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Cleric 1/Bard 1








Neutral Good






Taldane (Common), Varisian, Skald



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Strength 7
Dexterity 10
Constitution 10
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 20

About Venedictus

Perception: +6

HP: 13/13
AC: 13 (+3 armour); Touch AC: 10; Flat-Footed AC: 13
Fort: (2) +2; Reflex: (2) +2; Will: (4) +6; CMD: 8
+2 vs charm and compulsion spells and effects

Speed: 20' (base 30'); Reach 5'; Space 5'; Initiative: +0
BAB: +0; Melee Touch: -2; Ranged Touch: +0; CMB: -2

Melee Attacks:
Glaive -2 (1d10-2; 20/x3; reach)

Ranged Attacks:
Lightning Arc +0 (touch) (1d6; 30' max)
Light Crossbow +0 (1d8; 60')

Class Abilities
Channel Energy: 10/10 per day (1d6; Will DC 15)
Bit of Luck: 5/5 per day (target re-rolls any d20 rolls for one round)
Bardic Performance: 9/9 per day (countersong, fascinate, inspire courage)

Favoured Class - Bard:

Level 1: 1hp

Clerical Magic
Domains: Air, Luck
Concentration: +3; Caster Level Check: +1
Orisons: Guidance, Light, Stabilize
Obscuring Mist OR True Strike

Bardic Magic
Concentration: +7; Caster Level Check: +2
Cantrips: Ghost Sound (DC 15), Lullaby (DC 15), Message, Prestidigitation
Firsts:Charm Person (DC 16), Inspirational Boost

Perform (Sing) (2) +10
Knowledge (Religion) (2) +7
Craft (Wood-working (1) +5
Heal (2) +7
Diplomacy (2)+10
Sense Motive (2)+7
Perception (1) +6

Extra Channel (human)
Selective Channeling (1)

Birthmark: birthmark of Shelyn holy symbol usable as divine focus; +2 to saves vs charm and compulsion
Magical Knack: +2 to caster level of Bard spells (maximum equals hit dice)

0 PP
1 GP
0 EP
15 SP
38 CP

Equipment(42.5 lbs, 130 gp)
Studded Leather Armour (20 lbs, 25 gp)
Cold Iron Glaive (10 lbs, 16 gp)
Light Crossbow (4 lbs, 35 gp)
Bolts (20) (2 lbs, 2 gp)
Scholar's Outfit (6 lbs, 5gp)
Belt Pouch (0.5 lbs, 1 gp)
Artisan's Tools (Wood-working) (5 lbs, 5gp)
Waterskin (4 lbs, 1 gp)
Whetstone (1 lb, 0.02 gp)
Tent ( lb, 10 gp)
Bedroll ( lb, 1 sp)
Rations x 10 ( lb, 5 gp)
Donkey "Modestine" (8 gp)
Saddle (10 gp)
Saddlebags (4 gp)

Venedictus was born with a great secret. His parents were modest farmers of little means who kept the secret, though no one knows why they bothered. Eventually, time and growth covered up the secret. The roving revolutionary mobs indigenous to his home country of Galt swept through Venedictus' tiny farming hamlet and his parents took that secret to their graves. The boy, only three years of age, ended up in a dirt-poor orphanage with no knowledge of this secret at all.
Over time, the boy grew into a teen-ager who left the orphanage and apprenticed himself to a wood carver. Venedictus had some natural talent with wood-working - a steady hand which instinctively brought out beautiful lines and graceful curves.
When Venedictus was 21 years of age, and had been apprenticed for four years, a wealthy land-owner who lived nearby passed away and left a large portion of his estate to a group of clerics who venerate Shelyn, to be used as a retreat from the violence of the land, and as a place of worship. The clerics eagerly accepted and began at once to construct a commune where believers and artists from miles around could gather and share their talents. Venedictus' and his master were hired to produce the beautiful carvings destined to grace the main sanctuary, as well as to produce a massive altar of carved cherry wood.
It took them many years to complete all the work that the clerics requested of them. They were well paid for their work and it was appreciated by all. Venedictus could see that many artisans were contracted for work by the monastery - all were offered fair wages, even though many in the end agreed to less or even donated their time and materials for the glory of Shelyn. The monastery grew out of love for Shelyn and all things beautiful. It was as if a dream to Venedictus.
While working on the carvings for the sanctuary, Venedictus had many occasion on which to observe services, prayers, and ceremonies dedicated to Shelyn. Basking in the colourful light of glorious stained-glass windows, the priests and monks offered praises to their Goddess in the form of heavenly chanting and singing, the sounds soaring high above into the vaulted ceilings so far above. The sound, so glorious to behold, tempted his voice out of its cocoon and into the open, where his heavenly rich baritone was first heard by the priests and his amazed master. Priests and bards at the monastery fought good-naturedly with each other to teach the young man and develop his voice. Venedictus' began attending services himself.
Several years passed and Venedictus was happier than he had even thought possible. He was contented to stay there, sing, and carve for the rest of his life, but shortly after his 26th birthday, something happened which would change the course of his life forever - his hair began to fall out.
As his hairline began to recede, scalp that had never seen the light of day since he was a very young baby began to show itself once again. It was a surprise to Venedictus himself, let alone his mentors and friends at the monastery, to find a birthmark resting high on his forehead - a birthmark in the shape of Shelyn's holy symbol. With this miraculous sign from the Goddess of beauty revealed, other abilities of a priest of Shelyn began to manifest in Venedictus. The monks interpreted this as a sign that Shelyn had sent this young man to them to be prepared, and now she was saying that it was time for him to fulfill whatever destiny she had planned. They trained him in the clerical arts which were already showing themselves and within a year, Venedictus was officially consecrated a priest of Shelyn. Contrary to all his desires, however, the newly-minted cleric suddenly felt a longing driving him away from his beloved monastery, and out into the world beyond. He saddled his donkey Modestine, and never looked back (well, maybe once).
A year ago, he arrived in the town of Baslwief. Never before, not even within the war-torn borders of Galt, had he seen a place with so much ugliness. With the enthusiastic naivete of youth, Venedictus set to bring beauty and wonder to this rough and dirty town. He offered healing services to the locals and miners, taking payment when people could pay, bartered services (and even occasionally for free) when they couldn't. For his valiant and noble efforts, Venedictus found himself hounded and persecuted by those in charge, beaten regularly by those on the streets. At first, his zeal was undiminished, but of late, he has begun to see the ugliness of Baslwief invading his own soul. This fight is too big for him, the evil in the town too powerful; it's time to get out now while his own soul is still pure. Perhaps he'll return someday when he is wiser and more experienced.

Venedictus is patient and kind in the extreme, filled with mercy and compassion for his fellow man. He dresses simply in a spun-wool brown robe with sturdy leather boots upon his feet. His chain shirt was a gift from an artisan at the monastery, as was his glaive (though he carved the shaft himself with images of birds and roses).
Venedictus is a giving man, full of charity. He cares little for accumulating wealth, save that he may give it to someone else who needs it more. He recognizes, however, that Shelyn has a purpose for him in the world, and that it will be necessary from time to time to equip himself with more powerful tools when the opportunities present themselves.
Of late, he has developed a bit of a temper, especially when faced with cruelty or unrepentant evil and hatred. He feels that this is the town rubbing off on him and hopes that by getting away, he can cleanse himself of Baslwief.

Contrary to what many people imagine in a cleric of Shelyn, Venedictus has no real outward beauty. His hairline has receded halfway back, exposing a bright red birthmark in the shape of a bird with a long tail. His face is plain and pudgy, as one weakness of will he possesses is a fondness for pastries, which has given him a decidedly rotund shape over the years. His clothes are simple and sturdy: a tan cassock and brown robe. He is a familiar sight around Baslwief, especially when plodding along atop his donkey Modestine, who moves "as much slower than a walk as a walk is slower than a run".

Possible Advancement


Level Class Feat Ability
2 Bard
3 Bard Spell Focus (Enchantment)
4 Bard Strength
5 Bard Craft Wand
6 Cleric
7 Bard ?
8 Cleric Charisma
9 Bard ?
10 Bard
11 Bard ?
12 Cleric Charisma
13 Bard ?
14 Cleric
15 Bard ?
16 Bard Charisma
17 Bard ?
18 Bard
19 Bard ?
20 Bard Charisma