a flag lieutenant until she got banished from the realm along with most of Sorenson's other forces. Vickory rather recently awoke to find herself in Avalon, a place she has never of.

Here is the thread with additional info on reaplings and their history. Not a lot of debate I promise :)

She is a scout form with the upper torso of a female elf (all reaplings appear female but they don't actually have a gender) and the body of a snake. Her skin is actually covered in placoid scales, the same as sharks, but this is noticeable only when up close. Her skin is metallic looking, though with a some iridescence to it, it is mostly dark colored, though some lighter areas exist, particularly around the face. She has black shoulder length hair, and wears a circlet. She generally doesn't worry about clothes, and when she wears something it is practical, except she does enjoy scarves, bracelets, and circlets (though she never wears any circlet other then the one she brought with her.)

Her birth item is Trinity's Rope, a +5 whip with Shocking burst, Flaming, Icy, and Ghost touch.

basics, saves, and special resistances:

Her stats, (I love my real dice, I rolled 2d20, 3d12, and a d6 then allocated one die to each stat and added 15. Three of my dice maxed out. It was epic!)

Str 23 +6
Dex 28 +9
Con 27 +8
Int 27 +8
Wis 21 +5
Cha 28 +9

Attack 22

Ac 20 (21 with two weapons), touch is identical
Ff 10
Sr 27
Dr 5/magic
Resist 5 neg energy
Immune to cold

Fort 13
Ref 19
Will 15
+2 vs disease, mind affecting, poison, fatigue/exhaustion effects, death effects, energy drain, negative energy, necromancy school spells and SLAs

3/day, reroll with a +4 vs blinded, deafened, frightened, panicked, paralyzed, shaken, stunned, ability drain, death effect, disease, energy drain, paralysis, poison,
Do not lose hp for negative levels
+5 reflex and ac vs traps

Darkvision 60'

Fast healing 1

Climb 20'
Swim 20'

Type, Aberration and half-construct


Blind fight
Improved unarmed strike
Craft wondrous item
Combat reflexes
Quicken spell
Still spell
Silent spell
Two weapon fighting
Two weapon defense

Rogue Talents
Fast stealth
Weapon finesse
Ledge walker
Extra feat
Skill mastery
Slippery mind
Improved evasion

Dark resiliency
Skill at arms
Iron skin
Battlefield clarity

spells known:

known 9/5/5/4/4/4/3/2/1

Incomplete list
Bonus known
Enlarge person
Fog cloud
Magic vestment
Wall of fire
Righteous might
Mass bulls strength
Control weather

. =Regular
- =bonus
0 lvl
.Create Water
.Detect magic
.Detect poison
.Read Magic
.Purify Food and Drink

.Obscuring Mist
.Shield of Faith
-Enlarge Person

.Hold Person
.Make Whole
.Restoration, lesser
.Zone of Truth
-Fog Cloud

.Animate Dead
.Enter Image
.Sky Swim
.Searing Light
-Magic Vestment

.Shield of the Dawnflower
-Wall of Fire

.True Seeing
.Wall of Stone
.Ghoul Army
.Slay Living
-Righteous Might

.Dispel Magic, Greater
.Music of the Spheres
-Mass Bull's Strength

.Ethereal Jaunt
.Scrying Greater
-Control Weather

.Fire Storm


16 per lvl
16 lvls
256 skill points
+20 bluff 8r 9a 3c
+16 K Arcana = 8r 8a
+15 K Religion = 4r 8a 3c


A double sword mstrwrk adamantine
A tarot deck
A circlet mundane but is a divine focus
A cloak with a coat of arms
Magical aura, strong, illusion, divination, evocation
A signet ring
Special metal pieces

Note, The bags Vickory handed out contain a selection of wands in rolled bundles.

The healing bundles contain Cure and Inflict, 2 wands of each, dealing 3d8+5.

The stealth bundles contain Greater invisibility, See Invisibility, Knock, Detect Secret Doors, and Arcane Lock.

The Combat bundles (which are on top and easiest to grab) are a loop which can be worn like a bandolier, and contain Lightning Bolt 5d6, Fireball 5d6, Acid Arrow 2d4 for 2 rounds, True Strike, Shield, Diamond Spray 5d6, Stoneskin, Windwall, Protection from Energy 60pts, Fire Shield, Fire Wall, Storm Step, and Black Tentacles.

The specialty bundles contain Major Image, Storm Step, Suggestion, Tongues, Unseen Servent, Haunting Mists, Web,Endure Elements, Spiderclimb, Make Whole, Drench, Fly, Ice Wall, Stone Shape, and Nixie's Lure.

People, events, and places known:

Hermes, robot still
Mel (doesn't yet realize she is Waverider who she knows is lost somewhere)
Fei, Aquintence
Kryzban, aquintence

Sim rooms, doesn't know what makes them special or why they are called "sim"