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Strength 8
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 8
Charisma 10

About Vance Nexus


Vance's parents were political refugees from Nex who were moved to Alkenstar for their own protection. They didn't talk about it much, but they did make sure that Vance knew that they had been important people in a far away land.
Vance didn't care about that much and he hated the schools they sent him to. They said it was to prepare him for a future of greatness. To him is was little better than prison.
He was one of those kids who was just too damn smart for school. All the brains, none of the drive. If it had been up to him, he'd have been a shield marshal. He'd been infatuated with the gunslinging lawmen since childhood. The first time he put his hands on a gun, he knew he'd never put it down again.
He managed to squeak by in his studies, pick up all the magical theory he cared to learn, and was almost free an clear when a short dalliance with the wrong girl got him into a duel with an older brother.
Apparently it's bad form to magically enhance your gun before firing. Who knew?
Sick of it all, he was ready to up and leave before the authorities came to question him. Vance didn't know it, but apparently he was a descendant of Nex himself, and a group of arclords were looking to round up the scions of their lost lord. The Marshals had caught wind of the plot and were trying to get to the Scions of Nex before the Arclords and their cronies did.
To Vance the whole situation was a dream come true. He had his sights set on a badge, and this was an opportunity to prove his worth and his loyalty. Besides, no matter who he was related to, no one was going to take him anywhere while he still had bullets left in his gun.

Human Machinesmith 1

=====Passive Scores=====


Neutral Good Medium Human Male

Speed: 30

Init +3

Perception -1

HP: 12 ([1d8]+2[con]+2 [favored class])



18 AC (10 +3 dex, +5 "Reinforced Coat" (chain shirt w/ armored kilt))

14 CMD (10 +1 BaB +3 dex)

+3 Fort (2 base +1 con)
+5 Ref (2 base +3 dex,)
-1 Will (0 base -1 wis)



BaB +0

CMB +0

Repeating Crossbow +3 (+4 within 30 feet), 1d10 (+1 within 30 feet)

Revolver +3 (+4 within 30 feet), 1d8 (+1 within 30 feet), crit x4. 40' range. Touch Attack within the first range increment. Misfire

Lasso +0 (+1 bab, +3 dex, -4 NWP, +1 point blank shot)
touch attack, entangle, 20' lead rope

=====Traits and Feats=====


Deputy Shield Marshal
Militia Veteran (+1 ride, always a class skill)


Rapid Reload (1st)
Point Blank Shot (human bonus)
Ex. WP Firearms (firearms trick)
Gunsmith (firearms trick)



Skill Points: 36 (4-machinesmith, 5-int, 1-race bonus)

+5 Acrobatics (2 ranks, +3 dex)
+9 Disable Device (2 ranks, +3 dex, +3 class, +1 trapsmith)
+10 Knowledge: Arcana (2 ranks, +5 int, +3 class)
+10 Knowledge Engineering (2 ranks, +5 int, +3 class)
+11 Craft: Weaponsmith (2 ranks, +5 int, +3 class, +1 crafter)
+11 Craft: Trapmaking (2 ranks, +5 int, +3 class, +1 crafter)
+11 Craft: Alchemy (2 ranks, +5 int, +3 class, +1 crafter)
+10 Ride (2 rank, +3 dex, +3 class, +1 trait)
+10 Spellcraft (2 ranks, +5 int, +3 class)
+5 Use Magic Device (2 ranks, +3 class)

=====Class Abilities=====


Crafter (Ex) A machinesmith adds half his class level (minimum 1) to all Craft skill checks.

Repair (Su) A machinesmith can fix broken items with a mere touch. This acts the same as the spell mending, with a few exceptions. The machinesmith repairs 1d6 points of damage plus 1d6 points of damage for every other machinesmith level beyond first (2d6 at 3rd, 3d6 at 5th, and so on). The machinesmith can repair a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Intelligence modifier. Unlike mending, this ability can heal constructs.

Greatwork In order to craft grandiose examples of their art, machinesmiths create permanent energy sources, called mobius cores. They use this to power their most cherished creations. Machinesmiths do not create a mobius core lightly, for it means the crafter entraps a piece of their magical essence outside their body. At 1st level, a machinesmith can choose to create a mobius core in order to power a greatwork. Machinesmiths currently know of three common types of greatworks, but there may be more. At 5th and every five levels thereafter, the machinesmith upgrades a greatwork they currently possess in order to represent his growing skill and power. Upgrades must be performed in order and the machinesmith must meet the level requirements for the upgrade. The capabilities granted by previous upgrades remain and stack with any improvements granted by the new upgrade. When installing a new upgrade, the machinesmith may reconfigure old design decisions, such as damage types, made at previous upgrades unless otherwise noted.
Unless specifically stated, only the machinesmith that created the greatwork knows the intricacies of the operating the machine. Spell-like abilities granted by a greatwork use the operator's levels in machinesmith to determine their effects.
A machinesmith tinkers with their greatworks constantly. They initially create greatworks during their spare time, even the minimal down time during adventuring. However, if a greatwork is destroyed the machinesmith must start over. Remaking a destroyed greatwork requires 8 hours of uninterrupted work, plus 8 hours for each upgrade. In all other respects, this resembles the process for crafting a magic item.
If a greatwork is lost and cannot be destroyed by the machinesmith, such as by an enemy, the machinesmith can sever the connection between their mobius energy and the greatwork, rendering it inert, one day after it is lost.



Firearms Expertise: Pistol proficiency and Gunsmithing feat



x's indicates prepared.

1st level
DC 16 (10 +5 Int, +1 Spell Level)
3 per day

Comprehend Languages
Featherfall x
Shield x
Guardian Drone
Floating Disk
Expeditious Retreat
Animate Rope



M8-TRX, automated battle drone

Wheeled Mechanus

Starting Statistics-

Size Medium; Speed 50 ft.; AC +2 natural armor; Attack slam (1d8); Ability Scores Str 14, Dex 14, Con -, Int -, Wis 10, Cha 1

Share Trick: Firearms Proficiency




Armor: Chain shirt w/ armored kilt
Waist: Ammo belt
Wrist: Spring loaded wrist sheathes (full of ammo)

Ammo Belt/Potion Pouches:

Leather pouches with metal cigar-box style cases able to hold up to 50 rounds of pre-packed ammo.
Signal Horn
Spell component pouch
50' twine

In Satchel

Trapmaking, Trapspringing, Gunsmithing and Lockpicking tools
Alchemical supplies
Writing supplies