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Full Name

Vesaana P’Salek




Ninja 1







Special Abilities

Claws, Darkvision, +1 Natural rmor, +2 on Bluff checks




Cayden Cailean




Common, Aklo, Draconic



Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 15

About Vesaana

Appearance and Impressions: Standing a statuesque 5'10", with long, raven-black hair and pale skin, 18 year old Vesaana P'Salek is not easily overlooked unless she wishes it. This particularly applies to those with a potentially amorous interest in the vivacious girl with an oft-impish grin. Although she enjoys fine fashions, jewelry and the like, circumstances to date have permitted little in the way of indulgences in these items. Therefore, she currently is most often found dressed in tight breeches, high boots and practical blouse top (typically with a few suggestive buttons undone at the top) when not in her armor. A belt with a pouch, two knives (two more are kept hidden in her boots), a hip flask, Cayden Cailean holy symbol and a backpack complete her gear. One bit of grooming she has focused on is nail care. As the young girl matured into puberty, she found that in addition to several other more typical body changes that occur for women of that age her finger nails became somewhat longer...and hard as steel. Her mind-set towards these in-grown weapons has been mixed. She has no compunction about using them when threatened but takes care when possible to lacquer and paint them so as to look like nothing more somewhat longer than normal, but otherwise regular figure nails. Aside from this trait, the only thing that sets her apart from other (albeit beautiful) human females is her eyes. Most who interact with Vesaana are taken with her striking eyes, a vibrant violet and emerald combination. However, those who pay close enough attention may notice that the color appears to change over time, vacillating between deep purple hues and illustrious green. The latter seem to happen more often she is happy and carefree, the former when more focused. Aside from these variations, Vesaana looks fully human, and she is more than happy to let others maintain this impression unless it would serve her purposes otherwise.

Personality: Outgoing, sensual and playful, Vesaana can nevertheless become focused and deadly serious when the situation calls for it. A sensate, she appreciates new experiences and is inspired to love life to the very fullest. A "try-anything once" type, she can be a bit naive, but knows enough to be appropriately distrustful of others. On the downside, Vesaana is a risk-taker and very impulsive; she tends to go with whims rather than well-though-out plans. She enjoys flirtation and is not above using it to manipulate others. That said, her time as a bandit has taught her to be tough and even vicious when she needs to be. Vesaana loves a lively scene, with much drinking, dancing and singing. She tends to enjoys being the center of attention, but also knows the advantage of being unseen.

Background: Almost 19 years ago Gaspar P'Salek, a rogue of moderate success, left the rough-and-tumble town of New Stetven in Brevoy with three adventuring campaigns en route to the heart of Gronzi Forest. There they hoped to discover untold riches as was ascribed by an ancient map pointing to an abandoned elven stronghold there. They never made it. Several miles into the woods, past the fork of the Stetven and East Sellen Rivers, the group failed to spot a deadly log trap laid by a coven of Green Hags living nearby. The trap badly wounded one of the companions and blocked Gaspar's path to the other two. In moments the hags descended on the surprised and disorganized group. Thinking Gaspar and the injured party member were dead, the other two fled. Gaspar attempted to help his fallen comrade, but was ensorcelled by one of the hags while her sisters pounced on the unconscious companion, devouring him in a frenzy of gore. Gaspar's hag, one Chelnesha by name, however, was smitten with her catch at first sight and decided to lead into the woods a bit for a session of unbridled sex while her sisters' feasted. After the lusty love-making was complete the coven collectively headed off for firewood (they were ready for a cooked meal), safe in the thought that the charmed rogue would be there when they returned. In truth though, Gaspar had broken the enchantment as the sexcapades ended, and bluffed the hags into believing he was still theirs. He fled as fast as he could when they left, vowing to abandon the dangerous life of adventuring for good.

Earlier in his adventuring career, Gaspar had purchased a small plot of land just south of the Stetven River, about half way to Brunderton from New Stetven. Never much of a people-person, it was to here that the rogue retreated with his modicum of treasure to retire in peace. As this was happening, Chelnesha discovered she was pregnant from her interlude with Gaspar. Hag tradition has it that such children are birthed, and then promptly dropped off at the doorstep of unsuspecting involuntary parents. With her sisters' midwife assistance, Chelnesha gave birth to a baby girl (females being the inevitable consequence of such unions) and stole away the following night to deposit the infant as custom demanded. However, the area nearest the hags' domain was rather sparsely populated, which led to a rather unlikely outcome: the girl was left on Gaspar's new front door. Fate guided this act, as Chelnesha had no idea who owned the house and the infant's cries brought the surprised rogue to the front door long after her mother had vanished back into the fight.

Although a somewhat embittered and hard man, the child on his doorstep pulled at his heartstrings. Initially he brought it in, with the thought to simply feed it, keep it warm and take it to the orphanage in New Stetven the next day. That day never came. After a few days he decided the infant needed the name and decided on Vesaana, the name of a younger sister who died shortly after birth. Though no great parent, Gaspar did his best raising the young girl. As she grew into adolescence, he taught the girl what he knew: picking locks, local knowledge, vulnerable anatomy, how to hide, the making and use of poisons and how to use an assortment of weapons. Some other things, like dancing, telling a good lie and charming others, seemed to come naturally. Gaspar also tried to socialize the girl by taking her around to the few neighboring farm houses in the area. It is through these encounters that Vesaana met Breslov, a boy a few years older, a fell in love.

Late adolescence brought on rebellion, and Vesaana's relationship with her father grew tense. The situation was not helped by the development of the girl's claws and the mutating color of her eyes. It was the latter that finally tipped off Gaspar to the girl's origins: he had seen those eyes once before, on a misguided adventure that he fled from to save his life. The night before the rogue would confront Vesaana with her origins, she experienced an intense, almost hypnotic spiritual voice came upon her. Known as "The Call", this urging comes to all changelings and in Vesaana's case was quite powerful. The urge to set out on her own, explore the word, experience all it has to offer and find her destiny was overwhelming. Without a word to her father, the girl gathered her few belongings and snuck out. Her first stop was Breslov's house, where a few well-aimed pebbles into a window got his attention. She persuaded him to run away with her, and the two set out eager-eyed and excited.

The feeling didn't last long. With little in the way of food and no real destination, the two headed east. On the foothills of the mountain range before the Valley of Fire, the two were ambushed by a gang of brigands intent on robbing them. The thugs quickly overpowered the pair, but not before Vesaana killed one and badly injured another with her claws. The brigands were disappointed to find virtually nothing worth stealing, but relented to Vesaana's pleadings to let the pair join the gang. No doubt the combination of Vesaana's combat prowess and (perhaps more importantly) the brigand's leaders infatuation with her played a role. Over the months Vesaana spent with the brigands, she lost interest in the more skittish and timid Breslov and into the arms of Vladimir, the bandit leader. Breslov sulked away the first night she moved into Vladimir's tent. The bandits raided caravans moving goods from New Stetven to Restov, with mixed results. Although a capable fighter, Vesaana found her niche in the plans by playing distress and lost maiden role, distracting the guards while the rest sprung their ambush. But it all came to an end when a caravan they ambushed was accompanied a party of adventurers, who slaughtered the brigands almost to a man. Vesaana slipped into the shadows just as Vladimir was run through with a paladin's sword. The few survivors, knowing they would be hunted down soon, looked for an exit. Hoping that by scattering they might have less chance of being found, Vesaana headed south, hoping to find refuge and a new start on the rugged southern border of Rostland....