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Full Name

Vezron Deelt


Android HP (16/23)


AC/Touch/Flat 17/12/15 Fort/Ref/Will 6/5/0 Init +2
Disable Device +7, Perception +7, Know (Eng) +8, know (arc) +7, stealth +7, survival +5
1 Galvanic Saboteur (Ranger)







Special Abilities

Favored Enemy: Construct, Reprogram, Constructed, Nanite Surge, Track




Common, Androffan, Hallit, Draconic, Undercommon

Strength 18
Dexterity 15
Constitution 16
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 11
Charisma 9

About Vezron Deelt

Character Sheet:

Vezron Deelt
Male Android Galvanic Saboteur (Ranger)
LG Medium Humanoid
Int +2,Senses Darkvision,Perception +7
AC 17, touch 12, flat-footed 15
HP 23 (2d10+6)
Fort +6,Ref +5,Will +0
Speed 30 ft
Greatsword +6 (2d6+6 19-20/x2)
Special Attacks Favored Enemy: Construct, Power Attack
Str 18,Dex 15,Con 16,Int 14,Wis 11,Cha 9
Base Attack +2,CMB +6,CMD 19
Feats Power Attack, Cleave
Skills Disable Device +7, Perception +7, Know (Eng) +8, know (arc) +7, stealth +7, survival +5, linguistics +8, know (geo) +7, craft (mechanical) +7
Languages Common, Androffan, Hallit, Draconic, Undercommon
Special Ability Darkvision, Constructed, Nanite Surge, Favored Enemy: Construct, Reprogram, Emotionless, Track
Gear Greatsword, Scale Mail, Explorer's outfit, bedroll, folding chair, silk rope, grappling hook, crowbar, thieves tools, shovel, backpack

Local Ties Khonnir Baine is a teacher and close friend of Vezron. Taught Vezron quite a bit about the engineering of technology and has helped from time to time with Vezron's quest for answers. +1 to knowledge (eng) and treated as having technologist for know (eng) rolls.

Thirst for Knowledge You gain a +1 trait bonus on Linguistics checks, and Linguistics is a class skill for you



Vezron awoke one day standing outside on the Harsh plains of Numeria. Surrounding him were some mysterious ruins covered in odd writing, piles of strange contraptions littered here and there. With no memories of who he was and with little else to do he explored his surroundings. Vezron found the writings and contraptions fascinating and spent a large amount of his time trying to understand them. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and months turned into years. And Vezron learned. However his solitude did not last forever. One day Vezron heard screams and went out to investigate this new phenomena. Outside a group of beings was being attacked by some of the contraptions Vezron had been studying. Seeing these new people as a possible new source of information Vezron quickly went out to rescue them. Using what he knew of the contraptions Vezron, along with the help of one of the beings wielding a large sword, shut them down. He was quickly thanked by the group, who informed him they were hoping to study the ruins. Vezron, seeing this as a good opportunity to learn, offered himself as a guide in exchange for learning anything the group was willing to teach him. Of greatest interest to him though was the man with the large sword, Dravik. As it turned out both the group and Dravik had a great much to teach the young android. For starters he learned what an android was and that he in fact was one himself. From there he learned about languages, geography, and much else. Dravik showed Vezron how to fight constructs and use many a weapon. Of all the things he studied learning the way to fight was what gripped Vezron the most. After over a year acting as both guide and pupil, the group decided its time at the site was done. Wanting to learn more Vezron asked to join the group to continue his lessons. Realizing that they had little else to teach the curious android but not wanting to leave him all by himself again, the group pointed him in the direction of a newer settlement called Torch. More specifically they told him about an engineer there, Khonnir Baine, who would have much more to teach. Vezron instantly took to the idea of meeting this man but before he could leave Dravik had a parting gift for his young pupil. A greatsword and a set of armor for his travels. The group of researchers gave a letter of introduction to give to Khonnir once he reached Torch. Vezron thanked his teachers and parted ways with the friendly group of researchers. However his trip to Torch was not easy. Multiple times he was attacked by animals and constructs, only fending them off with what he had learned from Dravik. On one occasion he even had a run in with some Technic league thugs who tried to capture Vezron. He managed to fend them off long enough to duck into some nearby abandoned caves where he managed to lose them in the darkness. After many rough weeks of traveling he managed to get to Torch where Khonnir, after reading the letter from the group of researchers, accepted Vezron as a student. Torch became Vezron's new home after that day where he has spent the last few years learing under Khonnir. From time to time Dravik would stop by Torch for a few weeks and continue Vezron's teaching in the ways of combat. However now the flame has gone out and Khonnir has gone missing, leaving Vezron to meet up with some others to search for his teacher.

average strongarm at 6'1" and 215lb he is also a seeker of knowledge. Green glowing circuits can be seen winding around his body. Vezron has one emerald green eye with the other eye being an unsettling blood red. While the idea of emotions is still something of a foreign concept to him, Vezron has come to "enjoy" his time learning and fighting new things. The search for knowledge and more things to fight pushes Vezron to try new things. It is in this way that he believes he can find out more about himself and the world around him.

10 min background:

Five things about Vezron
1. 6' and 215 lbs, green coloring to wiring under skin with one emerald green eye and one blood red eye.
2. Woke up alone in some ruins, and spent 25 years exploring and studying them. After 25 years a group of researchers found the ruins and with it Vezron. He offered to guide them through the ruins in exchange for anything they could teach him. It was from the groups bodyguard, Dravick, that Vezron learned how to fight. Vezron practiced his new combat skills on the various constructs he found in the ruins and the occasional bandit.
3. After a year exploring the ruins the group headed out, telling Vezron about a man named Khonnir Baine in Torch who could teach him more. With gear provided by the group and a letter from the researchers to give to Khonnir, he leaves the ruins for the first time to go to Torch.
4. On his way to Torch he has a bad run in with a group of Technic League hunters who try and capture him. After desperatly fending them off and injuring their leader, Vezron loses them in some nearby caves.
5. Vezron spends the next few years studying under Khonnir in Torch, learing all he can about technology. He does this while also continuing his combat training. While learning in Torch his interest in "emotions" and "feelings" leads him to study these as well.

2 goals
1. Learn all that he can to try and better understand and improve himself. This includes learning about what it means to "feel"
2. Improve his combat skills to defend himself from things like the technic league and to help him delve into deeper more dangerous ruins.

Three people (Two friends, one enemy)
1. Vamic Keene, human technologic researcher from group that found him
2. Dravick Thurg, Half-Orc Ranger who taught him how to fight
3. Havro Luure, Technic League hunter injured by him who has sworn to find Vezron and kill him

Two secrets (1 known, 1 unknown)
1. After his near capture by the technic league, he becomes incredibly agitated when he does not have his sword with him.
2. His red eye is a camera left over from his bodies previous mind. It allows a mysterious group of aliens in Numeria to see through it.

Mannerisms and quirks
1. He enjoys breaking things as much as he likes learning about them. He finds some of the best ways to learn about technology is to bust it open.
2. Has found a soft spot for the organics beings around him, especially the ones who have taken time to teach him. Is willing to go to great lengths to protect these so called "friends"
3. Has a tendency to hit first and ask questions later