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Full Name

Veltisiel Akai


Arcane Reservoir 4/5 Male Grimspawn Tiefling Exploiter Wizard 2


HP 16/16; AC 17/13/14; Saves +2/+3/+4; Per +1, Init +5; DV 60








Pirate Ship


Common, Infernal, Abyssal, Draconic, Polyglot, Dwarven, Elven, Goblin, Aquan, Ignan



Strength 11
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 22
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16

About Veltisiel Ekai

Grimspawn Tiefling Exploiter Wizard 2
NE Medium Outsider (native)
Init +5; Senses Darkvision 60 ft. Perception +1
AC 13, touch 13, flat-footed 10(+3 dex)
hp 16 (2d6+4+2)
Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +4
Resist Cold 5, Electricity 5, Fire 5
Speed 30 feet
Melee cold iron dagger +1 (1d4/19-20)
Ranged cold iron dagger +4 (1d4/19-20)
Ranged Touch Spark +4 (1d3)
Special Attacks Arcane Reservoir (4/5)
Wizard Spells Prepared (CL 2nd; concentration +8) (+1 DC v. evil outsiders)
. . 1st— (DC 17) magic missile(2), color spray, enlarge person
. . 0 (at will)—jolt, prestidigitation, mage hand, ghost sound
Str 11, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 22, Wis 12, Cha 16
Base Atk +1; CMB +1; CMD 14
Feats Damned (story), Scribe Scroll
Traits Barroom Talespinner, Wicked Leader, Umbral Unmasking, Reactive
Skills Diplomacy +8, Fly +8, Knowledge (arcana, planes, religion) +11, Knowledge (dungeoneering, engineering, geography, history, local, nature,) +10, Linguistics +11, Profession (sailor) +5, Perform (oratory) +4, Spellcraft +11,
+1 on charisma v. evil, +2 on charisma v. evil outsiders, -2 charisma v. good outsiders,
Languages Common, Infernal, Abyssal, Draconic, Dwarven, Polyglot, Elven, Goblin, Aquan, Ignan
SQ Prehensile Tail, Vestigial Wings, Dimensional Slide
Other Gear: 250.34 gp, cold iron dagger (2), spellbook, wizard's kit (backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, a flint and steel, ink, an inkpen, an iron pot, a mess kit, soap, a spell component pouch, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin), sling, candles (54), chalk (10), bell, charcoal, fishhook, parchment (4), sewing needle, signal whistle, tindertwig, string (10), whetstone, adventurer's outfit, candle of truth, scroll of magic missile
Special Abilities

Prehensile Tail: retrieve small stowed items as a swift action.
Dimensional Slide: 1 Reservoir point to teleport 20 feet as part of a move action.


(48 pages used)
0-level: Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Bleed, Chameleon Scales, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Fiendish Presence, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Disrupt Undead, Flare, Ghost Sound, Haunted Fey Aspect, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Resistance, Scrivener's Chant, Sotto Voce, Spark, Touch of Fatigue, Vacuous Vessel, drench, breeze, jolt, penumbra, scoop

1st-level: unseen servant, mage armor, grease, enlarge person, color spray, silent image, infernal healing, charm person, sleep, disguise self, summon monster I, arcane pocket, air bubble, touch of the sea, vanish, animate rope, dancing darkness, incendiary runes, burning hands, magic missile

Veltisiel was marked as different even from birth. Very smart, charming, and hardy, he was very clearly 'different.' Oh, and the eyes that glow depending on his mood, the long, prehensile tail, the stunted, bat-like wings, horns, and the shadow that seemed to have a mind of its own also helped. Unlike most tiefling, however, his parent race was not human. Rather, his tribe was that of the Ekujae elves, a fact that is still echoed in his appearance. The elves had little patience for one corrupted by daemonkind, and, as soon as he was old enough, cast him out of their tribe into the jungle. As the little boy stumbled through the treacherous jungle, day by day growing hungrier and weaker, he called out to any that might listen, and that they might destroy his family that had treated him so callously.

Much to his surprise, he got a response. Suddenly, an angelic being stood before him, twisted and deformed. An Erinyes devil had answered his call, and offered the young fiendling his service in revenge upon his tribe.

While the eight year old didn't understand why, the twisted child looked in satisfaction as the devil struck down one elf after the other, leaving the village in ruins. The Fury left shortly after, leaving the young grimspawn alone with his thoughts.

The young boy's eyes flashed with the red-black of hellfire as he surveyed the massacre. This power, he decided, would be his. All of Hell would be his servants, and he their instrument of vengeance. No slight would go unpunished, no broken contract would be left alone. He would be the mightiest of them all save Asmodeus, that was his goal, and he would sell his soul to ensure that. Then, as the sun started to fade, something caught his eye. It was his shadow. Disobedient as always, it was headed towards his family's hut. Curious, he followed, and in the wreckage of his former home, he found a ruined infernal contract and a dragon egg. From his deductions and discoveries, Veltisiel concluded that one-or both- of his parents had formed and broken an infernal contract in such a way that he, their child, would be infused with evil quintessence- Abbadon would be infused into his very soul. He stayed in this hut for a long time, slowly growing to understand the magic that created him, learning a thousand and one stories from scrolls that never seemed to end, and reading tomes with a thousand pages.
It was here that he began his path in the arcane. He read for what seemed like forever, but never got hungry, thirsty, or tired. By the time he left the hut, it was full daylight. Looking around, Veltisiel noticed the village was overgrown with plant life. Looking at himself, he found himself fully grown. He spent literal years learning, but had unlocked great arcane potential along the way. When he sought a familiar, the dragon egg hatched, and he hoped to take the dragon as his familiar. However, it proved incredibly headstrong and adamantly refused to bond to the sadistic outsider. Over time, however, they grew to a mutual understanding of each other, and keep up the appearances of master and familiar, in the hopes an adversary might underestimate the ferocity and power of the unassuming dragon.
The now fully grown wizard made his way, gradually, to the coast alongside his draconic ally. Together, the two of them eventually came to Port Peril, where Veltisiel regaled a thousand and one stories to the patrons. By the time he had finished, his mouth was so dry he unthinkingly drank the entire drink someone handed him. That is the last he recalls as everything went black.


Veltisiel is a tall, imposing figure. His elven heritage is somewhat hidden by a pair of horns and red-brown skin, accompanied by a long, whiplike tail. However, in the right lighting and proper grooming, his fiendish heritage is significantly reduced, passing as a half-elf. While he has wings, they are quite stunted and he usually will keep them hidden under his clothing- imposing red, black, and golden silken robes that shimmer as he walks, kept immaculate through constant magical cleaning. He has long black hair, and his teeth are a pearly white contrast to his red-gray skin. On the back of his hand there is a freshly-healed scar in the shape of a pentagram. While usually not worn, his robe also features a hood, and serves to hide his face in shadows when he attempts to be intimidating, his faintly glowing eyes the only thing visible.

Speaking of his eyes…
They are never the same. While they are usually some shade of gray, they will turn red-black when Veltisiel is angry, violet when his is proud, black upon hatred, and a dark green when content. Rarely, they might turn blue while he's reminiscing, or brown if disgusted, among others.

So, Veltisiel's shadow is… disobedient. It doesn't act like he does always, and seems to have a mind of its own, vanishing at times, sometimes casting a shadow of some kind of fiend instead of him, and sometimes acts out how he's feeling (for instance, if Veltisiel is tired, his shadow might yawn and stretch, or pace around the room if he's bored.). Between his shadow and his eyes, anyone familiar with him can quickly judge his mood, despite the fact he very rarely lets his emotions show.


This is just where I put in things that didn't fit in elsewhere.

Veltisiel is going to go into Diabolist as soon as he can, and, as an end goal, hopefully getting the Devilbound template would be super awesome. My long-term plan includes taking Vile Leadership, with my cohort as an evil outsider of some sort.

His primary role is arcane support. While he isn't super conjuration-focused, I may grab a few SMX as time goes on, if only to fit the role of 'fiend summoner.' He can also serve as a backup face, with a decent charisma and a bonus against evil creatures. He'll also have some out-of-combat skills for enchantment and 'mortal binding,' along with necromancy, but by and large he's a Caller. I may also go with a slight blaster twist, burning people in hellfire, but I'm still unsure in that regard.

He loves suffering and pain, and is needlessly and callously cruel. His daggers are some of his favorite 'toys,' and will often carve a pentagram into the bodies of the fallen. As a calming exercise/intimidation tactic, he'll sharpen his daggers while interrogating someone, enjoying the discomfort the sharp blades cause in his victims. While not a masochist, he is a little bit of a sadist, and uses Infernal Healing to keep his victims alive just a bit longer to extend his fun.
(Something he has done, is take a caltrop or small, sharp, piece of metal, cut an incision in the flesh of his victim, put the metal in the wound, and then heal the incision, sealing the spiky inside their body)

As for 'pirate' flavor, what's more pirate-y than taking everything from those you plunder? Their ship, their gear, their treasure, their lives, their souls, and condemning them to an eternity of torment at the hands of our fiendish masters? Maybe killing the captives and reanimating them as your crew, but you can do both. Sacrifice them to Asmodeus, then animate their skeletons. Plus, Veltisiel doesn't give a fig about rules other than 'might makes right' and individual contracts. Including the rules of magic. What would a pirate wizard be if they weren't also an exploiter?

He primarily earns a living through his natural charms, augmented by magic, and by retelling stories he has read or makes up on the fly.